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Late Night Relief Goes Awry

Accepting a blowjob can have its costs.

It was a late Friday evening. I had an extended happy hour at my usual watering hole and was more than a little tipsy. I would have headed straight home but I found myself too horny not to take a detour and visit an adult arcade. I was aware of the many glory holes they had in the booths and thought I'd get some relief through one of them. I've had some amazing orgasms through those holes in the past and hoping for another.

It was a bit too late and found the arcade closed for the night. Crap. Thoughts of having a warm, wet mouth suck the cum out of me were quickly fading. Frustrated and kicking myself for that last beer, I headed for home. Traffic was light, so when I was stopped at a light I couldn't help notice the car pulling to a stop next to me. I glanced over to see the driver looking at me with his fist bouncing in front of his mouth. Sign language for a blowjob, I guessed. He must have followed me out of the arcade's parking lot. I preferred the anonymity of a glory hole, but I too drunk and too horny to deny his offer. He rolled his window down and said he was close by. I agreed to follow him.

He pulled in a motel off the main road. He must have already had a room because he went directly to a space in front of the door. I pulled up to park next to him as I watch him get out and unlock the door and go inside. I took a deep breath and followed inside.

The room was rather large with two queen sized beds, a table with four chairs and a bureau for clothes. He approached me and guided me to the edge of the bed and began to undress me. First unbuttoning and removing my shirt, then getting onto his knees to take my shoes off. I was strange being undressed by another man. He undid my belt, opened my pants and pulled them down to expose my hardening dick. He neatly folded my clothes and placed them on the chair behind him. Here I was stripped nude by some stranger I met at a light in the middle of the night. I felt a little embarrassed by it all. 

Embarrassed or not, I couldn't deny I was turned on by the thought of actually seeing a guy suck my dick. It was going to be every bit as anonymous as a glory hole, but with the wall removed. I willingly accepted being sat down to lay back with my legs over the edge of the bed. I was being readied and I loved it.

I touched myself as I watched him remove his clothing. He was a slim man with little body hair. Though I tried not to stare, I could see his dick hard and strain against his boxers. He looked to be well-endowed, but I wouldn't know. He knelt between my legs, moved my hands to the side and replaced them with his own. He began stroking me and fondling my balls. A very light touch that only made me hunger for more attention. He finally provided it by stooping forward and taking me into his mouth. His mouth. Warm, wet and oh-so-talented. He used his tongue and teeth to manipulated my cock and pulled on my balls with the expertise of a true master. The sensations were like I'd never experienced before. I was in heaven. I tried prolonging the sensations for as long as I could, but eventually, the need took over and I had an incredible orgasm. It was one of the most powerful I've ever had. My entire body spasmed and it seemed to go on and on.

I lay there breathing heavily and floating in the afterglow when he stood up and walked over to the side of the bed. It was the first time I'd seen his cock. He must have removed his boxers at some point in his blowjob and I was too lost in sensation to notice. He was every bit as endowed as I thought. Large, veiny, shaved... and undulating. On top of all that, there was a long bead of precum dangling from its pee-hole. My head was spinning. Was I going to suck this guy's cock? I was drunk, it was late, no one would know. As he leaned in and brought his cock closer to me. My heart was racing, but It was like something inside me took over and I couldn't help but lick my lips and instinctively open my mouth. I was about to taste my first cock.

Just then I heard keys. The unmistakeable jingling of keys looking for a hole to unlock a door. Our door! What the fuck! I totally freaked out. Who was it? What did they want? Would they see me lying naked with a cock just inches from my face? What the fuck! The guy didn't seem very concerned, but I certainly was! What the fuck! I got up, grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom just as the door opened.

What the fuck was going on? I felt my face burn with red embarrassment and trembling with terror in coming so close to being caught naked with a dick dangling over me. What was I to do? I put my ear to the door and could hear the distinct voices of four men. I couldn't tell what they were saying but their laughter was clear. My stomach was in knots when I realized I'd have to go out there if I were ever to get out that mess. I put my clothes on, took a deep breath and opened the door.

And there they were.  My host managed to put on his boxers. The other three sat in various positions around the room. And clapping. I could have died. I hung my head low and pretended to be invisible as I bolted out of the room and into my car. I was still shaking for most of the trip home.

As humiliated as I felt, I knew it could have been much worse. What if my clothes were on a different chair and didn't have time to get them before disappearing into the bathroom? What if my clothes were held ransom until my host demanded reciprocation. What if the group, in turn, wanted their turn at a healthy dip inside my mouth? All sorts of scenarios have filled my head ever since that night - and all of them nastier than the one before. It was the fantasy that almost was. All I know is that those fantasies reignite late at night when approaching a stop light.

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