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I opened bathroom stall eight and there she was, ready to suck on my cock.

Hi, my name is James and I want to tell you a story about the office where I work at. And if you stick around, believe me, it is a very interesting story.

It all began when I graduated. My roommate Jimmy and I said our goodbyes as I packed up my stuff and left the trusty dorm I had been living in for four years.

In my final year of university, I had applied for an internship at what probably sounded like the most evil company in the word: IIA. The International Insurance Association. Sure, the work there was hard and the overtime I was forced to work for free was in the legal grey zone, but I managed to gain a lot of experience there. In fact, I did so well that my supervisor told me that I had been offered to work there full time after graduation.

I immediately said yes.

The job company paid me well and judging from what I did for my internship, I knew what kind of work I would be heading into.

Get in there, make some money and get out. That was both my plan and the motto of the company.

What I didn’t know was that inside the office, there was a divide between the interns and the full timers. As soon as I started my first day at the office as a full timer, I could feel how the people treated me differently and that there was this strange sensation in the air. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but I felt something in the office that I couldn’t feel when I was an intern. 

Throughout my first week there, my coworkers gave me suspicious looks, as if they were suspecting me of something or contemplating on how to haze their new coworker.

I went through that week with my stomach rumbling with confusion and fear. But thankfully, when I finished my work on Friday and was about to go into my first ever real weekend, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I wished my boss and my coworkers a good weekend and left the office behind me.

Little did I know that it was on Monday that things would start to go a little crazy for me at the office.

Feeling fatigued, I dragged my feet to my desk on the following Monday morning and prayed that my boss wouldn’t arrive until the late afternoon. That way, I could rest a little. I had a feeling that my coworkers felt the same.

“James?” I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

I turned around and narrowed my eyes slightly, my vision blurry from sleeping on the desk. The person standing there was definitely a woman, but since this was only my second week here, all the names and faces did not match up in my head yet. She wore thick black rimmed glasses, but that only added to her attractiveness. She had light blonde hair that fell down to her shoulders, and she wore a tight white blouse along with a black office skirt that showed off the shape of her buttocks. Ever since my days as an intern, I had fantasized about shoving my cock into her.

“Maya?” I said, hoping that I would get it right.

“Yes,” she chuckled, as if she knew that I had trouble remembering everyone’s names. “Since the boss isn’t here, I’ve been nominated to give you a proper introduction to the way this office works.”

“Alright,” I said, smiling nervously. “Why... didn’t you do that in the first week?”

“Most newcomers quit after the first week,” Maya replied. “IIA is too much for most people. Anyone who is still here in the second week is most likely to stay.”

“Alright...” I said again, not sure if she was trying to persuade me to quit my job while there was still time.

“Anyways,” she said and reached for my mouse. “Since you seem sure that you want to stay, it’s time for me to introduce to you the website we all use to communicate.”

“Isn’t there already the company network messenger app?”

“We only use that to talk about official office matters,” Maya said. “Everything we say in there is recorded by the company and could be used against us if we make trouble, so we use another website to communicate anything the boss might not like to hear.”

My heart began to beat fast. This was actually kind of exciting. I could see now why Maya choose this early Monday morning to tell me about this. The boss was most likely still sleeping at home and the higher ranking supervisors were too tired from their weekend partying to properly monitor us.

Maya used the mouse to open the browser and then downloaded another browser application.

“Internet Explorer has the IIA’s software installed on it,” she said. “Don’t ever use it to access the website I’m about to show you.”

I nodded. Just mere minutes ago, I was so sleepy that I could have fallen asleep on the desk, but now my eyes were wide open, my brain fully awake. This was turning out to be an extremely interesting Monday.

Maya installed the new browser and opened. Then she typed in a web address.

“Insuredinsurance dot com?” I read out loud.

“Shhhh!” Maya hissed. “The supervisors can’t know that we have a website like that. They are loyal to the executive level, not us, the peasant white collars.”

I nodded again. It felt as if I was being introduced to something extremely secretive among the white collars of the lowest level in IIA. No wonder they didn’t let a simple intern in on what they were doing. An intern could use this knowledge to get on the good side of those at the executive level and get a juicy job offer out of it.

That was why the lower level white collar workers made sure that only those who could not benefit from the exposure of the website knew about it. If the existence of the website leaked, then the leaker would suffer consequences too.

The website loaded and with mouse clicks that didn’t waste any time, she helped me create an account so that I could use features.

“Anything that isn’t directly related to the company, we discuss in here,” she said. “There’s lot’s of interesting stuff in there. Check it out when you have time, and message me if you have any questions.”

I nodded a thanks and began to carefully look through the site.

Generally, it was divided into several conversation topics. These topics ranged from office gossips, to a database on information about the boss and information about the relations and power struggles the top executives were having with each other.

Clicking on the link about the boss, there was an enormous database about him. The information included his sexual fetishes, which interns he had fucked before, his preferences for ass and breasts and so on. It contained a copy of his weekly schedule that was supplied by his secretary.

“Holy shit,” I mouthed and quickly turned around to see if anyone was behind me.

I clicked back to the homepage and looked at the list of topics again. I scrolled to the bottom and saw something that caught my eye.

One topic was simply marked with the three letter word ‘Sex’.

Checking again if anyone was behind me, I clicked on it.

My eyes read through the contents of the site and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from what I saw on my screen. Could this really be true?

The page displayed several subtopics, similar to the posts on Craigslist. There were several posts published by Maya and several other colleagues that I knew.

“Blowjob, lunchtime, bathroom stall eight,” a post by Maya read. I checked the time and date of the post. My jaw dropped. She had just posted that about an hour ago.

