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The Judgement of Paris

The Judgement of Paris

Who says night class doesn't apply to work situtions?

Gene Hargreaves sat in the back of the evening Western Lit class listening to the professor’s lecture. Typical prof: short black hair, round face, built like a fireplug, looked like he worked out in his spare time, Genes, plaid shirt. Papers littered his desk.

“The first book, or actually poem, we’ll read is one of the seminal works of Western literature, even of Western art, yes, even of world art, the Iliad of Homer. This is the story of how one of the greatest wars of antiquity, the Trojan War, began and was fought.

“The story line is quite simple. All the Greek gods and goddesses met for the wedding of mortal King Peleus to the goddess Thetis. Eris, the goddess of discord, was not invited (Who would invite Discord to her wedding?)....”

This better get more interesting, Gene thought. I almost fell asleep while he was explaining the syllabus and now this. I took the course to broaden my mind, but I’d rather broaden my knowledge of my secretaries, Erin and Layla. What a pair of beauties, the leggy Irish redhead and the short, busty Chinese. He forced his attention back to the class.

“...Into the crowd at the reception, evidently peeved at being left out, Eris rolled a golden apple with a gift label on it. The label read “For the Fairest.” Immediately the three most beautiful (and powerful) goddesses insisted the apple was obviously intended for her — Hera, wife of Zeus and Queen of the gods, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. To Paris, the effete son of King Priam and Queen Hekabe of the city of Troy, fell the task to judge among the three beauties.

“Quickly the contestants decided to bribe the judge. Hera offered Paris, a king’s younger son, a genuine kingship. Athena offered victory in war. But Paris was indolent; he had the perks of kingship without the responsibility and he avoided combat. Aphrodite judged correctly what Paris (or perhaps men in general) wanted and offered him the love of the most beautiful mortal woman in the world.

“Paris, evidently in the grip of that passion that seems to prevent all males from thinking, chose Aphrodite’s bribe. Unfortunately, the most beautiful mortal woman was already married to the king of a rival city to Troy. Helen, the woman, did join Paris, and so the 10 year long Trojan war began. This war, with its heroism, cowardice, passion, and treachery, is the subject of our first reading.”

Gene sighed and raised his hand. “Yes?” said the prof.

“This guy Paris had three beautiful women trying to win his favor and all he got out of it was a different woman and a war?”

“Well, I guess that’s one way to put it. But it is a real dilemma. No matter which goddess he chooses, he’s going to anger two others.”

“I dunno,” said Gene. “I’m a businessman and I’ve got a lot of practice getting people who don’t agree and think they can’t agree to come up with plans everyone can live with.”

“Interesting. Can you think of a way to have a happier ending?”

“Ah, yeah, sure.” Gene thought for just a moment, then a smile crossed his face. “First of all, I’d at least get a cheap thrill. I’d tell the gir...ladies that I couldn’t tell enough about their charms in all those robes and things. Get ‘em in a room, get ‘em naked. Then I’d tell them to compare their beauty to each other, truthfully and without insult or they’d be disqualified. If I was really lucky, in a non-homophobic culture like Greece they’d get interested in each other, I’d watch a Lesbian orgy, then jump in at the end to finish them off.” Gene had to raise his voice a bit to be heard above the rising murmur of shock and outrage from the feminists in the class. “They could share the apple, pass it around from month to month, something like that.” Gene was getting in stride. “Much better outcome. I get to see three babes get it on, nail all three of them, no war. Paris was a damn fool who blew one of the best opportunities in history.”

Anything further Gene words from Gene were drowned out. “Why, that’s disgusting.” “It’s just a cheap male fantasy.” “Totally unrepentant sexism.” “How can he say such a thing in a university class?” “Can we get him censured?” Some of the men in the class joined this chorus, but a few others said, “Well, it is a better outcome.” “What’s so bad about that?” “Sounds good to me!”

Though outwardly appearing apologetic, inwardly Gene grinned. He’d livened up the class for sure.

As the prof slowly restored order, one young student, a brunette with a pixie face, spoke up, “Well, what this guy said was very sexist, but he did point out that no one tried to finesse the situation.” Gene gave her a grateful smile, but she turned away, sniffing through her cute upturned nose.

The rest of the class was comparatively uneventful. At the end, it was hard to get out because the prof was handing out photocopies of something to read for their assignment. The students milled about and Gene maneuvered next to the cute brunette. “Thanks,” he said, “for recognizing what I was getting at.” She glared at him. “I just wanted to point out that better outcomes were possible.” The girl (she was barely out of her teens) didn’t respond, but Gene wasn’t deterred. “I got an idea. Why don’t we discuss it over a drink at the brewpub a few blocks from here?”

Exasperated, the girl finally spoke. “Just because I picked up on a tiny element of sense from what you didn’t say doesn’t mean I agree with you at all. Your comments were crude and sexist in the extreme.” She turned away.

When Gene reached the door and took his packet of paper from the prof, he was surprised to see the man smile at him. “I like provocative statements and students who question the regular teaching. Though I wouldn’t be graphic in class, I’ve often thought Paris was dull. What if Odysseys had been the judge?”

“Athena would have won,” said Gene.

The prof laughed. “You’ve got more on the ball than you let on.”


The Argument

The next day his two secretaries greeted him when Gene arrived at work,. Erin, standing by an open file drawer, said “Hi, boss,” and resumed filing. Layla, seated at her desk and speaking on the phone, waved and smiled. Gene noticed how Erin’s miniskirt and heels showed off her long legs to great advantage. Layla, her legs crossed, showed the lace top of her black stocking under the hem of her black skirt. Gene smiled as he entered his office.

Helene, his previous secretary, quit some six months previously to marry a lawyer. Gene deeply missed the sexual favors she provided. Helene had persuaded Layla, her replacement, to accept the contract modifications that made the business so popular with the nearly all-male clientele. (See my most popular story, The Job Interview, link below.) But she drew the line at revealing her sexual involvement with Gene. As the pair dressed after their last orgasms on the office couch, Helene teased, “You’ll just have to seduce Layla herself.

