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A final goodbye?

The relationship may have ended but the passion is still there.
It was about midday when Jason pulled up in his car in a car park just outside of town. He and Amy had agreed to meet up and trade back items that were left at each others houses after the break up. He took his phone out of his pocket and began to text to tell her he had arrived. Half way through the text there was a tap at the window, Jason turned to see Amy, her beautiful fair skin (which she wasn't keen on but was in fact one of his favourite things about her) and her green eyes looking at him as if she could see right into his soul. He opened the door,

"Hi" said Jason

"Hello, how are you?"

"I'm okay thanks how are you? Oh and I've cooked some of that pasta you like."

"Well I feel a lot better now," Amy chuckled. She loved Jason's cooking and knowing that he'd thought of her made her smile.

They made their way to a quiet green along the river, Amy put down the blanket and they both sat down. They had been exchanging texts over the weeks but hadn't really spoke about much. They ate and continued to talk about their families, the conversation soon turned to a sexual nature.

Amy put her hand on Jason's thigh and he stroked the side of her head. He pulled her in closer and began to kiss her wrapping his strong lips around Amy's mouth and he slid his hand up her flimsy summery dress. Amy let out a small whimper as Jason realised she was not wearing any pants. He ran his finger from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, feeling and spreading her wetness around her lips. She felt his bulge begin to harden in his jeans going under where her hand was placed. She gently ran her hand over it and Jason caressed her wet cunt. He picked up his pace finger fucking her and Amy's breathing picked up as she started to feel a climax building. Amy bit on her top lip to stop too much noise releasing in the quiet area. She smiled gently at him and said,

"I want to feel your mouth on my cunt."

They quickly packed up their stuff and made their way to find a hotel. There was an abundance of them around and they chose one and got themselves a room. They rushed up to the room and burst in through the door, again their lips were locked tight in a battle with tongues thrashing against each other and it wasn't long before Jason had his hand up the back of Amy's top un-hooking her bra releasing her perfect hand sized breasts. Jason was quick to get her dress over her head so he could suck on those tender nipples he so vividly remembered. Amy felt his warm mouth cover her breast, the blood rushing to stiffen them, growing in Jason's mouth and even more wetness flood her pussy. Amy pushed him back to the bed straddling over Jason, her pussy brushed over his jeans leaving a trail of wetness in its wake. Amy popped her nipple out of Jason's mouth, un-buttoned his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. Jason's cock sprang up and Amy quickly gripped it, knowing what she wanted Amy spun around placing her pussy right down on Jason's lips. His tongue whipped over her wet cunt as she sucked on his solid prick, stroking his length and tonguing around her favourite part on his tip. As Jason's tongue laced over Amy's hot pussy she could feel an orgasm building and she knew it would be a big one. In almost the same instant she screamed,

"Don't stop!"

And a gush poured out streaming into Jason's mouth and dribbling out running down his chin. He loved the sweet taste of her squirt and loved that fact that he had caused it even more. Amy was taking his cock even deeper in her mouth now eager for his spunk and Jason continued to clean her juices up but it wasn't long before his back arched and his dick pulsed pumping load after load of spunk that Amy swallowed every drop. She moved her mouth away squeezed at the base and pulled up to get the last drops licking them up.

She got up and turned back around kissed Jason intensely and said,

"I've got something in my car and I expect you to be hard for when I get back."

With that she got dressed and walked out. Jason lay there wondering what it was she was going to get.

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