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The hot lady at the office

Some night you actually get lucky
I'm Jim and I've had an office job at a company for about 4 years now. I'm 36 and over the years, young ladies in their 20s have come and gone. The ladies that have worked there have mostly been temps that work there for a few months and never return. I never got the opportunity to be with one of them. They have been with someone or just not interested in someone who is in their 30s, but I'm successful financially anyway. My love life was way down, but about a year ago now, they hired a nice looking lady that was 27 and as far as I could tell, she was single. Her name was Hanna and I had a lot of late nights preparing presentations, but for once I actually got her to help me out planning a presentation one late night around 8:00.

“Well I wanna say thank you for staying here late tonight to help me plan this,” I said.

“Don't worry about it Jim. I really don't have anyone to go back to, so why not?” Hanna asked.

“Oh I'm sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“Don't worry about it, shit happens right?” Hanna asked.

“I guess so, let's get this done, I'm sure you'd rather be home, than be here with me,” I replied.

“I don;t know about that,” Hanna said as she rubbed her foot up against my leg.

Was she sending me a signal? Did she have the hots for me?

“Whoa, that's my leg you know,” I said.

“I know that. Maybe I felt like rubbing my foot on your leg, is that a crime? And honestly if you are here with me, you probably don't have anyone waiting on you either,” Hanna replied.

“OK maybe I don't, but are you playing footsie with me?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretend it bothers you, we're the only ones here. It's not like I'm doing it to be a bitch,” Hanna replied.

“OK, what are you interested?” I asked.

She just got up and walked over to me, leaned down and started kissing me.

“Whoa, whoa, what the fuck is with you?” I asked.

“Don't bullshit me, I've seen you checking me out, and you seem like a guy that wouldn't checking another lady out if you have another waiting for you at home, call me crazy,” Hanna replied.

I brought her in and we made out for another minute. I put my arms around her and we kissed for about 2 minutes straight as I was still sitting down and she was on top of me.

“So, I know you have looked up my dress at least once today, so what color are my panties?” Hanna asked.

I raised my eyebrow and kissed her again.

“Hanna, you are not wearing any panties,” I replied.

“Oops, I must have forgot to wear some today,” Hanna said as she got up and lifted up her dress.

Then I got a look at her pussy up close and it was shaved too. I immediately got a hard on and she noticed it in about a second.

“Someone is turned on,” Hanna said as she put her hands on the bulge in my pants.

Was she for real, I didn't know honestly, but she had me horny. So I stood up and grabbed onto the bottom of her dress and pulled it off her. She wasn't wear a bra either, so she was completely naked standing right in front of me and I was beyond stunned. A 27 year old sexy lady was standing right in front of me completely naked. I was just eyeballing her C-cup boobs for a minute.

“So are you just gonna stare, or are you gonna fuck me?” Hanna asked.

She started to undo my pants and they slid to the floor. My dick poked through my boxers and it was fully erect at 9 inches long.

“So is that for me Jim?” Hanna asked.

I just nodded a little and she got down on her knees. She caressed my cock a bit and it just felt amazing, like my first hand job all over again.

“So have you wanted to have sex with me ever since the day I started here Jim?” Hanna asked.

Once again I just nodded, I actually hadn't had sex in a few months. Then she grabbed onto my cock with her hand and began stroking it very slowly. I let out a couple soft moans and then she got closer to my cock. She opened her mouth as she was about 3 inches away, then looked up at me. She blew me a kiss and I blew one back. She took my cock in her mouth and I immediately let out a loud moan.

“Oh fuck yes, I like that Hanna,” I said slowly.

She just looked up at me and smiled. I put my hands on her head as I started breathing a little heavily. It felt so damn good and I felt her head getting sweaty already. So she was really into it as well.

“Holy shit Hanna, you got some mouth on that face. That feels absolutely amazing to say the least,” I said.

She stood up and gave me a big kiss, after that she got back down on her knees and sucked on my balls a bit as well. That was kinky to me, I never had anyone do that before.