Layla easily adapted to Gene’s lingerie requirements and appeared to enjoy teasing the clientele  — and the money. Expansion soon necessitated hiring a second secretary. Layla easily convinced Erin, the new hire, of the financial advantages Gene offered.

Erin, however, tried to modify the contract at her final interview.

Gene explained that she was hired but could get a substantial raise and clothing allowance if she’d wear revealing outer clothing and certain items of lingerie.

“Sure, Layla explained it to me,” she said. “That’s a big raise for showing a little leg. I’m afraid I don’t have cleavage; does that disqualify me?” she asked, a gleam in her eye.

“No, Erin,” Gene had replied. “Just let something pretty and lacy show — that’ll do the trick.”

“Really? No strings attached? I just show a little leg for an extra hundred a week plus money to cover clothing expenses?”

“That’s right. If you like, you can discuss it privately with Layla before you decide.”

“Oh, I’m basically okay with the idea. If she can do it, so can I.” She asked to read the contract. The clothing part was very specific.

Skirt or dress and hosiery required

Minimum three-inch heels

All tops must show cleavage, either on bending or at all times

Panty hose acceptable one day per week, with skirt or dress hem a minimum of six-inches from the top of the knee when standing

Stockings must be held up by a gartered garment: garter belt, waist cincher, corset, merry widow, girdle, with each type of garment to be worn at least once during ten working days

When stockings are worn, skirt or dress hem a minimum of four-inches from the top of the knee when standing

Modesty panel on desk removed

“Hmm,” mused Erin as she finished reading. “It sounds sexy and fun and it sure will keep men coming around. But I wonder if we can modify something.”

“What’s that, Erin?”

“I’ve got really good legs, get lots of stares when I wear miniskirts. Couldn’t I wear pantyhose more than one day a week? I’m not used to all those stockings and garters and things.”

“Well, that really is what the extra money is for. Also,” Gene said with a grin, “I gotta admit that I wrote this contract as I did because of my own lingerie preferences. It’s not only the clients who’ll enjoy the sights around the office.” They both laughed. Gene went on, “How about this? You try it my way for the three months until your first review. I think once you get the idea, you’ll like all the teasing and flirting opportunities a girl has with skirts and stockings. At your first review, we’ll see if you still want to change the terms.” Erin agreed and signed the contract. 

She’d lived up to it perfectly in the two months since she’d begun work. She’d worn a very short mini and seamed pantyhose the previous day, so Gene figured today she must be sporting opera-length stockings under her tight tan skirt. As she’d stood at the cabinet, half her thigh showed below the hem. And both  girls do the work very well. I’m a lucky man, but Helene was special, he recalled, his gaze resting on the light green couch against one wall of his office.

Shaking his head to clear the pleasant memories of Helene, Gene looked over the calendar for the day. In half an hour, the first client should arrive. He read some job specifications to get ready, then let his mind wander. Erin’s legs sure looked good in that tan miniskirt.

A few minutes later, Erin knocked on the door and brought in the first client, Cliff Black. As he got seated, Erin crossed the office and handed Gene a summary form, then turned and went back, closing the door.

Cliff, a middle-aged man with a widow’s peak, never took his eyes from her slender legs. After she closed the door, he gave a low whistle. “That’s quite a pair of secretaries you’ve got.”

“Yes,” grinned Gene. “It’s funny. A lot of guys finish with me, then spend a half an hour in the waiting room arranging their papers before they go.”

Cliff laughed, then they got down to business. But when Cliff left, after signing his contract, he said, “You know, my papers are a mess.” He winked as he left. Gene grinned, knowing he’d be back when he needed another contract.

There was an hour before the next appointment. In a few minutes, Layla entered, her heels tapping on the parquet floor. Black hair framed her oval face and her almond-shaped eyes shone. East Asian girls nearly always had good legs, and Layla sure did, but her bust was exceptional. Deep and full, it looked especially large on her short frame. Exposed by her unbuttoned blouse, it drew his eye. Layla informed Gene the next appointment had canceled. “Well, you both can get caught up on paperwork and I’ll make some calls to clients,” he said.

As Gene made notes between calls, he was aware of the murmur of the girls’ conversation in the next room. He shook his head, noting the irony of a building contractor plagued by cheap construction. After the next call, the murmurs were louder. Gene made out some of the words. What are they arguing about? he wondered. He listened more carefully.

“Well, you saw him. He sat over by me.”

“Yeah, so he could see me at my desk. I leaned over and he gasped...”

“Sure, why not? Those big things flopping in his face.”

“Well, anyway, like most men, he’s a tit man.”

“Most men? You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Gene was amazed. They were arguing about which of them was more attractive. As far as he was concerned, both were knockouts.

“Don’t know what I’m talking about? We’ll see. Let’s ask a man. Let’s ask the boss.”

“Okay, let’s go!” A moment later, the office door opened. Gene greeted the girls with a sardonic smile.

“Exactly what’s the trouble, girls?”

Layla, glaring at Erin, said, “We teased each other about which of us that guy was looking at more while he pretended to look at his notes. I guess it got kinda out of hand.”

“Out of hand? Girlfriend, we’ve been arguing about who gets the most stares since I’ve been working here.”

“Well, yeah, and we want you to settle it.” Layla’s eyes snapped at Gene.

Gene raised an eyebrow. “Settle what? What is the question? You’re both very beautiful, sexy, and desirable.”

“Well,” said Erin, stretching forward a long leg, “the question is whether most men are leg men or tit men.”

Without hesitation, Gene said, “Most of us are both. The rest are gay.” That got a laugh and lightened the mood a bit.

Layla said, “I guess the question really is which of us is more likely to attract stares from men. Which of us is more desirable, not so much whether most guys are leg or tit men.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s about it,” said Ellen, grudgingly agreeing with her rival.

