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Stripper to Special Secretary

Amber's new job is surprisingly like her old one.
I really need a job. It has been two months since I was fired from my last job as a stripper and I am running low on money. I was let go because the place I worked at, Dancing Dames, was not doing well and they needed to let half of their workers go. I have looked at other strip clubs, but I want to try something new. Work though, has been hard to find, considering most of my experience is in taking off my clothes and giving lap dances. So over the weeks I have become more and more desperate for money.

Anyway two days ago I saw that a local business needed a new secretary. Thinking that that position was a good place to start my new life, I took an application. The only issue being that my previous job was as a stripper. Having nothing else to put down, I decided to go for it and list all of my unusual qualifications. Now I am waiting for a response with my hopes set too high.

While staring at my phone waiting and praying for a ring, the doorbell sounds. Confused why my future boss would come to my house instead of calling, I open the door. It is not a man in a suit or anyone looking to hire me, instead it is my neighbor, Jack, who has admired me for years. I mean, I guess he has a right to, I am 23 and in my prime, with beautifully formed firm breasts (size 38C), and legs that models desire with an ass that got me hired to Dancing Dames.

When I open the door, Jack stands at my door step staring at my body in awe until I wake him from his daydream with a stern, “What do you need Jack?”

He fixes his glasses and tries to remember why he came, finally saying, “Oh umm, I just came to check on you, because I know you have been out of a job for a while, so I thought— ”

“No, Jack, I do not want to work for you, I have told you this a million times!” I slammed the door in his face out of anger.

I cant believe he is trying to ask me again to be his private stripper, that is not going to happen! I mean he is kind of hot, but he is just so strange! If I got any more desperate though, I might have to take him up on his offers, no matter how much I don’t want to.

Sitting back down on my couch, with my mood completely destroyed, my phone rings. “Please be them saying I’m hired, please, please, please!!” I could barely control my voice as I pick up and say, “Hello this is Amber.”

No one responds for a few seconds and the only sound I hear is my heart pounding, seemingly out of my chest. Then a woman’s voice responds, “Hello Amber, this is Kate, I am calling to let you know that Mr. Anderson would like to hire you as his new secretary. You start tomorrow, so dress nicely and show up at 8:00.” And with that, she hung up.

I am in shock; I got the job! I can hardly believe it! But who would hire a previous stripper? All night I think about Mr. Anderson and what he will be like, tall and handsome, dark and mysterious, or just professional?

The next morning at 7:00 I get up and try to decide what to wear. I needed something professional, yet sexy at the same time. I ended up going with a sexy black lace bra with a matching thong and stockings with a strip down the back. All under a black pencil skirt and a white blouse that shows a bit of cleavage. And of course high heels to finish the outfit. Once my makeup was done and everything seemed in order, I grab the keys and rush out the door, not wanting to be late on my first day.

Kate, the lady with whom I spoke with on the phone yesterday, shows me to Mr. Anderson’s office on the top floor of the high rise. All I could think was, this must be a good job and he must be pretty high up in rank if he’s on the top floor. The elevator door opens and I walk into a room with outer walls of glass to see a magnificent view. Kate leads me to the door at the end of the hall while explaining that the whole floor belongs to Mr. Anderson and he and I will be the only ones here during the day. I am beginning to feel nervous to meet my boss and knowing that first impressions matter more than anything else. Kate whispers good luck, and opens the door.

“Mr. Anderson, Amber is here, your new assistant,” Kate says to a tall man facing the glass wall opposite us.

The man slowly turns and at once I am surprised by his handsomeness. He has dark hair with bright green eyes, and is very trim but extremely built. I think, shit if he wasn’t my boss I would fuck him in an instant. I still keep a sliver of hope with me in case he does want anything… anything other than a secretary.

After dismissing Kate kindly, Mr. Anderson walks over and extends his hand and says in a sexy deep voice, “Hello Amber, it is nice to meet you. As my secretary you will be answering my calls and filing documents as well as doing whatever else I need at the time, understood?”

“Yes Mr. Anderson.”


So for the rest of the day I sit at a desk on the opposite side of the room answering calls and going on runs to fetch whatever Mr. Anderson needs. I have an hour lunch break, but during that time must also get him something to eat. It’s a hard job, but I will do anything now to get the money.

After two weeks of working, Mr. Anderson abruptly stops me one day as I’m about to go on my lunch break. “Amber, after your break we are going to have a talk okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Anderson. Am I doing anything wrong becau—”

“Amber, just come back after your meal okay?”

“Yes sir.”

At lunch I can't eat anything because I’m so worried about what he’s going to say during our “talk”. I end up just walking around the city worried sick that I’m going to need to hunt for a job once again. After a walking for forty-five minutes, I head back to the office. I try to put myself together in the elevator and straighten my clothes before I open the door to his office. Taking a deep calming breath, I open the door and walk into the room.

“Hello Amber, how was lunch?” Mr. Anderson asks politely.

Taken aback by his kindness, I respond carefully, “Good I guess, I mean I was too nervous to eat, so I just walked around.”

He laughs a bit and says smiling “I didn’t mean to scare you so bad jeez. I just need to talk to you about a few things. To start – your previous job.”

Butterflies again in my stomach, I ask, “What about it?” Hoping that somehow he doesn’t remember I was a stripper.

