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Seducing The Office Intern

Seducing The Office Intern

I was seduced, but I wasn’t complaining.

I am eighteen years of age and, to be honest, I am lucky to have a job in this dog-eat-dog world. I wouldn’t describe it as a superb job but it provides money for the things I need, and who knows, I thought I would also meet someone new and interesting. Maybe form a relationship with someone, perhaps a girlfriend, marriage even.

I had been in the job about six weeks and was coming up for my first review. I thought I had done pretty well. The job involved filing, making the drinks for important meetings, drafting letters and general office work.

I had met Amy. She was also an intern like me, but very shy. She kept herself to herself and said very little. Making a conversation with her was hard, but I tried. I thought I was getting somewhere too.

It was about five o’clock one Friday and Suzie, my boss, asked if I would stay back a while. She needed to have a chat to me. I started to become a little anxious as to what that would be. As five thirty approached I became a little more concerned. I knew Suzie was in her office and Amy was there also. I heard a little shouting, not much just the odd few words. Then Amy left the room. She glanced at me as she headed for the lift; I could see tears running down her face as she quickly left.

“Robert, please come in.”

My concentration was broken by Suzie’s words. I looked at Suzie. My turn, I thought.

I entered her office. Outside, people were slowly filing out to enjoy their weekend. I wondered whether I was going to enjoy mine; Amy certainly wasn’t going to enjoy her weekend, I thought.

Suzie was standing behind her desk with a few sheets of paper in her hand. She looked at them intently.

“Take a seat,” she said as she pointed to the comfy chair opposite her desk.

Suzie started to move around the desk towards me.

“Robert, how long have you been with us?”

“Six weeks, miss.”

“I have some of your work here, it’s not all that bad, but it could be improved.”

Suzie handed me the papers and leant against the desk. I looked down at the papers she had handed me.

“Tell me where you think you have made mistakes. Be honest, this is not a test.”

I read the words. I picked up a few minor errors in typing, a whole sentence that seemed a little incomplete but that was it. There wasn’t that much.

I told Suzie where I thought the errors were without raising my head.

“So, what do you think we need to do about that?”

I started to look up from the papers. My head was half way up when I stalled. Suzie had half sat on the table in front of me. One of her legs was cocked to the side for comfort, the other straight. I could see straight up her skirt. The tops of her stockings against her pale thighs were an obvious contrast. My eyes telescoped in further. I was sure she had no knickers on and what’s more I didn’t see any hair either.

My mouth opened, I sucked in some air, and I hoped I had continued raising my head without her noticing.

“Umm…Umm…” I stuttered badly. I swallowed hard.

When our eyes finally met she sported a disapproving pout.

“I’m disappointed,” she said looking at me sternly.

“I’m sorry, miss, I didn’t think the mistakes were that bad. It won’t happen again, I promise. I will double check everything from now on.”

“I’m still disappointed,” she re-iterated, “not at this work, but at the fact that you had to look up my skirt while you blabbered your apologies.”

“I didn’t look, miss, honest.”

“You did, Robert, I saw you stare. I saw your mouth drop open and I saw the glazed look of disbelief in your eyes.”

I said nothing more. I thought it was better to stay quiet rather than dig a big hole for myself.

“Now, I will be honest with you. Your work is OK, nothing to get worried about there. But you do need to improve a little.”

I started to feel relief.


Then my heart sank again.

“If you don’t tell me exactly what you saw, then you will have to leave the office.”

I looked in her eyes. She seemed to look at me sternly, yet I detected a half smile.

“I saw...”

“I saw your stocking tops and thighs,” I lied.

“What else, Robert?”

“Nothing, miss.”

“You may go Robert, You don’t have to come in on Monday. Have a nice weekend.”

“Wait,” I shouted, “I saw your bare pussy as well. You don’t have knickers on.” I sighed and poked my tongue in the side of my mouth. I turned my head to one side as I blurted it out.

“At last, honesty,” she replied.

“Now I am going to ask you a question, are you ready for it.”

I nodded.

“I want a simple answer, nothing more.”

“Why do you think I have no knickers on?”

“I really can’t think why?”


I shook my head, pursed my lips, “Because you wanted to embarrass me, perhaps.”

Suzie slipped her full body up onto the desk. With both legs on the desk she opened her legs as far as her skirt would let her. I looked at her, she looked at me. My eyes were drawn downwards and I once more stared at her bare pussy. It looked perfect. The dark stockings stopped abruptly at her white thighs that led all the way to her slit. She dangled her legs, kicking them in the air. Her hands were flat on the desk either side of her as she leaned slightly forwards.

“No. Not embarrass you, that was not my intention.”

I didn’t look up at her words. I kept staring at her pussy.

“I know you want to keep your job. I want you to keep your job too. So what do you think the solution is?”

I still kept staring. I looked her in the eye.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked.