Gene thought fast. The perils of the situation were obvious. The opportunities... “Um, well, ladies, I’m not fully qualified to judge.”

“Sure you are,” said Erin. “You’re a guy, aren’t you? And not gay?”

“And you know what we look like.”

“Well, now that you bring it up, that’s precisely where I’m underqualified.”

Layla snorted. “I can see where this is going.”

“Me, too.”

There was a brief silence as they all glanced at each other.

“I’m not just going to strip,” said Erin.

Gene produced a deck of cards from a desk drawer. “How about we make it more interesting?” he said with a smile. “A game of chance among friends.”

Another, longer silence. Then Layla said, “I’m game. It should be fun. But you gotta play, too.” She pointed at Gene.

“Sure, naturally.” They both looked at Erin.

“Okay, but you gotta give us a real answer at the end.”

“Sure, you bet.”

“With your reasons,” added Layla.

“Reasons? Okay.” Gene would agree to anything to play this game.

“We need to count our clothes and make sure we have the same number,” said Erin.

“And the garter belts and stockings don’t count. I want you girls to keep them on. I hope your panties are outside the garters.”

“No fair,” protested Layla. “That’s an advantage to Legs over there.”

“Not to me it isn’t — and I’m the judge. To me it’s just decoration, an equalizer. Besides,” Gene added, eyeing Layla’s stems appreciatively, “I’m not sure her legs are better, just longer.”

“What?” sputtered Erin.

Layla just grinned. “Okay, have it your way, boss.”

Ern snorted. “Okay, what are the rules?”

Gene said, “Cut for deal, high card deals. five card stud, winner takes one item off the loser, winner then deals....”

“Okay,” said both girls.

“...Winner may choose to touch the loser for 1 minute, but not remove any clothes. And every 4th hand must be for touching. No going inside any remaining clothes.”

This rule got the girls to pause again. They looked at each other. Erin raised her eyebrows. Layla cocked her head and looked Erin up and down. “I’m ready if you are,” she said, and licked her lips.

Erin took a deep breath. “I’ll do it, but we gotta agree that no one tells anyone about this.”

Gene and Layla quickly agreed to that condition. Layla asked, “What happens when someone loses? Gets stripped? Do they quit and watch?”

“I think it will be more interesting if they play to keep undressing the others or get more touching if they lose,” said Erin, hugging herself and swaying her upper body.

“Let’s play six hands for more touching after everyone’s stripped,” added Layla, grinning mischievously.

“Sure!” Gene agreed enthusiastically.

“Oh, what the hell. Okay,” said Erin, a slight smile crossing her face.

Gene had one final rule. “No repeating how you touched someone. Each time it’s gotta be more risque and daring than before.” To Gene’s surprise, there was no resistance to this rule. Layla commented that this was going to be more than just a beauty contest, and Erin said something about in for a penny, in for a pound.

“We still gotta count our clothes,” she went on. “I played strip poker once when I was a teen. The boys were pissed because they were naked right away, but we counted things like barettes, rings, and so on. We were at this guy’s house and his parents were due home before any of us girls took off her bra.” She laughed. “Those boys were pissed! And I gotta say my girlfriend and I were disappointed. We admitted to each other, later, that we wanted to show off.”

Gene grinned. “I can imagine. I’m sure glad we’re free ‘til 2:00. Let’s count up the clothes, as Erin suggested. Let’s see. I’ve got two shoes (won’t count shoelaces), two socks, a belt, my shirt, pants, and undies. That’s eight pieces.”

Erin said, “Well, if our garter belts and hose don’t count, I’ve got two shoes, blouse, skirt, bra, panties. That’s only six items.”

“Same for me. How about we count our earrings and necklaces and Gene puts on a tie? I love loosening a guy’s tie. I hope I win that one.” Layla eyed Gene speculatively.

“Okay,” Gene agreed. “You know I only wear ties for special occasions. This game sure qualifies.” He crossed the room to the coat tree and began knotting the maroon tie he kept there. The girls sat on the couch to one side of Gene’s office and Gene sat in an easy chair, shuffling the cards.

Layla won the draw and was the first dealer. She lost, and Erin, the winner, took off one of her earrings, playfully dangling it and whirling it around her head before she placed it on the table and dealt. She lost an earring, then Gene lost a shoe. The score was even at the first penalty round. As Gene dealt, there was a hush. It seemed that this was a point of no return, but no one protested.

Gene won, Erin lost, and Gene moved to the couch, running his hand up Erin’s calves, over her thighs, gently massaging the statuesque legs he’d admired so many times. Erin giggled and kept her knees together until Gene pushed his hands down to her inner thighs right near her hemline. With a wicked smile, Layla said, “I think by the rules he has the right to feel anywhere up to the hem.”

With a giggle, Erin slightly parted her legs. Gene said, “Oh, your legs are beautiful and your stockings are so sexy!”

Layla, watching the clock on Gene’s desk, said, “Time’s up. Sorry, Gene.”

“Whew!” said Gene as he returned to his seat. Both girls noticed the bulge in his pants.

The next three hands remained even. The girls were without earrings and Gene was shoeless. For the touching hand, Erin won and Layla lost. Erin gently ran her fingers over Layla’ face, commenting on how smooth her skin was. She finished by outlining the East Asian girl’s beautiful eyes.

Gene won next and peered down Erin’s blouse as he removed her necklace. “Very pretty, very intriguing,” he said. “This is a true contest between genuine beauties.” Everyone laughed.

Erin, after removing one of Gene’s socks, tickled his foot. Then Erin won again and removed Layla’s necklace. Looking down at her rival’s full chest, she said, “Well, Layla, I gotta admit it’s quite a sight.”

“That’s what gets all the guys,” said Layla with a twinkle in her eye, shaking her chest. Then Layla won the penalty hand and Gene lost. She rubbed his cheek and said she loved to feel stubble on a man’s face.

