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The Secretary and The Student - Rewarded

The Secretary and The Student - Rewarded

The teasing continues from the Library ....
The Student and I had shared many sexual adventures along our numerous months of being fuck-buddies. There were times, with Ryan’s confidence and openness, that “Student” was not an appropriate title for him. His ease with trying something new or surprising me was refreshing compared to some of the men that were closer to my age.

After our Thursday early evening playtime in the Vancouver Public Library, we walked the short distance to Ryan’s apartment in Yaletown. I always felt like I was coming home when we were at his place. Mind you, we never played at my home as my son still lived with me. I always felt it was not right to expose my private life to my adult son. I loved that Ryan was my secret. Mine.

In the elevator, Ryan kissed me passionately. Then he grinned that sexy smile of his and said, “Another item checked off the bucket list.”

I laughed and said, “I think I need to see this bucket list of yours!”

We entered Ryan’s apartment and I took Ryan’s hand to lead him into his bedroom as I needed desperately some relief. He pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “Go to the bathroom first, sweetheart.”

My pussy pulsed.

I went into the bathroom and freshened up. Coming out of the bathroom, I noticed that the bed duvet was gone, as well as the pillows, which were on the floor beside the bed. There was a pile of silk scarves on the bedside table. Ryan came up behind me, took off my glasses and covered my eyes with fabric.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered into my ear.

There was no music on. There was a faint hum from the natural volume of noise wafting about the street from the many restaurants’ outdoor seating and of people walking by. I could hear the clock in his kitchen ticking. I heard the rustling of his clothes as he moved.

I felt him in front of me. Then, his fingers were unbuttoning my white blouse. I felt his hands pull the bottom of my blouse from the confines of my black skirt. Ryan kissed my cheek as he reached around and unzipped my skirt. He pushed it down over my hips where it fell around me feet. He gently took off my blouse. I stood there, in my boyshorts and bra and high heels, blindfolded. I felt completely naked and exposed. I wondered what he was thinking.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered.

My heart thudded. We had already explored and experienced many things together, much more than I ever had with my ex-husband. I swallowed and whispered, yes, and held my breath.

I felt something very soft trail across my collar bone and down my chest, down to the top of my boyshorts. Then, I felt Ryan behind me very close. His warm fingers unclipped my bra and he slid his palms over my breasts where he released the nipple clamps. I was sure my permanently hard rosebuds sighed against his warm palms in bliss.

His hands caressed softly down my tummy and into my boyshorts; one hand in front, the other in the back. I groaned as he easily slipped his fingers into my very wet cunt. I groaned again as I felt him stir the new buttplug in my ass. I heard him chuckle. I kept very still. I wanted this to go on forever. His fingers stroked at my pussy lips and over my hard erect nub. I had been in constant need and arousal from the moment I put the nipple clamps on at work that morning. I groaned again, with a need to orgasm.

I started to say something about my need and Ryan stopped all movement and whispered, “Sshhhh.”

Ryan led me to the bed, where he slowly pushed my boyshorts over my hips and removed them from my legs.

“Lay back on the bed, sweetheart,” Ryan whispered.

I reclined back as instructed. My hearing was acute. My nipples and nub were aching. I needed Ryan.

“Bend your knees with your feet flat on the bed, baby,” he instructed me.

I did as I was told, placing my hands on my tummy. I felt his breath on my right nipple. Slowly, his tongue licked around it, rubbing the hard rosebud with his wet tongue. My back arched involuntarily, and my hands went to his head.

“No, baby, no hands. If you touch me, I’ll tie you up,” Ryan said close to my ear. I groaned.

My arms now were outstretched to stop me from grabbing the man I so desperately wanted. This foreplay had been going on for far too long, I thought.

A soft buzz began as Ryan moved my vibrator over my swollen wet lips. The feeling was exquisite. I raised my hips and Ryan chuckled. I needed to cum. My body was on fire. It was torture yet so sweet to have this tease continue, edging me again and again. My knees fell apart and I gave the humping up motion, trying to get Ryan to fuck me with that vibrator. Each time, he’d move it away and press my ass back down onto the mattress. I ground down against the big buttplug. My heart was thudding hard and my breath was raspy.

