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The Dominance Experiment
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The Dominance Experiment

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Who knew where a theory presented in class might lead...
Carolyn paced up and down as she lectured. She could never keep still, and had a pretty lively and vivacious personality. Generally speaking, it kept her audience in rapt attention for most of the time, which is more than she could say about other professors at the University of Wyoming, from what the students told her as she visited with them. With this particular course, no one had trouble paying attention, and it had a wait list a mile long just for the fascination factor. It was titled, “The Psychology of Lovemaking,” a subject which of course would be one of interest for hormone crazed college students.

To most students’ dismay, students pursuing a degree in psychological fields of study were always given priority. Carolyn, or Professor Nightray to her students, was ribbed often by her co-workers and friends, getting called the “Ray of Love” or the “Love Doctor.” If she hadn’t been truly drawn to the material and fascinated by it herself, she would’ve dropped the course after one year. This was her third year with it, and she didn’t intend to drop it anytime soon.

“The premises behind why males and females get ‘turned on’ so to speak, and the degree to which they get aroused, has been a subject of much debate and research over the years. It has been difficult to do case studies,” (Carolyn paused, as there were random giggles scattered throughout the auditorium at that point) “Ahem. As I was saying, it has been difficult to do pure case studies on what causes males versus females to get into an extremely aroused state, as it would seem that those who volunteer for such studies are aroused just by the fact that they are the subject of the study, and would be watched, thus tainting and throwing off the results.”

Her eyes scanned the room, hearing various comments from some that would for sure like to be a part of a study like that, and some that were just looking at her as if she was demented. Sometimes she wondered if she was. Like those voices in her head that would pop up at times. She loved one and hated the other. Little voice sometimes piped up, when she was in doubt or in a slump, reiterating in her head all the things she thought about herself in those times. Then, the other voice, the one she loved, would come to the rescue, rather quickly most times.

Carolyn called the one she loved her ‘Inner Goddess’, and luckily for her it was the stronger of the two in her head. The Goddess always encouraged her to go for it in life, hold nothing back. Not in her educational pursuits, not in her goals, and certainly not in her love life. Thus, she had earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and had attained a professorship here at the University. Her love life, however, was at a current standstill. Carolyn held high expectations for whomever she was with, partly because she expected a lot out of herself, and partly because Goddess told her she deserved no less. She pictured Goddess in her mind briefly before she lectured each day, and it gave her strength and encouragement.

Goddess made her smile; she was a rather large bosomed, hands on her hips, African American woman, telling her ‘you go girl’, or ‘there ain’t no way you’re gonna take that crap from them girl! Give it right back to ‘em!’ Once, Carolyn had met someone who was the epitome of her Goddess, and she had to actually refrain from going to her, giving her a huge hug, and getting her to say some of those sayings to her. There were men in bright white coats for situations such as that one.

Coming out of her brief moment of daydreaming, Carolyn smiled at the thought of the Goddess and continued. “Some conclusions have been reached, however, about the inner workings of the male and female minds. It’s quite fascinating, and I would encourage all of you to pursue this further with research if you are so inclined. For my discussion point today, I want to focus on the conclusion drawn about dominance. I’m not talking about excessive force, or BDSM, or anything of an extreme nature. What I’m talking is about the fact that dominance has been a part of the male mindset far back into time; it is programmed into his mind at some level, though some to a higher degree than others.”

Carolyn paused a bit for effect. “Think about it, males went out often to do the foraging, or hunting, and came home with the bounty to share. The very act of lovemaking itself is the male ‘taking over’ the female in a way, just the way his body fits to hers, the penetration and release inside another, is a form of dominance. So what, you think, what has that to do with anything related to me, to helping my future clients who struggle in their love lives? Here’s the ‘so what’ part. Without boring you with too many details, which you can research on your own if the interest is there, the study basically leads to the conclusion that males, generally speaking, are put in more aroused state than normal if any elements can be put into place that enables them to further feel their dominance.”

A few nods or shakes of heads throughout the auditorium ensued. “For instance, if you are working with a husband and wife, and the husband says he is feeling a lack of interest in their love life, encourage the wife to try some things out, such as a blindfold that he can place on her eyes, some soft rope that he can try binding her with - anything to cause him to feel more in control may be just the spark needed to bring them closer and achieve a satisfying love life once more. So for your discussion groups today, I want you to delve into the issue further of why the male and female mindsets are so different, and about variations on this that you may have witnessed or heard about. As usual for this class, do not bring up anything personal unless you feel it is directly contributing to the discussion, and you feel comfortable. What is discussed in discussion group stays in discussion group, but my lecture material is obviously fair game for discussion outside of class as you study and do research.”