The fourth round, just like the first three, had each player lose once. Erin and Layla each had one high heel remaining, and Gene was barefoot. As Gene dealt for the touch hand, the three exchanged excited smiles. Layla won and Erin lost. The girls looked at each other. “What are you gonna do with me?” asked Erin.

“Well, you and the guys make such a big deal of these legs, I just gotta find out what all the fuss is about,” said Layla, gently rubbing one of Erin’s feet. She ran her hand up her shapely calf, over the knee and all the way to her hem, her hands massaging all over Erin’s lower thighs. The girls gazed at each other, both breathing deeply. Gene watched. It was clear that the girls were becoming aroused. Gene let the time go a bit, then shuffled the cards and handed them to Layla.

“So, Layla, do you begin to understand men’s fascination with long, beautiful legs?” he asked.

“I sure like it when a guy rubs my legs. I just didn’t realize....” she cut herself off a bit self consciously. Erin blushed and fanned her face with her hand. Layla took the cards and shuffled. She lost her shoe to Gene, who took the opportunity to gently rub her calf.

“You like it when a guy rubs you like this, Layla?”

She laughed, and pulled away. “You gotta wait for a touching round or not take my clothes. You know the rules.”

Gene dealt, Layla won. “Oh, goody! I get his tie.” She pressed herself against Gene and brushed her lips to his cheek as she twisted the knot, then pulled it down, finally whisking the silken fabric through his collar. She looped it about her own neck as a trophy and everyone laughed.

Gene won twice and Erin lost both times. After the first hand, Gene removed her last high heel, again copping a feel of the girl’s calf. When Erin lost the touch round, Gene had her stand with her legs apart, leaning on the easy chair. He then rubbed her bottom through her skirt and panties, pressing his upper body against her at the end of his minute.

Layla, a bit envious, called time at the earliest possible second. She won the next hand and Erin lost for the third straight time. Erin took a deep breath as she realized she’d be the first to expose her underwear.

Layla asked Erin to sit by her on the couch, so Gene switched places with the tall redhead. Layla, licking her lips and grinning, slowly untucked Erin’s blue blouse and then unbuttoned it from the bottom. When the last button was undone, she held the blouse closed a moment, then pulled it open for Gene to see.

“That’s a beautiful bra, and lovely breasts,” said Gene, avidly staring. The bra was a dark green demi-cup with straps well to the sides. Nylon brocade provided support, while lace tops let just a hint of her nipples show.

Layla, too, gazed at her co-worker with appreciation. “It sure makes ‘em look good,” she allowed.

Again, Erin lost and Layla won. “Girlfriend, you’re stripping me!”

With a toss of her head and a chuckle, Layla said, “Ain’t it fun? Stand up, turn your back.”

“Here goes,” sighed Erin, twisting back to see the effect on Gene.

Layla undid the catch on Erin’s skirt, then slowly lowered the side zipper. She then slithered the skirt down, while Erin swiveled her hips.

“Oh, what a sight,” moaned Gene as first Erin’s white garter belt, then her cheeks, finally her lacy panties came into view, followed by the heavy nylon at the top of her long stockings.

The skirt fluttered to the floor. Erin couldn’t help preening a bit as her best features were fully displayed, accentuated by the seamed opera-length full-fashion hose. She shifted her weight from one hip to the other, rotating her bottom. Her green bikini panties were tight between her cheeks, so when she spread her legs and bent down to touch the floor, her slit was clearly outlined by the thin nylon. Layla moved next to Gene, and they hugged each other’s waists.

Gene gasped and Layla said, “Even I have to admit you’re very beautiful and sexy.” Grinning at the compliments, Erin turned around, giggling at her sexy show.

If the rear view enticed, the front view was spectacular. Light green brocade with white trim decorated the bra cups and panty front panel. A matching, wide garter six strap garter belt snugly held her dark brown stockings up almost to her panties. Gene whistled appreciatively and Layla muttered, “Well, it’s a real contest.”

Gene handed Layla the cards. “How long to the next touch round?” He couldn’t take his eyes off the statuesque redhead. First, Erin won Gene’s belt. With a smirk, she let her fingers gently run over the prominent bulge in his pants. Gene sighed. Erin and Layla laughed.

To Gene’s obvious disappointment, Layla won the touch round and Erin lost. The girls were seated on the couch and Layla smiled and gently fondled Erin’s breasts, running her fingertips over the exposed tops, cupping them in her hand, stimulating the nipples through the bra. Erin rolled her head back and closed her eyes. “Oh, you’ve got a nice touch,” she muttered. Gene never called time; Erin said, “I like it better than I thought I would, but let’s get on to the next hand!” Layla agreed and dealt. She licked her lips frequently and shifted in her seat.

She won the next three hands, earning playful accusations of cheating. She got Gene’s shirt, quickly running her hand over his chest and hair before Erin protested. Then she beat Erin with only a pair of 9s to Gene’s pair of 2s and Erin’s Queen high. Erin laughed, “Now you get a look at the competition, Betty Boobs.”

With a grin, Layla leaned toward Erin, her arms circling her to reach for the catch in her bra. She fumbled a moment, less used to unfastening bras this way than most men. Gene didn’t mind; he saw the two girl’s breasts rubbing together.

The wispy bra fell away and Layla leaned back.”Oh,” she gasped. Gene just whispered, “Beautiful...puffy nipples. Wow!”

Set high on her chest, no sag, the breasts supported pale nipples pointing straight forward from the sloping contours.

“They are pretty, I gotta agree,” said Layla. She licked her lips and wriggled her fingers, evidently desiring to do more than just gaze admiringly at the twin beauties.

Erin, pleased at all the attention, smiled shyly from under her unruly hair. Gene, excited, felt his pants get tighter.

Layla dealt, winning again, her pair of queens beating Gene’s eights and Erin’s sixes.