“Need a cock in me, work is so fucking boring,” another post read by a different person read.

“Boss is going to be away, need to fuck under my desk.”

“Bathroom stall seven doggy style after work.”

My eyes raced through the long list of posts, my cock growing harder with every passing moment. So this was the secret everyone was hiding. The peasant level white collars were using this website as a platform to arrange hookups.

But this wasn’t hooking up in the traditional sense. Judging from the specified location in each post, the sex only happened in the office. It was almost as if the website was designed for my colleagues to release their pent up sexual energy throughout the day.

I clicked on the post Maya made about giving a blowjob in bathroom stall eight.

I feel like on sucking some cock today. Come to bathroom stall eight during lunchtime. I will be sitting on the toilet. Just pull your cock out. Message me here. 

I read through the simple post several times before my brain processed the information. Could this really be that simple? Just go to the bathroom and Maya would take my cock into her mouth, no questions asked?

Just how long had this been going on in the office? Half a year ago when I interned here, I never noticed any sexual activity going on in this office. But now that Maya had introduced me to this forum, it felt as if there was some fucking going on around every corner. Now I knew what happened when someone wasn’t at their desk for a few hours. They had gone to a remote part of the large office to get a stress relieving fuck.

Clicking around the forum, I discovered that there was a messaging option on the side, similar to what one would find on Facebook.

I clicked on it and found that Maya was online. Immediately I double clicked on her name and asked her if she was serious about the blowjob event in bathroom stall eight at lunchtime.

“Newbie! Of course I’m serious. Nothing posted on that site is a joke.”

“Okay! Is it alright if I come?”

“I think you’re cute, I’ll deepthoat you.”

My jaw dropped when I saw that message. Right now, Maya was sitting in the office and having this conversation with me. It seemed like in this online sex forum, the courtesy all coworkers spoke to each other with vanished and only the raw need for sex counted.

I replied with a simple “Okay” and closed the window.

No matter how excited I was, it was better to at least get a little bit of work done before lunch.


The hours dragged on and it was finally lunch time. Maya messaged me that I should come to bathroom stall at a half an hour into the lunch break. I guess that meant that she wanted to get some food in first before sucking on some cock.

I warmed up my homemade lunch in the pantry and wolfed it down. I’m not sure if I even tasted my lunch. All I could think about was the blowjob I was going to get from Maya.

Sitting in the pantry, I waited as the minutes passed. It felt like half an eternity, but finally half an hour had passed and I rushed to the bathroom stalls.

“Let’s see... stall eight... stall eight,” I murmured as I counted the doors.

Finally, I found it. Standing in front of the door, I was almost afraid to push it open. What if this was an extremely sophisticated and cruel prank? I would become the laughing stock of the entire company.

But I couldn’t turn back now. I decided that this was a risk worth taking.

I opened the door and I found Maya sitting on the toilet cover, playing with her phone.

“You came!” she smiled.

“Yeah,” I nodded, feeling slightly awkward. This morning we were still normal colleagues, and frankly we were still normal colleagues, but despite that, I was taking off my pants in front of her.

“Ohhh!” Maya’s eyes sparkled as I pulled out my cock. “It looks nice.”

“T-thanks,” I stuttered, feeling extremely nervous.

Before I could say and think anymore, Maya put her phone away, opened her mouth and swallowed my hard cock.

“Mmmhnng,” she sounded. I guess this was a sign that she liked it.

She closed her lips around my stiff rod and in one go, she slowly traveled downward until her lips were touching the base of my cock.

I placed my hands on her head, and before I could move her head, she began to gurgle, sending vibrations through my stiff rod.

Gritting my teeth, I tried my best not to cum down her throat right away. She really meant it when she said she wanted to deepthoat me.

Taking control, I began to move her head. Lifting her head up, I could see my cock coming out from between her lips at tantalizingly slowness. My rod was glistening with her saliva, sparking in the bathroom lights.

“Your cock tastes quite nice.” Maya grinned when I lifted her head just high enough so that my swollen mushroom head was resting on her lips.

“Thanks,” I nodded with a smile, unsure of what else to say.

It would take me some time to figure out the dynamics and expected behavior when it came to these sexual encounters in the office, and I’m sure that Maya noticed that I wasn’t sure how to handle myself. Gracefully though, she didn’t say anything, allowing me to enjoy my first blowjob in the office. Perhaps this was a sort of welcoming present and an introduction to the social dynamics of office sex.

Maya hollowed her cheeks to create suction and really began to suck on my cock. The slurping sounds of her mouth fucking my cock filled bathroom stall eight and I was sure that anyone inside the bathroom could hear the wet noises.

After a few minutes, I could feel the cum in my balls boiling, ready to burst down her throat.

With a grunt I placed both of my hands on her head and pushed her down on my cock. I pumped wave after wave of my hot semen down her throat, my thick cream flowing down and mixing with her lunch.

I thought that Maya would resist and try to push me away, but instead she tightened her lips around the base of my cock and sucked as hard as she could, as if she literally wanted to have every last drop of cum.

After a few intense moments, I finally shot the last spurt into her mouth and my softening rod came out from between her wet lips with a plop.

Maya wiped her mouth with toilet paper and looked at her phone.

“Lunch break is over, newbie,” she announced and winked.

Together we left the bathroom.

When I came back to my desk, I checked the office sex forum for an after-work fuck session.


Thank you so much for reading! This is a oneshot, but if it's popular enough, I might turn it into a series. Please also check out my other stories on Lushstories.

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