Carolyn stepped down off the stage, watching as the study groups, which were already well formed since the beginning of the semester, began to cluster. There was Travis; studying her, watching her. She shivered a little; his stare was so disconcerting. He was always so unreadable, inscrutable. This was not the first class he had taken of hers, matter of fact, if she thought about it, she probably had him in more of her classes than any other student. Yet she still didn’t know him well at all, and found herself from time to time wondering what he thought in that mind of his.

‘He must be at least a junior by now,’ she mused. She herself was only twenty-eight, fairly young for a professorship. Her self-confidence (given her by Inner Goddess) and her rather large scale field of knowledge may have been what won the interview team over. She definitely had a place here at the University for as long as she wanted it. Carolyn’s eyes followed Travis, as he sauntered over to his group. He never did a lot of talking, but she had observed that when he did it was usually to add something deep or meaningful. He seemed to have great listening skills as well. And, she admitted to herself, yes, he was handsome too, but not in the traditional sense. Travis’s hair was always longer, and slightly unkempt, but not quite the ‘bedhead’ look she had seen over the past years. His eyes were a very deep, mystical sort of blue, and he had delicate fingers on his hands, an interesting contrast to the sleek muscle that framed his body. Carolyn shook her head. ‘Snap out of it,’ little voice said. Little voice was right for once.

Finally, class was over, and Carolyn felt good about all the interesting chat that took place in the groups for the day. An overall success. She stretched and smiled, then made her way to her office. Carolyn was lucky; she had an office with a fairly good view. The Cowboy statue was in the courtyard right in front of her, framed by the cathedral like building behind it that housed the sciences. She also did not have to share, since she taught so many varied classes and needed most of the space for her books and papers. In the back, she had a small couch and even a daybed, for there were times during the semester when she was so swamped with work she would just sleep there and use the showers in the locker rooms by the large gymnasium. Good thing she was single. Maybe a good thing, maybe not. She sighed. It would be nice to have someone in her life eventually, who could be her match not only physically, but mentally as well. ‘Good luck with that one,’ small voice countered. Inner Goddess came in and sat on her. That shut her up for the time being.

Carolyn opened her window slightly, letting in the cool breeze from the late October outdoors. It was a peaceful feeling, and helped her concentration when she needed to get things accomplished. Taking the pen out from under the piles on her desk, she began to peruse which of the piles to grade first. Maybe the Advanced Human Interaction class; it was smaller, and the students in there normally produced good quality work. She began to read the first paper, when she felt a stirring in the room that wasn’t the breeze. It was…what? Before she could think or react to the strange feeling, Carolyn felt a pair of hands grab her shoulders, holding her in the chair.

“Don’t turn around,” said a very low, rather seductive voice in her ear. Tingles raced, all along her body. Her eyes shifted, enough to see that the door had been shut to her office, soundlessly. And it was locked. Carolyn was frozen with an entire mixture of emotions as she felt soft lips press against the skin of her neck, leaving burning kisses along it and up to her ear. A blindfold appeared in front of her, a black one, and was placed over her eyes and tied in place. “I’ve been your student for a long time, and every semester I try to get into your classes. You fascinate me, you captivate my mind, and yes, you arouse me, just by your presence.”

‘Oh my god,’ she thought. ‘It’s Travis. I recognize his voice now.’

“You presented a very interesting theory today, and one I intend to try out. On you. I’ve had my share of ‘vanilla’ sex, so I’m going to see if the theory of dominance and arousal is true. And you are going to be my test subject.” Carolyn shivered, and felt his lips come down on hers, burning with need and pent up frustration, because she was his professor, and this was forbidden territory.

Travis pulled her up from the chair, one hand holding both of hers. She could feel his slender, delicate hand holding both of hers with a surprising amount of strength. His other hand brushed along her back, moving further down, until he gently squeezed her butt. Carolyn gasped, feeling his hand even over the material of her skirt. He ushered her over to the small bed, and she felt her hands being pulled over her head, felt ties come around them, silky ties, that secured her to the headboard. She wondered what sort of ties they were, but since she couldn’t see, it was a futile point.

“I’ve dreamed of doing something like this to you for so long, Professor Nightray. Or perhaps now, to assert my dominance, I will call you…” he trailed off, then she felt his hot breath right near her ear, “Carolyn.” A moan escaped her lips as she felt his hands moving along her skin, brushing lightly along her arms, working his way to the buttons of her blouse. “I have you right where I want you now, right where I’ve always wanted you, beneath me, unable to do anything but fulfil my desires.” Carolyn didn’t know how to think or feel, at that moment she just…was. Caught up in the moment, her mind trying to register the sensations attacking her with hurricane-like violence; it was too much.

