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69 squirt

Cumming in her mouth while she squirted on my face
It was one of those perfect fuck buddy scenarios. A few flirty texts during work. One person having an empty flat. Both horny with no plans for the evening and that was that. I was going to Lauren's after work, at least for a few hours. The end of the day couldn't come around fast enough after that. The sexting for half the afternoon during meetings really didn't help either.

The drive to her's seemed to take for ever. Especially as we were in separate cars and we couldn't touch each other up on the way. We arrived and just about made it through the door into the shared hallway before we started kissing. Straight away I had her pinned against the wall with her legs wrapped around me. Kissing in a dirty, needy way for a few seconds before putting her down and heading up the stairs. My cock already hard and knowing full well that she would definitely be wet. Lauren was one of those girls you just had to look at and she was wet.

Moments after shutting the door, clothes started to come off. I tried to slow her down a little to tease her and make her wait. But as usual, Lauren was desperately trying to get my jeans undone so she could get her hands on my cock. Pinning her against the wall again and letting her grind against my leg, the passionate dirty kisses were flowing. Both of our tongues hard at work in between biting each others bottom lip. It seemed like Lauren's pussy flooded every time I bit her lip hard. This time she was too busy trying to rub my cock with my jeans still half on and my boxers just pushed down.

I turned her around and slid her dress up over her head to get the best view of her round pert bum. Just covered by some small black lacy French knickers and matching bra. Lauren didn't have massive boobs, but she was always in stunning underwear. She seemed to oozed sex. A quick spank left a nice pink hand print and a moan to tell me that she was getting wetter.

As soon as she turned around she hand her hands down my jeans again. This time pushing them off properly and having the freedom to rub my cock with a lot more affect. I ran my hand down her stomach and across the front of her lacy knickers to find them completely soaked. My cock twitched a fraction harder. I found it such a turn on.

Lauren was now sinking to her knees. She loved to suck my cock and she was so good at it I was always happy to let her. Pulling my boxers off she started to lick along the length of my cock. When she was happy it was wet she slid it straight down her throat. Initially with one hand wrapped tightly around the base with her other hand on my bum, she moved them both to my arse and started to pull me into her mouth. Changing her speed she would circle the head of my cock before sliding it so deep into her throat her nose was push against me.

The next time she came up for air I stopped her. I had to hold her back by her hair as pushed against me trying to get back onto my cock.

"I will only let you keep doing this if you start playing with your pussy. I want you to fuck your pussy like your sucking my cock".

She nodded without taking her eyes of my cock and slide her right hand inside her knickers. Circling her clit fast as she went back to fucking her own mouth with my cock.

After a few more minutes of this I was desperate to touch more of her. I had been able to tease her nipples, but I loved oral sex as much as Lauren and I really wanted taste her pussy.

Moving to her room I started to slip her knickers off. I literally couldn't believe how wet she now was. Her black underwear now filled with sticky glistening juices that were spread against her lips and bum and thighs.

"Sit on my face and let me put my tongue inside you while you suck my cock".

Nothing else needed to be said. As soon as I lay down her legs were either side of my head. Her hard nipples brushing against me as she went back to my cock and balls.

I ran my tongue the length of Lauren's pussy. Starting at her clit I pushed my tongue out as I ran down, parting her sticky lips as I went and poking it as deep as it would go inside her pussy. Lauren let out a very load moan of satisfaction. Muted heavily by the amount of cock she had forced into her own mouth I continued down teasing my way to her tight bud. Lauren loved any attention to her arse and groaned again as I gently rimmed her and poked between her tight cheeks. Using her creamy pussy juices as lube I slowly eased my middle finger deep into her bum as I continued to lick.

By this point I could feel my self needing to cum. Up until now I had been holding back wanting to play with her, but now I had her, I couldn't seem to hold back the same way. As the pre cum started to ooze from my cock, I started to play with Lauren with a lot more purpose. The tip of my tongue was now rapidly nudging across her clit while two fingers pushing deep into her pussy. Lauren as usual had found a new volume. She was starting moan while my cock was in her mouth and take short yelped breathes every time she let's my cock slide free.

"Don't let my cock leave your mouth, I'm going to cum and I want you to swallow it".

This seemed to spark Lauren on again. She started pumping my cock with her hand while sucking it in as deep as she could. All the time I had been curving my fingers deep inside her. As I started to cum I couldn't keep licking, so I just started to finger her as fast as I could. Two fingers side by side, pushing against the walls of her tight pussy and one finger in her even tighter arse. I was fucking both of her holes as fast as I could.

When she had gulped down my cum her lips left my cock and she let out a dirty scream. Her thighs clamped either side of my head and my fingers slide out of her in time for her first powerful squirt of cum to gush into my face. Still fingering her arse is sucked her sodden clit and enjoyed another warm gush of cum.

It was the dirtiest and most amazing feeling to know that the girl lying quivering on top of me had just swallowed my load and then squirted all over me as she screamed her head off.

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