“So, I know you were a stripper,” All my hope just vanishes and my heart falls, “but I need to know exactly what you did in order to know if I can keep you here. And don’t lie because I will know if you are and if you do you will be automatically fired.”

At this point I am shocked and scared for my job but I know I cant lie. So I tell Mr. Anderson how I stood on a stage with a skimpy outfit only to slowly take it off piece by piece to please the crowd. How in the end, I stood on stage in a bra, thong, heels, and occasionally stockings or fishnets. Then my public dancing shift would be over and I would move on to giving men lap dances and sometimes private activities.

“What happens in the private rooms?” Mr. Anderson abruptly asked.

I go on to explain that in the private rooms we would give longer lap dances and hand jobs and blowjobs to earn even more money. But I made it clear that I was not a prostitute and having sex was strictly prohibited. “Well that sums it up Mr. Anderson. That is all that happened during my stripping career.”

“To be clear, you stood in front of many people wearing hardly anything?” Mr. Anderson asks carefully.

“Yes for hours upon hours.” I was getting tired of this talk. I wasn’t a prostitute, so couldn’t I just keep my job? As I was thinking this, I look at Mr. Anderson. Something about his facial expression confuses me, I’ve seen that look before yet cant tell what expression it is. Suddenly it hits me, and my eyes quickly move to his dick, where I can see a tent in his pants. Lust is what I saw in his face! Mr. Anderson is turned on by my stripper story!

I am now extremely happy and have a smug look on my face. However, it does not stay long because Mr. Anderson notices and says, “Since you are so happy of the effect you have on me, and because you are supposedly comfortable wearing almost nothing in front of a crowd, from now on you are only allowed to wear your undergarments on this floor. You can leave the rest of your clothes outside the elevator. Now strip!”

My smug expression was completely wiped away with this statement and replaced with a mixture of shock and fear, but I was also secretly excited because I might finally be able to get close to Mr. Anderson. I slowly and seductively took off my blue dress and stood there in my bra, thong, and heels, waiting for his next request.

“Good. Now get back to work and stay where I can see you,” was Mr. Anderson’s only response.

I turn around and walk back to my desk, making sure I sway my hips, and my ass was directly in his view. My slutty side has completely taken over me now. I want him to fuck me, no I need him to fuck me, and soon.

“Oh and Amber, from now on you will refer to me as sir, not Mr. Anderson, and you will respond only to slut.”

“Yes Mr. – I mean sir,” I respond quietly.

For an hour and a half we work in silence, but I constantly feel Mr. Anderson’s gaze on my body, roaming from my legs up to my breasts. He constantly fidgets; he must be uncomfortable with his large hard on.

Finally he growls, “Amber get over here.”

Smiling, I walk over slowly and let his eyes scour over my body. “Yes sir?”

Instead of a spoken reply, he grabs me by the hips and pulls me into a deep kiss. At first I am shocked and almost resisted, but soon I relax and lean into the kiss, prolonging it. My hands roam his body down to his erect cock but when I reach it Mr. Anderson pushes me away sharply.

“Now, you dirty little slut, what do you think you were doing? You can only have me when I allow it, but I can have you any time I please. Today you are only allowed to touch me with that mouth. OK?”

“Yes Sir.” And as soon as I say that, he takes off his tie and ties my hands behind my back. Once I was bound, he takes off his pants to reveal his enormous cock, almost eleven inches long, and quite wide. At the sight of it I can’t help but gasp in shock and happiness.

Laughing Mr. Anderson replies to my reaction “You like my cock slut? Good because it is time you got to know it.” He grabs my head and forces me to my knees. He lowers my head onto his cock and orders me to suck him. At this point I have no choice to refuse, so I started to work my mouth around it.

First, I let it fill my mouth completely, the slowly pulled out so I could run my tongue up and down his shaft. Once his cock was completely wet, I lick around his head multiple times and take his dick into my mouth once again. I start bobbing my head up and down my master’s shaft and slowly I begin to hear Mr. Anderson’s breath quicken. Soon his hands gripped the back of my head and he begins thrusting his dick into my mouth. I keep my mouth as tight as possible around his cock and as he fucks my mouth, his breathing becomes even faster and heavier, and soon he is grunting.

After a couple more minutes he yells, “Slut you better swallow every drop!” and came into my mouth. Since I am a good little slut I do as he asks and swallow each load of his cum just like he asks. Afterward, I make sure to lick his cock clean.

Mr. Anderson, being satisfied, zips his pants back up. The issue was now, I was all wet and needed him to fuck my pussy badly. So I wait for a bit, hoping he will pleasure me, but he is already back to work and when he realizes I am still there, he says, “Slut, I told you I can have you whenever because I own you, but you can have me only when I allow it. Turn around.”

Sadly, I turn around for my punishment. He spanks me ten times and with each hit searing pain runs through my body, but also growing pleasure. I want him so badly, my juices are running down my thighs.

Mr. Anderson sees this and decides to feel how wet I am. His fingers feel so good on my pussy I have to grab onto his desk to keep from falling; my legs are quivering. But he removes his hands too soon and with a smirk says, “I’ve made you quite wet haven’t I my little slut, but I wont be pleasuring you until I decide to. Could be tomorrow or a month away.”

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