Erin gulped as she realized her loss. “I’m the big loser,” she said, rolling back on the couch and raising her legs in the air to make it easy for Layla to slip down her panties.

But Layla had other ideas. “I’ll have mercy on you, girl,” she said. “Stand up.” Layla stood against her, caressing her bottom through the pretty green panties that matched her bra. Erin was so tall her tiny breasts rested on the upper slope of Layla’s large bust, still covered by her blouse.

Gene thrilled as he watched Layla rub and pinch Erin’s bottom. Then the pretty East Asian girl’s hand slid around Erin’s hip and between the two girls. Erin drew in her breath sharply, then closed her eyes and sighed. She spread her legs a bit, then broke away, flushing. “Wow! And we’re not even naked yet! Deal, Layla.” As she sat down, Gene noticed a damp spot on her panties.

It was a touch hand that Erin won and Layla lost. With a sly glance at Gene, Erin reached for Layla’s breasts, only partially concealed by her blouse and bra. “Do these feel as good as men seem to think?” she said. She squeezed and fondled, paying particular attention to Layla’s exposed, rounded upper slopes. Leaning forward, Erin drew in a deep breath, savoring the aroma from between the beautiful globes. Tenderly, she planted a kiss on each, then started shuffling the cards.

“Well, it looks like you understand the attraction we feel to breasts, whatever the size, eh, Erin?” Gene asked.

“You bet,” replied Erin, licking her lips and staring at Layla’s chest.

Layla thrust her shoulders back and gave her opponents a dazzling smile. She won the next hand, taking off Gene’s pants with a flourish. She gently rubbed the bulge in Gene’s dark blue undies. Erin neglected to protest this obvious breach of the rules. “Look at the wet spot,” she said, pointing. “I think he likes strip poker.” Everyone laughed as she dealt the next hand.

Gene won and deliberately fumbled as he removed Layla’s blouse at last. Each dropped button gave him a chance to feel her magnificent bust. He’d been itching to squeeze them since her first interview. Layla’s bra was white, lacy above the cups. The underwire compressed them from the sides and below, so they pushed up invitingly.

Hastily, clearly very aroused, Gene dealt the next hand. Erin lost.

“I suppose it’s my panties this time,” she said.

Gene, the winner, had other ideas. He eyed her pale, pointed breasts. “I just copped a feel of one pair, now I want to know about the other.” Gently, he fondled Erin’s breasts as she gasped. “Oh, those beautiful puffies!” He took one between his lips. Erin closed her eyes and sighed.

“Time, you two.”

Gene won again for the touch turn with Layla the loser. “Now for a more proper feel of these big beauties.” Layla thrust her shoulders back, proudly presenting her orbs. Gene hefted the pair, nestled tightly in the cups, then, breathing hard, ran his fingertips over the rounded upper curves, tightening his grip rhythmically.

“Down, boy, it’s time,” Erin said, a bit breathlessly. “You’ve won three in a row. I’m ready to see what you’re packin’ in those pants. Look at that wet spot.” Gene, far from being embarrassed, pumped his hips suggestively.

All eyes watched Gene’s hands as he dealt. Would he be the first to be totally nude? Erin showed a pair of tens, which fell to Layla’s two kings. With a sheepish grin, Gene revealed his inadequate pair of 8s.

The two girls sat on the couch. “Come here,” commanded Layla, “We both get a good look.”

“No fair feeling,” warned Erin.

Layla grasped the solid blue briefs at the hips and slowly slipped them down to reveal a circumcised, dripping, seven-inch penis, then a ballsack decorated with black hair.

“Well, boss, you sure have a nice one,” said Layla appreciatively. Erin just gazed, licking her lips. Rather hastily, Layla tugged Gene’s undies completely off, shuffled and dealt. Gene won and grinned because his prize was Erin’s last garment, her sexy green panties.

“Oh, wow, I’m the second loser. How do you want to take ‘em off, big boy?” Unabashed Erin appeared eager.

Gene took a deep breath. “How about on your back, legs in the air?”

“Oh, you want to see everything all at once,” laughed Erin.

“You gotta tug from the hip the way I did. It’s only fair,” claimed Layla as she scrambled off the couch to give Gene and Erin space.

For the second time, Erin lay on her back and raised her legs. She gripped the backs of her knees. “Here goes,” she said with a nervous giggle.

Eyes wide, grinning, Gene paused a moment to enjoy the view. Erin's thighs expanded the keyhole opening at the welts of her stockings. Her rearmost garters slid out of the way. The satiny green panties only covered part of the split of her bum. Her lips, compressed by her thighs, created a prominent bulge displaying her wide damp spot. “Oh, man, what a beautiful sight!” With a deep breath, Gene hooked his forefingers into Erin's hip huggers. After a dramatic pause, he drew the skimpy garment up.

For a moment, the garment clung to the damp lips, then inevitably rose up her thighs.

“Oh, wow!” breathed Gene. Layla drew in her breath sharply.

Erin's shaved, pale pink lips glistened from arousal. The twin bulges fully concealed what lay inside, pushed together by her thighs. Gene’s hand started towards her and Layla quickly intervened. “Hold your horses, Mr. Eager. Show a little self-control.”

Gene, disappointed, subsided with a sheepish grin. “So tempting.”

Erin giggled, and waved her legs, letting her inner lips peep through just a bit. “Oh, I feel so deliciously naughty!”

Everyone laughed, and neither Gene nor Layla looked away from Erin's ultimate feminine charms.

Layla nudged Gene, offering him the deck. He didn't appear disappointed when he lost to Layla.

Cocking one eyebrow at him, Layla muttered, “I love to tease.” She ran her fingers through his hairy chest over his nipples, playfully twirled a fingertip in his belly button and rub down the front of his hips, avoiding the obvious target. Sliding her hands down his thighs she pushed his knees apart and slowly walked her fingers up the insides of his thighs before claiming his ball sack in one hand and his shaft and the other. “Very nice cock, boss,” she said with a big grin.