The blindfold was still in place, and Ryan spent time playing the vibrator against my slick and swollen lips and the wet sounds increased. I was going crazy with lust.

“Do you want to cum, sweetheart?” Ryan asked quietly.

I nodded. I bit my lower lip hard. I groaned.

I heard the rustling of his clothes, which I imagined he was removing. I felt him get onto the bed between my thighs. His hands slid up my calves to the backs of my knees and he lifted my legs up, pulling up my ass on top of his thighs. He pushed the vibrator into my wet sopping pussy and stirred and pulled it almost out. He was able to watch my pussy up close as my orgasm rose.

He used the vibrator against my pussy; pushing it against my g-spot and stirring, then pulling out and repeating, again and again.

Finally, Ryan growled, “Cum now, baby, cum for me.”

I finally let go. I surrendered. I arched my back and groaned loudly as I came. I gushed. My body convulsed. Behind my blindfold, I could see colours of reds and purples as my body reacted to the intense orgasm. I felt Ryan pull the vibrator out and the buzzing sound stopped. My pussy was pulsing. My heart was thudding hard. My mouth was dry.

I felt Ryan move and my thighs opened widely. The vibrator was replaced immediately with Ryan’s thick hard cock. His weight was then on me, pinning me down, holding my hands to the mattress. He fucked me like this was our last time; hard, demanding, punishing and aggressive. He ground into my pussy hard, rubbing my nub and my swollen pussy was tight around his rod. His kisses were wet, deep, possessive and lusty. My body was his. Ryan knew my body’s response so well he could tell that another orgasm was close. He slowed down and whispered in my ear, “Not yet, baby.”

I wanted more! Ryan obviously wanted to pull a hard intense orgasm from me. Building up, then edging, then retreating. I was a wet sopping mess needing more relief. His growls, “Not yet,” spurred on even more wetness. That was the sexiest part, being told not to cum… yet. Then, finally, being allowed, and letting the most intense orgasm shatter my soul. Ryan slowed down and then laid on me, with his thick hard cock resting in my swollen wet cunt.

Ryan released my hands and gently took off my blindfold. My eyes met his. I felt a real rush between us, something more than just fuck-buddies. His lips found mine and kissed me slowly, lovingly and wetly. I groaned against his mouth.

“I want your mouth again, sweetheart,” he whispered.

He moved out of me and up my body. He straddled my chest after he moved two pillows under my shoulders and head. With his thick hard cock in hand, he fed my mouth. I looked up at him, seeing the lust and dominance in his eyes. He moved a hand behind my head and slowly fucked my mouth. There was no licking this time; he needed to fuck my mouth. He was biting his lip as his hips thrust against my mouth.

“Taste yourself, baby?” Ryan whispered.

My hands grabbed his ass and he groaned loudly. I sucked his cock like a perfect cumslut. I wanted him to drown me with his cum, and I knew there was lots of cum in those heavy balls that were slapping against my chin.

I moved my middle finger against his hole, and Ryan growled as I rubbed into it. His cock hardened even more as my digit sunk into his forbidden hole. His thrusts became frantic; clenching his ass around my finger and punishing my mouth with his cock. I could feel his cum rise and knew he would soon wash me with it.

“Suck me!” Ryan demanded hoarsely.

He stopped moving and I obliged. I sucked at his rock hard thick cock in my mouth, running my tongue over the underside. His hands almost hurt as they kept my head from moving. My finger stirred in his ass.

He gasped.

His cock thickened, filling my mouth even more, as his orgasm rose and spurted out, almost drowning me. In that position I was unable to swallow much and my mouth filled up with his cum. As Ryan’s spurts slowed down, he pulled away slightly, giving room in my mouth to swallow my prize.

“Fuck, I love our playtime, baby. My milf!” he whispered as he disengaged from on top of me and snuggled up beside me. His arm was over my body with his hand gently cupped my breast.

As sleep started to descend, I realized that tomorrow was Friday and Ryan’s Call to the Bar. I closed my eyes, smiling. I had really and truly met my match and equal with the Student.

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day!

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