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A Christmas Party: The Ride

Less than two weeks ago Robert and Coco attended a holiday party
Christmas parties tend to mean stress for you. At any given event during the holiday season, there is something or someone that you must be; at your parents’ party you must be the perfect son, at the office party you must be the perfect boss, and tonight, at your fraternity’s party you must be the perfect friend and frat brother.

All I want for you tonight is that you simply just BE. I need you to be yourself tonight and that is why I will be what you need me to be.

You have chosen my wardrobe for the evening and your eye for clothing is stellar. You know I don’t always allow this but tonight is your night.

After a hot shower, I walk into the bedroom to discover that you have not dressed and this pleases me. I love to watch you dress. It is an arousing experience.

Without a word, I come to you for a quick embrace.

“Hey love, please wear this for me.” A gentle forehead kiss accompanies the statement.

I look at the ensemble and a smile creeps onto my face. I love your style, baby. A red leather knee length skirt, a white button down blouse, black lace bra, and thigh high hosiery held up with black garters lay on the bed for me. This clothing will turn me into a vixen tonight and you know this.

“What no thong or panty for me to wear? You naughty boy, do you have a need for easy access this evening?”

“My sexy Coco, you have no idea what I need tonight.”

I assure you that I can and will satisfy your every need and I will dress as you wish.

And as for you, my Robert, will your attire affect me as my own clothing will?

I want to watch you dress for the evening. Who would think that watching a man put ON clothes could be so arousing. A simple look and I understand the question in your eye.

“Yes baby, I will lotion your body.” This simple pleasure can lead to many things and in the past it has, I nibble your earlobe and go about my task.

Tonight is a business attire event, so your navy blue suit, a white business shirt, a red tie and cufflinks have been selected and sit at the ready per your request. I love the look of your naked form, but a suit draped and fitted nicely on your tall frame is a real turn on to me.

I linger at your crotch and thinking that we could enjoy a little quickie, I slide my hand down the length of your shaft.

“Ahh! No, my sexy Coco, you will have to wait for this treat.” Your response was quick and firm.

I continue moisturizing your body, feeling slighted, but knowing that you will make it up to me soon.

“Boxers or nothing, Robert, I’d like to have some access too sweetie. Which is your choice for the evening?”

Tshirt on … my thought: Yum

Shirt on … my thought: Oh shit, it’s going to be a long night.

Cufflinks… a little shot of electricity travels through my pelvic region.

“Robert can we be late to this party?” I ask only half in jest.

“Sweetie, get your mind out of the gutter.”

Laughing, I sit back on my chaise and watch you dress.

You continue to prepare for the party.

After shave… my thought: umm isn’t this a little out of order?

Tie… Oh my goodness, why am I so turned on by the sight of this man’s tie?

Pants…legs, oh fuck, those legs wrapped around me; the thought alone sends juices to my core.

My hand goes to my pussy involuntarily and if I hope I can get off without you noticing. 

“Stop it!” I jump at the command.

With the dressing done and my pussy very wet, we leave for yet another holiday party.

I am an insatiable girl. And as we travel south towards the hotel where the party is being held, I glance at your crotch. I wonder do you know what I am thinking. Do you know that I want to have your dick in my mouth....RIGHT NOW?

“Sexy Coco, what’s on your mind?”

“Your body baby, I always crave you.”

“What about my body, Coco?”

“May I have your dick please?”

Normally, you would gladly accept my offer. Tonight you would prefer to wait; after all, we are going to a party. However, I am your kryptonite, the weakness that brings you to your knees. I am determined. I am relentless in my desires and pursuit; I smile at you seductively and place my hand on your thigh.

We stop at a red light, I calculate the ETA in my head, and I decide that I must taste you. I unfasten my seatbelt, rub your crotch, and unzip your suit pants. I appreciate the fact that you too are not wearing underwear.

You are not yet fully erect and that’s ok. I love to feel your thick, veiny shaft growing in my mouth. I love to see you grow by my hand, my mouth…by me. It’s a heady feeling; your growing dick in my mouth sends streams of pleasure through my body. The power of it is intoxicating. I have learned to love performing fellatio; it is a joy, an absolute joy to perform for you in this manner.

I pull your thick, veiny shaft out for my perusal. It is glorious, I mean what’s not to like about something that brings me such wonderful satisfaction, such fulfillment; the way it pulsates and throbs inside my pussy is what wet dreams are made of. And now, even with that little bit of attention, it is growing for me!

Fellatio is the ultimate opportunity to satisfy a man. And as I’ve stated previously, I’ve learned how to please, how to appreciate, caress, and stimulate with my full pouty lips, my enthusiastic tongue, teeth and throat. Becoming this adept at this art was not easy, it took time, determination, and practice to acquire a technique. I’ve developed a technique that brings men to blissfully, heady and skull-numbing orgasms.