“That's so kinky but good too Hanna,” I said.

She had my cock in her hand and sucked on my balls really passionately for a few minutes.That made me really sweaty too.

“I'm glad you like it Jim. You know ever since I first set my eyes on you, I wanted to fuck you, I've wanted you to ram me. Will you do that for me?” Hanna asked as she stood up.

Then I picked her up and put her on the big conference table. She dug through her purse and got out a condom.

“You'll need this,” Hanna said as she handed me the condom.

I took it out and put it on right before I got on the table with her. I put my cock right in front of her pussy and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy.

“Oh, a little tight down there Hanna,” I said.

“Well I've been waiting for you to make a move Jim,” Hanna replied.

I leaned down with her and gave her a kiss.

“Well consider this my move,” I said just before I started thrusting my dick in and out of her pussy.

She let out a couple soft moans and put arms around me to hold me as close as she could. I put my left hand on her right tit and gently squeezed it as we were both breathing in and out very slowly. I also began pinching her right nipple and that titillated her.

“Pinch my nipple harder Jim, make me scream as loud as I can,” Hanna said.

So I followed her order and pinched her nipple very hard. She moaned once and her pussy got very wet.

“Oh shit, that's great Jim. Pinch them harder, harder! I said harder!” Hanna screamed.

Then I put my other hand on her other nipple as well and pinched them both really hard. I would have thought that would hurt her, but she seemed just to be getting more turned on with all the screaming. Then she had a full orgasm from that.

“Wow, that was quick,” I said.

“But who the fuck said we were done?” Hanna asked.

I got up off the table and picked her up with her tits leaning on my chest. I put my cock back inside her and walked around the room carrying her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Hanna asked.

“I always wanted to try this the first time I had sex in here,” I replied.

“Do you mean you've never fucked a girlfriend in here?” Hanna asked.

“I've been an office virgin. but not anymore,” I replied.

I leaned up against a wall with my back to it and she began bouncing up and down a little.

“Oh yes, I like this Jim. Now get that cock into me as deep as you can get it,” Hanna said.

She leaned up against me and I felt her really nice and big boobs pressing up against me. They felt bigger than they looked honestly. I was getting really sweaty wearing the top part of my office suit, so I had to take off.

“I gotta get this off now,” I said.

So I put her back down on the table and I stripped completely as she laid there and masturbated.

“I hope you are not done yet Jim, I still want you inside me,” Hanna said.

“Hell fucking no I'm not done,” I replied.

So I got on the table with her and got on top of her. I inserted my cock into her as deep as it could go.

“Your pussy is still a little tight Hanna. Did you really just wait for me to make a move?” I asked.

“Yes, and the wait was worth it,” Hanna replied.

I leaned my head down a little and started licking and sucking on her nipples. She really seemed to love me pinching her nipples a great deal.

“You know just what a lady likes Jim,” Hanna said.

“I know,” I replied.

She brought my head up to hers and she gave me a nice kiss. Then she put her right hand on her pussy and rubbed it for over a minute. She brought her hand to her mouth and licked her hand mercilessly for about 30 seconds.

“If I didn't have a hard on before, I do now,” I said.

She kissed me once again and then I started getting rough with her. I wanted to hear her moan really loudly. So I began thrusting my cock in and out of her as quickly as I could, and then she started moaning very loudly. It hurt my ears a little, but it was worth it. I put my arms underneath her and held her as close as I could. She wrapped her arms around me as well, and we both slowly rolled over to me being under her. She got on her knees cowgirl style.

“Now this is sexy Jim. I masturbated thinking about riding you like this,” Hanna said.

I put my hands back onto her boobs again and pulled on her nipples, that hurt her a little.

“Ow, be nice with those Jim. I'm gonna be needing those,” Hanna said.

I leaned up with her and put my tongue on her chest. I licked my way up all the way to her mouth and we made out for over 3 minutes.

