$40 Well Spent

By sfh5721

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Visit to a strip club
“Oh you are a little wet” she said as her hand slid up and under
your short skirt. The lap dancer had really turned you on,
the way her body gyrated in front of you, the way her hard
nipples ran over your face, backing away as your tongue
darted out to lick one. “Naughty girl” she said with a laugh
as her finger ran over your pussy lips. The dancer backed
away a little more as she cupped her enhanced tits, running
a finger over each nipple. I smiled as I saw you licking your
lips, knowing that you wanted, so much, to suck on her nipples.
Maybe she wanted you to suck on them, or even suck on yours?
The way you leant forward at that moment, knowing that your
loose top would open to reveal to her your naked tits, your
hard nipples. “Feeling horny are you honey?” she asked
you as she lowered her hard nipples to your mouth. She laughed
as she once more ran her fingers up your legs, legs that opened
for her allowing her to run her finger, once more, over your
wetness. A low moan escaped from your lips as your eyes closed,
enjoying the long nail as it ran over your hard clitoris.

Yes, she had done her job well. I wasn’t so sure whether she
was allowed to do that to you, but I wasn’t about to complain
and I very much doubt if the guy sitting at the same table
as us was going to complain either.

The dancer walked away, glancing back to throw you a kiss
as I asked if you enjoyed it. I know I did, I enjoyed watching
her cup her big tits, rubbing them in your face. I enjoyed
watching you trying to lick her erect nipples. I enjoyed
the pout upon your face as she pulled away. I enjoyed watching
her glancing down at your legs, the way she parted them a
little more, raising the already short hemline, and nearly
baring your uncovered pussy. A glance to the guy sat on the
table revealed that he had moved further forward in his
seat to gain a better view of her hand sliding under your
skirt. I don’t know if he heard the low moan escaping your
lips as her finger ran over your pussy lips or the moan as
you watched her take those fingers to her mouth, tasting

It was so obvious that you wanted to touch her, to suck and
lick her hard nipples. It was so obvious that you just wanted
to grab her long auburn hair and pull her mouth down onto
your wet pussy. No doubt you wanted her tongue to slip inside
those wet lips of yours, to taste the juices that were forming
there; no doubt you wanted her tongue deep inside you. There
was also no doubt by the way you were squirming in your seat
that you wanted to repay her tonguing your pussy by slipping
your tongue up and down her pussy lips. How nice that would
have been to see. Not just for me, but the guy at the table

However, sadly it was not to be. We had to be content with
watching your eyes close, hearing you gasp as she sunk two
fingers deep inside you, deep and hard, hard enough to cause
you to raise your ass off of the chair; hard enough to extract
a deep low growl, a growl of pure lust and enjoyment. I know
you wanted her just to finger fuck you, to bring you to an
orgasm, but she was good, very good. Taking out her fingers,
she held them to your lips, but smiled as she pulled them
away just before your tongue had the chance to taste. She
smiled as she did the tasting, as she licked each finger
clean and then commenced to suck on them as she would suck
on a hard cock. You squirmed again as you watched her. The
squirming coupled with her hand that had slipped under
your skirt caused the hemline to ride higher upon your thighs.
You didn’t care, neither did I, that your pussy was just
about exposed to the guy on your left. It was obvious that
he too was enjoying the show; the large and I mean large bulge
in his pants told me that. It certainly needed taking care
of, just like your pussy did. I knew that needed taking care

“Oh fuck yes” was all you could say as you ran your fingers
over your own nipples before reaching for your Coors. I
watched as you almost drained the contents of the bottle
as you quenched your thirst. Whether or not you didn’t know
or whether you didn’t care, but you didn’t adjust the hemline
to cover to your partially visible pussy. I wasn’t concerned,
not at all. Hell, I really wanted you to hike the skirt higher,
but I knew that wasn’t possible or permissible. Not in here

I called over the waitress and ordered two more beers as
you drained the last of yours. The guy on the left of you said
to her “I will buy those” and then looked at us and said, “The
least I can do for that show!” I laughed and you just smiled.
I introduced us to him and said with a smile “I think she wanted
a little more”.