“Time!” called Erin, laughing. “This is getting exciting!” Everyone murmured agreement.

Erin won and directed Gene to kneel on the couch with his back to them. She squeezed and rubbed his ass cheeks, then slapped them sharply.

“Oh, that's cute. You made him red already.” Layla clapped her hands in delight.

Erin claimed his ball sack in one hand and reached through his legs and stroked his cock with the other.

Gene gasped. “Oh, that feels terrific!”

“Sorry, times up.”

“You don't sound sorry,” said Erin as she shuffled the cards. She lost to Erin. The girls eyed each other speculatively. How far were they willing to take it?

Layla pointed to the couch. “You're the one said she felt naughty, so I'll spank you.”

“Hohe, a spanking. Not too hard.”

“It's all in fun.”

Erin knelt on the couch, leaning over the back. She glanced behind her, smiling at Gene. His mouth was agape, and he squeezed his tip between his thumb and forefinger.

Layla smacked Erin's cheeks, alternating sides and pausing between each strike. “I figured a redhead like her would pink up right away. It's a pretty sight, isn't it?”

Breathlessly, Gene croaked, “Yeah, beautiful.”

Erin wiggled her hips and gave out a high-pitched half-giggle with each blow. When Layla announced, “That's enough for this round,” she rubbed her bum with both hands, announcing, “That stings!” She laughed in her eyes twinkled as she turned around to face them.

Layla won again and quickly pointed to Gene. “I like spanking. Your turn.”

“Okay,” agreed Gene. As soon as he got in position, Layla commenced smacking him, harder and faster than she had Erin.

Grinning, rubbing her head between her legs, Erin let the time go on.

Gene, twitching his butt and laughing, asked, “Hey, I don't really mind the sting, but isn't the time up?”

Laughing, Layla said, “I guess so.” She rested her hand on one of his cheeks. “Oh, it's so warm. Stay there, you. Let Erin get a feel.”

Gene slowly rotated his hips as the girls felt and squeezed him, Erin adding a few more slaps.

“Oh, you're right. I like that warm feeling. My next date’s gonna be in for it.”

The trio traded conspiratorial glances as Layla dealt a new hand. She lost to Erin, and stood to let her rival remove her skirt.

Erin wasted no time, but quickly popped the button and unzipped Layla's zipper in the back. She whisked the skirt down, revealing a wide, sturdy, black garter belt with six straps holding up her seamless hose. Opaque black high cut panties covered the essentials as well as revealing her hips.

Gene whistled appreciatively and Erin said, “Hot!” She playfully smacked Layla's round butt cheek before hastily dealing the next hand. The trio exchanged smoldering glances and asked for new cards with as few words as possible.

Erin clapped her hands with glee when she won again. “Let's see what you're so proud of, girl.”

Gene snapped his fingers. Dang it, I wanted to take that bra off.” Everyone laughed.

Layla leaned forward, pulling her shoulders back. Erin reached for the clasp between the two bulges, unhooked it, and paused dramatically. She then threw them apart and Layla's large, round, firm breasts stood revealed. They sloped from her shoulders and her large, dark aureoles rested atop bases which swung up from beneath. Despite their great size, there was no sag. The nipples, larger than pencil erasers, pointed upwards.

Erin flipped her eyebrows appreciatively. “Wow, I got to admit, that's quite a pair.”

Gene shamelessly stroked himself. “Stupendous! When's the next touch round?”

“Now,” Erin said as she shuffled. Any disappointment Gene felt at his loss disappeared when Layla, the winner, said to him, “Leggo your dick. It's mine for the next minute.” She rolled his tip between her fingers, giggling when pre-come slid over the helmet. She stroked him a few times as his hips thrust.

“That looks like fun,” Erin interrupted, “But deal. I want to fool around, too!”

Layla dealt and won again. She took a deep breath, which Gene watched appreciatively, her eyes shifting between both players. “Oh, I always wondered what this might be like.” With that, she leaned forward, cupped one of Erin's conical breasts in her hand and kissed and sucked on the nipple.

Erin's eyebrows flew up and she gasped. Then, she tilted her head sideways as though to say what the hell. She closed her eyes and relaxed. After a moment, she wiggled her fingers deep into Layla's black hair.

Gene stared, grinning and stroking. He licked his lips. He never even glanced at his watch.

Both girls’ chests heaved when Layla finally released the nipple. They looked into each other's eyes and Layla pecked her lips to Erin's. “Did you ever…”

“No, but I always wondered… It was more fun than I thought, I gotta admit. Forbidden. Naughty.”

Layla fanned her face with her hand. “Let's finish this game!” She dealt as fast as she could.

To his delight, Gene won the privilege of removing the last garment, Layla's panties. He sat next to Erin on the couch with Layla before them, giggling. He slowly tugged the wispy bikini off her hips. The crotch panel, caught between Layla's thighs and her damp pussy, resisted for a second, bravely defending the girl's remaining modesty. But down it came, revealing a Mohawk-trimmed bush atop four distinct cuntlips. The prominent inner lips, glistening with her juices, hung down.

“Oh, how beautiful,” exclaimed Gene. He palmed her and rubbed it gently, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Layla. No one invoked the touch or strip rule.

Erin murmured, “Uh huh” appreciatively. She watched his fingers sliding over Layla's folds, then looked up. Layla, rapt, breathed deeply through her mouth. “Shuffle, Gene,” she commanded.

“But it feels so good!” Breathing hard, Gene barely shuffled and dealt quickly.

Layla, the winner, stated the obvious. “We're all naked. We're all losers… Or winners! I want a taste." She grasped Gene's cock near the base, pointed it forward and slowly, rolling her eyes up to see his reaction, took it into her mouth.