Suzie laughed out loud. There was a knock on the door and she closed her legs.

She stopped laughing immediately, “yes,” shouted Suzie.

Emily stuck her head around the door, “You’re the last ones here miss,” she said, “everyone else has left, I’m the last out. All the lights are out and windows locked. It’s just you two now.”

“Thanks Emily, have a good weekend.”

Suzie smiled at Emily as she closed the door and left.

Suzie stared at me again and wiggled her bum on the desk. Her hands grasped her skirt as she did so. I watched as she wriggled it back enough so that it was behind her. I could see her long black suspenders now attached to the stockings and disappearing up and under her ruffled skirt. Suzie opened her legs again, wider this time.

“That word amused me,” she said eventually. “Fuck! – it’s such a positive word, don’t you think.”

My eyes caught her hand as it snaked up her thigh. She stroked it, and then she let her index finger rest on her slit. She caressed it and eventually slipped her finger slightly inside her.

“It’s awfully wet. It has been, ever since you first stared at it.”

“It’s got wetter the more you hesitated, and now, as you watch me, it’s fucking soaking.”

Her words came as a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t expecting them, not from her.

“Come closer, pull your chair with you.”

I did as I was told. I pulled the chair as close to the table as it wold go. The arms butted up against the rim of the desk and my legs were splayed apart underneath it. I had a raging hard on under my trousers. I knew Suzie could see it.

Suzie inched forward until her bum was on the edge of the desk. Her heels now placed on the arms of the chair that I was sitting on.

“Now lick it. Come on, place your tongue over it and taste me. I promise you will love it.”

I had no doubt.

I slipped my hands under her thighs and extended my head forward. My lips contacted her thigh and I kissed her several times on my way forwards.

“My, my, that’s such a nice touch.”

Suzie’s mouth was open, she was breathing slowly and calmly. I could see her stomach clench as I got closer. Then a long drawn out sigh left her mouth as my tongue slipped over her lips. I licked her pussy up and down several times. Each time a sigh left her with slightly less breath. Then she inhaled some extra supplies.

“Nice, very nice. I’m just going to encourage you a little. It’s been a while, Robert.”

With that Suzie placed her hand behind my head and encouraged me forwards. My tongue slipped inside her wet pussy. She was right on both counts, it was soaking wet and she tasted heavenly. I pushed my tongue further inside while my mouth engulfed her lips. I flicked my tongue up and down while it was inside. Suzie lifted her bum from the desk while I did this in unison to the action of my tongue. It was sensual, horny and erotic all at the same time. Her hand pressed on my head as she lifted her bum forward. I had no other place to go but into her pussy.

“When I tell you…” Suzie was panting, “I want you to lick my clit…”

I couldn’t say anything so I just murmured into her pussy.

Her breathing was still controlled but a lot heavier than before. She was panting in unison to her hands pressing on me and to her bum lifting off the desk. It was an awesome combination of cause and effect. I was more than affected by this sexy middle aged woman and my cock was crying out to penetrate her.

“Lick it now…” She commanded.

I lifted my tongue out of her pussy and flicked at her clit.

Suzie was there in an instant. Her hand clasped my head much harder, her thighs fell from the arm of the chair that they rested on and she thrust her head backwards in the direction of the desk. She finally let go of my head when her arms could no longer reach. She hit the desk panting hard. My tongue lapped up her juices that escaped from her pussy as I licked and swallowed it all. Her stomach was clenching and relaxing at a pace I was not used to. She must have had one hell of an orgasm.

I stared at her, slowly leaning back and pushing the chair away from me. My hand reached for the buckle of my trousers to release my cock. I wanted to fuck this woman right her, on her desk and make her cum again.

Suzie clocked my actions from over her heaving breasts. She quickly rose from the desk, shifted forwards and placed her hand on mine as I struggled to undo the zip.

“Oh, no,” she said, “no, not tonight.”

I looked at her, dumbfounded.

“You’re not going to fuck me. Not yet anyway. Do you think I’m that easy!”

I couldn’t believe her. She had made me suck her pussy, lick her clit, bring her to orgasm yet give me nothing. My mouth dropped open.

Suzie smiled and then gave out a quiet giggle.

“Maybe next time eh!”

I realised then that I would have to go home and wank my cock to the audio-visual stored in my head. It would be my only release; and she knew it too.

“That was very good, you’ve kept your job. Congratulations. You may go!”

I buckled my trousers and smiled at her. As I turned to leave a thought crossed my mind.

“What happened to Amy?” I asked.

“I sacked her,” replied Suzie.

I remained silent for a while.

“She wasn’t performing…not like you.” That crazed smile appeared again.

“Not everybody’s like me. If you want me to perform next Friday then perhaps she should be told you made a mistake.”

Suzie looked at me. She was pondering something, I could tell.

“Agreed. I will talk to her, you may go.”

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