“A little more?” you exclaimed. Hell, the bitch has got
me fucking wet!” You continued as the waitress came back
with the beers, placing them on the tables and in doing so,
gave all three of us a wonderful view of her full breasts
down to the hard nipples. He, he being Toby, paid the bill
and raised his bottle in a toast, to which we responded in

I turned to the stage to half watch the next stripper do her
stuff to entice the men to slip bills into her thong. I have
no idea why they did that for we all knew that she wasn’t going
to get fully naked or that the guys would have any form of
chance to meet her. It was their money I suppose. I notice
that Toby wasn’t really looking either. I mean why should
he? He was seeing far more next to him than he ever could on

“Cooled down a bit darling?” I asked as you heaved a loud
sigh. “Hell no, I am still thinking of her tits” you said
with a laugh. “So am I!” Toby chimed in also with a laugh.

I swear that when you first looked down at the bulge he sported,
your eyes opened so wide I thought they would pop out of their
sockets. You hadn’t seen his pants tenting earlier; you
were far too engaged in having the dancer’s fingers inside
you. Far to engaged in lusting after her nipples and no doubt
her pussy as she slammed those fingers in to you deep and
hard. You appeared to make up for lost time as you found it
difficult to break your eyes away from the bulge. I just
smiled to myself for I knew that the sight you were now looking
at wouldn’t calm you down any further. It might even have
the opposite effect on you. It seemed that it did just that
for I saw your hand drop to your legs. I watched as you ran
your fingers up and along the inside of your thigh. Toby
was looking too. I just smiled to myself, as I am sure you
saw what I saw, the unmistakable twitching in his pants
and then the growth.

I wonder what was going through your mind as your fingers
ran up and down your thighs, as your eyes remained constant,
transfixed upon his bulge. I wonder if you were thinking
like I was. Is it dark enough in here? Is the table secluded
enough? Should I reach out and touch it? There was NO doubt
in my mind that you wanted to do something. She had certainly
got you into a state of pure lust. It was $40 well spent no
doubt about that. Just as there was no doubt that your mind
was working out how and or what to do. I know mine was. Opportunity
always comes knocking, for Toby stood up and went to the
bathroom. Opportunity comes knocking for as soon as he
stood up, your hand disappeared under your skirt and fingers
slid into your pussy. I sat there, my own hard cock throbbing as I watched you bring
yourself to an orgasm; an orgasm that didn’t take you too
long to bring on to yourself.

I watched as you cleaned your fingers, a broad smile on my
face. “Feel better baby?” I asked you as I quickly glanced
around and saw that no one else had seen your fingers working
their magic inside your pussy.

As you reached for your beer you smiled at me and said, “Yes
darling, a little better” which at that juncture you glanced
to see if Toby was coming back; at least that is what I think
you were doing, maybe you were looking for the dancer?

As I took a deep swig from my beer bottle I looked at you and
said; “I am assuming that you have seen the bulge in Toby’s
pants?” You looked at me, gave me that smile which gave me
the answer to the question. You had seen it. I teased you.
“I suppose that you want or would like to reach over and touch
it wouldn’t you?” I carried on, “I bet you want that in your
mouth and in your wet pussy too?” You sighed, clenching
your thighs together. You didn’t need to answer; I knew
the answer even before I asked the question. Just before
he came back I told you in a whisper. “Do it, feel it, unzip
him and stroke him off inside his pants, let him see that
sweet pussy of yours, turn to him and let him see it”.

I watched you take a deep swig of your beer, light up another
cigarette and smile as he came back to the table. I saw the
cute glance you gave his pants area, I didn’t see if there
was any disappointment on your face at the lack or apparent
lack of a bulge.

That bulge didn’t take too long to return though, especially
as you leant to your left and exposed your tits to Toby. It
soon grew back as you turned slightly towards him and teasingly
parted your thighs.