Gene groaned with pleasure while Erin cried, "Go for it! Suck that bad boy!" Eager for a turn, she pushed the cards into his hands at the earliest possible second.

Gene shuffled once and dealt.

Layla released him to look at her hand. She lost, and Erin, the winner, licked her lips, her gaze drawn to Layla's big breasts. She reached out with both hands and squeezed. She sucked on each nipple.

Gene, torn between watching and hoping he'd win the next hand, finally called time. He won and Erin lost. His eyes held hers. "I think you know what I want." Staring at her open pussylips, he flipped his eyebrows.

With a big smile, Erin pulled a pillow from the couch and placed it on the floor under her head. She spread her legs and said, "Don't expect it every day, boss, but I need it right now."

With a mischievous smile, Layla spoke up. "I'm timing you. One minute."

"One minute?" Erin and Gene, incredulous, spoke simultaneously.

"I get a turn too," Layla said indignantly.

Everyone laughed. Gene said, "I hope my control's up to it. This is way too much fun to blow my wad early." Already on his knees on the floor, he moved between Erin's thighs and entered her slowly.

"Oh, that feels so good," Erin gasped. She twitched her hips to meet Gene's thrusts, wrapping her arms and legs around him. The pair's grunts and sighs mingled.

"Time’s up, you too. How 'bout this? No more dealing, we take turns, Erin, me, Gene, whichever partner you want, for one minute. You don't have to switch partners, but you have to switch acts."

The others hastened to agree. Erin eyed Layla. "If were going to experiment…" She beckoned to Layla, indicating the beautiful Asian girl should lie on the floor.

With a nervous laugh, Layla positioned herself, head on the pillow. Erin, with a deep intake of breath, laid her head on Layla's thigh. She ran a finger up and down the outer lips, then explored inside. Erin moved his head slightly and licked. In a moment, she centered herself, covering the supine girl’s sex.

Layla, moaning, rolled her head back and forth, gripping Erin's hair.

Once again, Gene felt torn between the desire to watch and the desire to get in on the act. Finally, he called time. How many times had he imagined two girls licking?

The girls looked at each other breathlessly. "Wow!" "Oh. my God!" They looked at Gene. What would he do for his turn?

Grinning, Gene said, "Don't move, Layla." He replaced Erin, and entered his second girl of the day more quickly than he had Erin. He slammed into her again and again, remembering to give an extra push at full penetration to stimulate her clit. His hands roamed over her breasts and he pinched her nipples.

"Oh, oh! I'm gonna cummmmm!" She moaned and arched her back, pumping her hips as Gene strove to keep up. She subsided and kissed him.

Erin said quietly, “What is your post-orgasm pleasure, my dear?” That cracked everyone up.

‘Turnabout, girlfriend. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to know what you taste like!”

“Mmmm. Sounds like fun,” Erin said as she quickly lay down, spreading her legs.

Layla wasted no time but lay down, her face inches from Erin's damp pussy. She traced her lips with her fingers, lit from bottom to top, and finally claimed the whole area with her mouth.

Layla closed her eyes and held Erin's head in position. Hums and gasps of pleasure came from her mouth.

Gene moved very close, careful not to touch or intervene in any way. He did not want to spoil the sight of his beautiful secretary tasting her first pussy. Pre-cum dripped copiously.

Layla's gasps morphed to staccato cries. “Oh! Oh! Wow! It feels so good!” She flexed her hips as Erin rode with her. Her cries reached a crescendo as she screamed, “I'm cumming!”

The two smiling girls made eye contact. “Wow!” “I'll say!”

Erin slithered up Layla's body part, kissing her belly button, sucking her nipples, finally passionately kissing her lips.

Gene, mesmerized, watched open mouth slowly stroking his shaft, avoiding the tip to prevent a game ending penalty.

When they separated, Layla said, “That was so much fun! I want to do it again! I guess I'm more bi than I ever thought.”

“Me too,” agreed Erin, kissing her again.

They looked at Gene. What next?

“Ladies, this is so fucking hot. Why don't we just shag on the shag and dispense with turns? Believe me, I want to hold out as long as I can!”

“Great!” “Good idea!” The girls, lying next to each other opened their arms and invited Gene in.

The trio rolled about, hands and lips everywhere. Mouth kisses, cunt kisses, both girls had their breasts sucked by a man and a woman at the same time. Gene thrilled to two tongues and four lips on his cock and balls at one time. He lay with his face between Layla's legs, massaging her breasts, licking her to an orgasm while Erin encouraged him with a spanking.

After bringing her over the top, he made the enjoyable journey from one set of the beautiful East Asian girl’s lips to the other, pausing to lick and suck her nipples. His cock slipped into her for the second time and he fucked her quite vigorously.

Layla, cranked up and fully responsive, gasped as a series of orgasms followed one after another.

As her orgasms declined, Erin became impatient. She lay next to Layla, spreading her legs. “My turn, my turn!”

Everyone laughed as Gene shifted from between Layla's thighs to Erin's long slender pair. He entered her swiftly, announcing, “I dunno how much longer I can hold out.”

“Go for it, you've been amazing.”

“I want to see your faces in ecstasy.” Layla, on all fours, circled the copulating pair, pausing longest to enjoy the view of Gene’s stiff cock sliding in and out of Erin's wet pussy. His quickening hip thrusts told Layla to move up. Grinning, she watched their faces contort.

With a deep, prolonged bellow, Gene sprayed his cum deep into the beautiful redhead. He gasped and thrust repeatedly, finally collapsing, breathing hard.

The three exchanged broad grins. “Amazing.” “I never thought…” “Best day at work I ever had." That got a laugh.

“I feel drained and weak,” Gene murmured. “Layla, could you please get the bottle and some glasses from the bottom left-hand drawer of my desk?”

Lola complied, unabashedly sitting crosslegged before the recovering pair that she handed them shot glasses.

Gene, with a grin, copped a feel of one of Layla's breasts. “A knob for the Knob Creek whiskey.”

