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The Intern

Sure, he was eighteen. But once I decided I wanted him... it was only a matter of time.

I had been eyeing him for a while now... the first day we met I knew he would eventually be trouble. He was too young for me... I usually don't let age trouble me but eighteen was just taking it too far.

The first time I saw him it was the night of the staff Christmas party. I had been away on an extended vacation so I didn't know a few of the new employees. The party location was dark and intimate, and dinner was flavourful, diverse and rich. The wine, deep red and full bodied, heightened my senses. That's when I noticed him staring. His eyes danced from my face to my cleavage. I didn't know his age then. I knew he was a bit young, but he was handsome, with a personality I could definitely appreciate. As the night ran later, we moved over to the bar and the shots began. That's when I realized he wasn't drinking. "You don't drink?" I asked. 

"I drink... but I'm not nineteen so I can't here..."

It had never occurred to me that the young man I had been exchanging glances with all night wasn't even of age to drink. I don't know what had gotten into me but by this point I was already intrigued, and his age wasn't doing much to change that. All night I felt his eyes on me. I could tell that he was mesmerized by my soft curves and small waist. It was barely midnight and my panties were soaked and all I wanted to do was take off all of my clothes. I had to do something about this tension. I had just gotten back to work, and I knew I couldn't afford a scandal like sleeping with an eighteen year old intern... so I headed for the ladies room.  When I walked past I made sure to brush against him and give my hips an extra wiggle. When I got to the bathroom I slipped into a stall and caught my breath. My nipples were rock solid and so sensitive I could imagine his tongue running accross them. I lifted my skirt and moved my panties to the side. It was an ocean... I slipped one finger in and massaged my clit. Imagining it was him taking me in this bathroom stall. I added another finger and kept penetrating myself until I came thinking of him inside me. Then I went back out and continued the night as if nothing happened. I decided then, that I would see where this went, or where I could take it...

The first day we worked together, we didn't really get a chance to talk. I could feel him staring all day and I made sure to send my energy his way. We didn't exchange many words as he was always rushing off to tend to the next task. I couldn't tell if he was scared to be next to me or if he was just that busy. I just wanted to get him alone so I could ask him a few questions.. figure him out. 

A few months went by before we really started to hit it off. He had a girlfriend, which seemed to only make me want him more. We had a lot in common, and I found him almost irresistible... I was ashamed, but that still didn't stop me. His solid masculine frame, sexy eyes, perfect smile and dimples made me melt. Despite my weakness I maintained a professional persona and made it clear that I was his superior. This was all part of the fun ... for me at least. 

So last week I worked later than usual. Everyone else had left and I didn't mind because I'm more productive when I'm alone. Plus, I can have a bit of fun with myself if no one is around. I sat in my office going through sexy video clips on my computer. I unbuttoned my blouse , and hiked up my skirt. I've always loved the thrilling idea of sex at work. Knowing the office was empty I left my office curtain cracked slightly. I lifted my bouncy tits out of my bra and started to play when I heard a noise ... it sounded like a printer so I assumed it was something on automatic. I took off my panties and put my feet on the desk, heels still on. My two fingers bobbed in and out. As I watched two gorgeous lesbians cum in a 69 I started to moan. I could feel it coming and I couldnt wait to let loose. That's when I heard a noise again, this time it was closer. As I shuddered, and the first wave of my orgasm hit I heard a gasp... then I heard something hit the floor. I look up to see the adorably sexy intern looking into my office through the crack in the curtain. I didn't even have a chance to react. As the second wave of my orgasm hit I noticed a bulge in his pants ... he quickly scrambled to pick up the paperwork he'd dropped and ran out of view. I shook and came harder as I dipped my fingers back in my wet pussy thinking about his swollen cock, pressing against the seams of his pants. He was going to be mine... he just didn't know it yet. 

After the incident in the office he stayed far away from me. Every now and again I'd ask him to complete an assignment for me, but he wouldn't look me in the eyes. I just wanted to suck his cock. I wanted make him cum and watch him squirm when I keep sucking. If he only knew what I would do to him.... 

I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before he finds out. 

To be continued. XXX


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