I was so enjoying watching you teasing him, working to bring
that bulge back in his pants. Even my calling of the waitress
for three more beers didn’t put you off your stride or of
the job in hand, or the job that would be IN hand later on,
I hoped. I know you wanted it in your hand. Not even when she
came back with the beers did you stop the teasing of your
fingers along the insides of your thighs, you ignored her.
She smiled as she saw what you were doing and gave me a deft
wink as she took the $20 bill for the drinks. You moved your
chair closer to the table and as you did, you opened your
thighs to let Toby have sight of your pussy lips. He looked
at me; I just smiled and took a swig of my beer. He did the same
as his eyes concentrated upon the view before him. The view
of you now parting your pussy lips as if almost inviting
Toby to slide a finger in there, which not to my surprise
he did just that. I watched your body tremble as you felt
his finger slipping into you. I needed a better vantage
point so I quickly moved my chair to the right, which also
had the effect of blocking any unwanted eyes or potential
trouble with the bouncers. I watched, my cock throbbing,
his finger moving in and out of your pussy. I saw your breathing
getting heavier, your tongue licking your lips as you placed
a hand upon his thigh. I watched as your hand slid higher
and heard the gasp as your fingers came into contact with
the bulge. I watched with interest as you ran your fingers
over the length, and then placed your palm on it, pressing
it down, clenching your thighs, trapping his hand as the
ripple of the orgasm built within you. That intensity built
as you unzipped his pants and your hand slipped inside.
It was as if the feel of his big thick cock was enough to send
you over the top for your body shuddered as his finger gave
you an orgasm that you needed.

I myself almost gasped when I saw you take out his cock. It
was indeed very thick and long, so hell knows how you were
feeling right now. Well of course I did know how you were
feeling, I knew what you wanted. You wanted that cock in
your mouth; you wanted to feel the power of his cock fucking
your throat. Hell, maybe you even wanted to feel that cock
in your hand filling your pussy. You began to slide your
hand up and down on his meat, his thickness filling your

You turned and looked at me. “Darling, I need, I need honey”
you said to me in a quivering voice. I smiled at you and said
“Then you shall have”.

I told Toby to meet us outside in 5 minutes and that we would
be in the truck around the side of the building away from
the main parking lot. He nodded as he zipped his pants back
up. Draining the beers, we left for the exit and soon were
on our way to the truck. I started the engine and before it
fired, your legs were wide open and your fingers were plunging
deep into your pussy.

“Strip off baby” I said to you as I pulled around the side
of the building, parking well away from all other cars and
the building itself. You did as you were told to do, after
you licked your fingers. I turned off the engine and watched
as you hurriedly stripped out of your clothes, cupping
your breasts and pinching your nipples.

His headlights lit up the cab as he pulled over next to us.
His broad smile was evident as he saw you totally naked,
even more so when you reached out to unzip his pants to take
his monster out again. This time, you didn’t stroke him.
You got out of the truck and sunk to your knees. He gasped
as you took his cock into your mouth and at the same time reached
around, dug your fingers into his ass and forced him to throat
fuck you. You gagged as you pressed his body to your face,
forcing his cock down in your throat. Your fingers dug into
his ass as you took him deep, reaching underneath to cup
his big heavy cum laden balls.

You stood up, leant forward into the truck, offering your
body to him “Fuck me Toby” you said as you reached out to unzip
my jeans. The loud gasp escaping from your throat derived
from his hands parting your thighs and in one forward thrust
he sunk his hard cock into your pussy. “Fuckkkkkkk” was
all you could say as his hands grabbed your hips and he began
pounding deep and hard into you, grunting with every stroke,
with every thrust. Your fingers took my throbbing cock
out of the jeans and I sighed as I felt your mouth over the
head. I felt your fingers tighten as you enjoyed the hard
pummeling your pussy was getting from Toby’s cock. “Ohhhhhhfuckkkkk….nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”
you screamed as the orgasm literally ripped through your
body. “Don’t stop, fuck me harder, fuck harder” you squealed
as I thrust my cock into your mouth.

Another orgasm ran through you as you felt him throbbing
telling you that he was about to cum. Hastily, you pulled
him out and turned towards him, dropping to your knees once
more, taking hold of his cock covered in your juices, opening
your mouth to take him inside. The loud sucking noises you
made only heightened his ecstasy as he gripped your hair
and with one final thrust exploded into your mouth, gagging
you as you swallowed his warm cum, draining his balls of
every drop.

A final kiss to the tip of his cock and he was on his way with
a promise of another meeting one day. He was on his way and
I was on my way to fucking your pussy until I too exploded
my contents of my balls into you.

Yes, the $40 was money well spent.

The End.