I lower my head into your lap and press my mouth upon your dick as you continue to drive to our destination. Sliding my tongue along your length, I smile at your quick intake of breath. Yes, this is going to be such a delicious treat for us both. Your erection has grown to its capacity and it is massive. With a hardness that never ceases to amaze me, you encourage me to continue.

I take you into my mouth and a deep moan escapes your throat and I begin my oral assault. The fullness of you inside my orifice makes me feel a deeply feminine powerfulness that I savor. You are quivering beneath my mouth. Soon, you will be unable to drive. Sneaking a look at you from below, I see your expression and I realize that we will be late to the party.

“Pull over baby,” I say with a mouthful of dick in my mouth.

“You really should stop Coco.” 

“Really baby, you want me to stop sucking this dick?” I smile as I flick my tongue over your bulbous head.

“Uhm, ahh, shit girl. You must stop.” Your breathing is labored and your chest heaves at fast intervals.

“No Robert, you MUST pull over. You really should or we’ll both end up in a hospital or in jail.” I say this with a calm that I do not feel.

The car turns right and we pull into an abandoned parking lot. You drive behind a building and I resume lovingly caressing your muscle with my lips. I sense that you are going to make a mess of your suit and I do not wish this to happen. I attempt to ease your pants down as I am in no mood to go easy or neat. I am certain that you will appreciate that real soon.

I lift your balls and place one and seconds later the other in my mouth suckling on them with the gentlest of pressure. Hearing your loud grunts of pleasure, I begin to suckle and nibble around you, causing you to drive your crotch upwards. I grasp your shaft and caress your length with my hands.

“Baby, we may have to get out of this car. I don’t know if I can accomplish what I have in mind this way.” I speak between full nibbles of your testicles.

I relinquish your body and slip from the passenger side of the vehicle. I walk around the car and open your door.

“Please get out.” It is a simple statement that you follow with a little trepidation.

“Coco, baby, what’s gotten into you, are you alright?” You ask with a smirk on your face.

“I’m fine.”

I bend at the waist and take you back into my mouth. A stirring deep in my pubis creates juices that flood to my core. I take a finger and dip it into my pussy, feeling the wetness and scoop some out of me. I bring the finger into my mouth and smelling the aroma elicits a moan from deep within.

“May I have a taste, baby?” I repeat my actions but instead of reaching for my mouth, I seek yours.

“Do I taste good babe? Is that the Coco goodness that you’re used to?” I asked teasingly.

“Girl, you do know payback is a …” I slide my fingers back into your mouth before you can finish the statement.

I settle back into the precious joy of sucking your dick. I lick from the base of your dick to the head; stopping at the tip and rolling my luscious tongue along your head. I am going for something new for this time, so I take my hands and rub your shaft up and down while I tongue my name into the tip or your dick. The sensations nearly push you over the edge and knowing this I slow my pace. I am not ready for you to cum just yet. I adjust my position by kneeling down in front of you, forcing you to change the position of your dick in my mouth.

“Deeper baby, ahh.”

Yes, I understand, is the thought that springs to my mind and I relax my throat and press my tongue down allowing you to get further into my hungry mouth. Your girth is pulsing inside and it makes me drench to know that I can do this to you. Girl juices are now present on my thighs and one hand flies to my pussy.

I begin to lightly scrape my teeth on your member as you glide quickly in and out of my mouth. This small action is enough to send you over the edge and again I slow the pace. And I settle back again relaxing my throat and push your ass so that you can go deeper still. I feel you bottom out at the back of my throat and your nut sac is now slapping into my face. Oh the thrill of this wicked act is so fucking exhilarating. The fear of being caught produces additional adrenaline in my system and I force three fingers deep into my pussy.

Maintaining my balance, I remove my hand from you and move it to your ass. I press my fingers to the rim of your asshole and circle it.

I glance up to you in thought and my eyes say, ‘You do understand where I’m going, don’t you?’ Still pressing into my pussy, I want and need to cum as much as you do. I suckle and twirl my lips around your girth, doing my best to replicate the skills of the infamous “Superhead.” I open and close my mouth on your dick in quick succession, urging you to let the feeling build inside your sac.

I begin to hum onto your dick in tribute to the holiday season, “We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” The humming is enough to unnerve you but there is just one final thing.

I press a single finger into your ass firmly. I press harder with a strong long finger and this finally sends you over the edge and into oblivion. Your orgasm sputters and splashes into the back of my throat. You pull out of my mouth and shots of ejaculate jet onto my face and oozes onto my once lipstick applied mouth.

While licking my mouth and down onto my chin, I stroke my pussy hard and my own orgasm rackets through my pubis as shots of girl juice exits my pussy. I begin to clean my mouth and chin and mingling our cum juices I clean each of my fingers one by one.

I hear you mutter, “Oh My Fucking God, you are one bad girl!”

“Merry Christmas, baby, now let’s get to this party” I say as I stand up and move towards the passenger side.

“Sure babe, one step closer to my payback!” He laughs as he starts the car.

I know right then that this Christmas Party is going to be one for the record books. I suspect that I am in for one helluva night!

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