“Ditto.” Erin wrapped her hand around Gene's knob.

“I'll drink to that,” laughed Layla, sipping.

They lay on the floor with their backs against the couch, murmuring about how much fun it had been, stroking each other's bodies and copping feels. All three war in irrepressible grins.

In a pause, Erin remembered something. “Hey, were not done.”

“No, we're not, not by a long shot,” said Gene. “But I'm done in, at least for now. Unlike the superior sex, guys need time to recover.”

“No, I mean we have some unfinished business.”

“Oh, right. The judgment. Out with it, boss. The truth.”

Gene, not at his intellectual best, asked “Judgment? Oh, the judgment. What was the question?”

Layla thought for a moment, then said, “Well, the original question was whether most men were leg men or a tit men. I remember you said they were both, and I guess you're right. Especially in the light of a recent…um… educational experience I've had.”

“Right, now I remember. But we refined the question to which of us is the more attractive, which is more likely to attract stares from men.”

“Yep, that was it. And you are supposed to explain and give reasons.”

“Wow, that requires thought. At least I don't have a boner. Are you girls familiar with the boner-disconnects-brain function in males?” That got one of the loudest laughs of the day.

Nevertheless, the girls looked at him expectantly.

“Believe it or not, I've given thought to this very question in the past, but from a different perspective. Let’s say I’m walking down the street and I see two attractive women I don't know, I just know they're hot. But inevitably one of them catches my eye more than the other. Why?

“Now I gotta say that the two types of women I like best are, ahem, redheads and East Asian women.” The girls exchanged grunts. “So you both have big head starts. And I am the luckiest boss in the world. So let's say I was walking behind you two on the street, didn't know you. By hair alone, I go straight to Erin. If you are both wearing skirts, of roughly equal length, I think my eye would gravitate to Erin's, not because she's necessarily got better legs, but because of the initial attraction of the red hair. But from the front would be a different story, especially if you both showed cleavage. I enjoy big breasts. I enjoy small breasts, too. What's not to like? But in a situation like that, no relationship, just physical attractiveness, my eye would gravitate to the boobs.

“Before you call that a copout, remember I've given you some practical advice. You're both absolutely gorgeous and utterly attractive not to mention incredibly sexy. So in that sense, it's a tie, but both of you know how to emphasize your strong points to the particular inclination of any man you want to attract. You do that and no guy can resist. I truly don't think I can answer better than that.”

The girls eyed him skeptically, then exchanged glances. “Do you think that's good enough?” asked Layla.

“Not really, but he's a businessman. He always needs to find the middle ground. Actually, listening to them, I think he's telling the truth. He's right about one thing. If you wore something low-cut, it's gonna look better than on me. Not that guy's disdain my boobs, but yours are spectacular.”

“Well, this game and our fooling around gave me a new appreciation of your sexy legs, too.” She smiled and stuck out her hand. “Shake?”

Erin met Layla's hand. “Shake. More than shake.” She leaned forward, hugging and kissing her former rival.

Gene, a broad smile on his face, never took his eyes from the two beauties.

When the girls ended their kiss, they all looked at the clock on the wall. Layla said, “The next appointment's in an hour and a half. I'm starved.”

“Me, too. Strip poker and sex is hard work!”

“Lunch is on me. Sushi?” He knew the Japanese restaurant in the lobby of their building was too expensive for his secretaries. “I can write it off as a business expense because it'll be an important meeting.”


“What you mean?”

“Well,” he said with a crooked grin, “we just opened the door. What's it like on the other side?”

The girls looked at each other, rolling their eyes. “I knew he’d try something,” said Layla.

“Well, he's right, we can't go back.”

They dressed and went downstairs, requesting a secluded booth.

They waited to open their discussion until they’d been served. The whiskey in the office and the drinks Gene offered them, not to mention their ecstatic good feelings, contributed to the decisions.

Layla opened the discussion. “All right, boss. You make us an offer and we'll negotiate.”

Gene, who'd been thinking of little else since the subject arose, opened the bidding. “Well I'm so glad that you two discovered each other. Any time you want to explore each other in the office, you have my permission. If you will allow me to observe, I will be very happy. If you want privacy, that's okay too. I just care that the work gets done.

“As for me, our lingerie contract stands. It's fully legal, if a bit risqué. I'm fully satisfied with both of your work, as you know. And I'm not the kind of ass hole that insists on sex in the workplace. I never came on to either of you and I didn't start today, though I sure walked in the door once it was open! Wow! I'll never tell or brag, but I sure wish I could. Anyway, you both need to know my expectations of you are that you follow your contract for both work and the lingerie display. But after today I'll feel free to ask for liberties. Ask, not insist. But I sure hope it's not all turn-downs. What do you say?”

“Do you mind if we date clients? I've been asked out a couple of times but kept it professional.” Erin raised one eyebrow speculatively.

“Oh, I consider it none of my business. I had a client, a lawyer that won a big settlement and built a whole mansion. He dated Helene and married her, which is why you two have these jobs.”

“So basically, you're okay with it if we fool around in the office, and if you want to get frisky, were free to turn you down or except you. Is that about it?”

“Yes, Layla. The only real difference is that prior to today, I wasn't free to come on to you because you’re employees. Now that we've all had sex, I want the door to be and remain open and I sure hope we walk through it together again.” His gaze shifted from one to the other hopefully.

“You know, you were right when you challenged me to wear all this sexy lingerie. It makes me hot, especially when the clients stare at me.” She pursed her lips and eyed Gene provocatively. “I might be willing to work late some nights.”

“Me, too,”

Gene shook his head in amazement. “Wow, I am the luckiest guy in the world!” He thought for a moment, then laughed aloud. “Let me tell you about my class last night.” Much to their amusement, he recounted his antics. Erin said, “Well, it would be perfect, but you'd better not make a description of today your final essay.”


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