“You are a great kisser Jim, and you have some tongue in your mouth,” Hanna said.

“And it's not just good for kissing either,” I replied.

“Oh, what else can we use for?” Hanna asked.

“Something,” I replied.

I put my face right in between her tits and began motor boating her boobs.

“Yes motor boat those tits,” Hanna said.

I grabbed onto her left boob and started sucking on her nipple passionately. She had medium sized nipples, and I had a big mouth, so I got her whole nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it and made her feel really titillated. She put her hands onto my head and made me bite her nipple.

“Ow, I thought I said to be nice to my nipples,” Hanna said.

“You made me do it,” I replied.

We began making out once again. We both made sure to put our arms around each other as tightly as we could. I made love to a number of women in my past, but this woman was something different. She was a sweet lover. I pulled out and I got on my side, she got right in front of me on her side too. I inserted my cock into her once again, but very slowly this time.

“And you like to make love, and not just have sex,” Hanna asked.

“Yes, something like that, I like to make sure the lady is enjoying it too. It's better for the next time around,” I replied.

“We'll see about that,” Hanna said.

I put my left hand on her boob as I was thrusting my cock into her slowly. The table was uncomfortable, but we didn't mind too much. I think we both just wanted to fuck each other really badly, so maybe it was just a matter of time.

“OK enough of these slow thrusts, jam that cock into me deep Jim,” Hanna said.

Then I jammed my cock into her as far as I could. She just flat out screamed.

“Oh fuck yes! Shit!” Hanna screamed.

After that we heard footsteps.

“Shit, someone is here,” Hanna said.

We saw the janitor walk by and he saw us.

“It's about time, I've seen you two checking each other out for weeks now,” Tom the janitor said.

“Well we'd appreciate if you didn't tell anyone,” I replied.

“Don't worry about it, but you two have to clean that table though, I'm not doing it,” Tom said.

“OK,” Hanna replied.

"See you at work tomorrow," Tom said.

"See you tomorrow," I replied.

Then Tom left.

“Well, that was close, good thing it wasn't that prick Steve. He'd be tweeting like mad right now,” Hanna said.

“Yeah no kidding,” I replied.

I got down on the floor and leaned over to her pussy. I began eating her out.

“Oh yes Jim, make sure you hit my g-spot too,” Hanna said.

“I intend to sexy lady,” I replied.

I spread out her pussy lips as far as they would go and she had to belt out some more very loud moans. As if she was gonna die if she didn't. Then I stuck my tongue inside her pussy.

“Oh shit Jim. You are some kind of man,” Hanna said.

“I like to think so,” I replied.

Her pussy was very wet already, now it was absolutely soaked. I could taste all of her juices coming out, and it was kinky. She began moving around a bit and was having some major trouble taking all the pleasure.

“Shit yes Jim, you are make me explode all over your face. I'm gonna have the biggest orgasm of my life,” Hanna said.

I believed her, so I made sure to get my tongue so far up her pussy, that I hit her g-spot with flying colors. Once I did, she screamed as loud as I think I've heard anyone scream.

“Fuck!!” Hanna screamed just before she came all over my face.

I climbed on top of the table with her and got on my side, as she was still on her back. Then I ripped off the condom and shot my load on her stomach. We made out a little more for a few minutes as we tried to catch our breaths.

“Well, even on this table, that was great,” I said.

“No kidding. Do you think he'll tell anyone?” Hanna asked.

“Nah, he's a good guy and I don't think he's a whistle blower,” I replied.

“Well we should do this again sometime, I had a good time too,” Hanna said.

Then we kissed again and got up a few minutes later. We made sure to clean off the table and finish the presentation as well. After that we both kept seeing each other at the office every now and then. But on our 4 th time on that table, a co-worker saw us. It wasn't the gossip dude that would tweet all about it, but it was someone that wouldn't keep it on the down low forever. So we started seeing each other exclusively. We didn't want it to end just yet. Now we both make sure we work together on every project and presentation we can.

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