“I hope you have a change of clothing somewhere in your office, Carolyn,” he said, almost in a growl. Immediately, she felt her blouse torn away, and his lips on her skin, biting, sucking, her neck, her stomach, and finally her breasts, bra removed quickly as he did not want to be deprived of any part of her body. Soft moans escaped her lips as his mouth closed around her nipples, teasing them senseless. Clarissa’s breathing got faster, more erratic. When he’d had his way with her breasts for as long as he could take, he moved his way upward once more, kissing along her chest and neck with fervor before reaching her mouth, giving her the most intense and heated kiss of her entire life.

His tongue slipped in and out, found hers. He sucked her tongue, her lower lip; seemed to want her very essence, so fervently did he kiss her. Carolyn’s entire body caught fire; she felt she would be reduced to mere ashes. Still kissing her, Travis trailed his hands hotly along her skin, making his way downward over her curves. He pulled up her loose skirt, his hand trailing along her skin, her lace panties. Carolyn could feel herself getting wetter at his lightest touch. She heard moans from him as his mouth made its way down her body, down down.

“Your body is even more incredible than I’ve imagined in my dreams, Carolyn. You are so sexy, so gorgeous, and so mine.” Travis’s emphasis on his last word caused her to shiver, her body reacting to both his words and his explorations of her body. She felt his tongue tracing slowly around her inner thigh, up to her flat stomach, and back down the other thigh, teasing her, smelling her, tasting the deliciousness of her skin. He pulled up her skirt completely, exposing her shaved inner core to him. Carolyn felt his breath there first, heard his moans, felt his hands get tighter around her hips as he held her, looking.

She felt him looking, felt his excitement as assuredly as if she were seeing it. He spread her legs apart, his head nestling between them, uttering “gorgeous, just gorgeous” before his finger gently rubbed along her lips, causing her to whimper slightly. Then she felt his tongue, licking her from bottom to top, a long lick; a long taste. Her whole body shivered, moved beneath him as she squirmed.

“Remember, this is my experiment, and I am in charge of you.” His hands held her even more firmly in place. He nosed between her lips, smelling her essence, breathing. His tongue found her clit, licking around it, teasing her mercilessly, while he controlled her body movements with his strong hands. Moans and breathing was all she could manage; the professor was being driven mad by her handsome and, at the moment, very dominant student. After what seemed an eternity of teasing, Travis could wait no longer. He began to forcefully lick her clit, flicking it hard with his tongue, sucking on it, nibbling.

Carolyn’s hips moved, despite Travis’s hands, matching the actions of his tongue. She felt his finger slip inside her as he continued his oral assault, moving it slowly in and out, in and out. Travis knew exactly what to do, and Carolyn’s mind could think of nothing other than the sensations he was giving her. She knew she was close to coming. Travis seemed to know too, as he rubbed the top of her inside, his mouth pressed hard on her clit, while one of his hands reached and grabbed her breast, squeezing. Carolyn’s hips bucked wildly against him, her legs instinctively squeezing his head, and her cries came ringing out as she reached her most mind blowing orgasm ever.

Travis continued licking her, tasting every last drop of her excitement, as she came slowly spiraling back down to earth. “You taste so fucking good,” he whispered huskily. “Now for the second part of the experiment.” Carolyn moaned, feeling him spread her legs once more, then gasped as he pressed against her with his hardness, and drove deep inside her with one thrust. Carolyn’s back arched, and Travis moaned and breathed over her chest as he removed her blindfold at last. He wasn’t done being dominant, however. Travis held her jaw with his hand, looking her straight in the eyes as he made love to her, slowly at first.

Passion built within him, causing his already deep blue eyes to deepen even further; Carolyn thought she would lose herself in them. He began to thrust harder, harder, her breasts bouncing beneath him, his parts slapping against hers in a wild rhythm and dance all their own. Travis was overcome. His hands went from her jaw and chest to her hips, holding them hard against his body as he impaled her over and over, hard and fast. Her legs went up on his shoulders at some point, Carolyn didn’t even notice, she was so lost in sensation.

Carolyn’s back arched; her hands tried to escape the bonds, she wanted to touch him so desperately. Travis watched her vain attempt at escape, and it was enough to send him over the edge. He filled her full of his pent up desire and need, thrusting until he was finally dry. Carolyn felt it, hot, seeping out of her, dripping down and over her butt. She was overwhelmed and shaking. Travis moved up, along her body, kissing her passionately. Then, he whispered in her ear, “We’re not done yet, I’ve still got part three.” She saw his cock, still sticky from his passion, come toward her mouth…


Forward: Several people have contacted me, curious and fascinated with my brief references to the “little voice” and “Inner Goddess” that I’ve placed in my stories. I decided to elaborate a bit more about those voices. As for the theory, it is actually a real theory that has been mulled over for quite some time in the realm of psychology.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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