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A great night with Bec

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A simple night turns into something more
I open my eyes. I’ am greeted by a pleasant surprise. A smile crosses my face as I look down and see Bec’s face imbedded in my stomach. “Morning” I smile. “Morning sexy” Bec replies. I lay back and shut my eyes as Bec moves her lips down my stomach. My mind is flooded again, reliving the visions of the previous night. What a night! Is all I can really say? I have thought about her for such a long time and last night I acted on it.

It started with a night out as most do. I hit the dance floor with a few friends and enjoyed what the night was becoming. Then I spotted her. She sat all alone in the corner, sipping on her drink. I walked away, “no not tonight” I said to myself. I turned and at that exact moment our eyes locked. She smiled and acknowledged me. My heart raced as I slowly moved across the crowded dance floor into the waiting seat beside her. “Hi, how are you?” A soft sweet voice from her ruby red lips. “I’ am really well thank you”. I smiled brushing her shoulder as I grasped for her drink. “Would you like another one?” I asked to offer my services to her. “Well I was actually thinking about leaving, I’m so sorry but no.” Bec said with a downtrodden face. “Why so early”? I inquired. Bec began “Well my friends bailed, all had dates”. She looked away hiding her emotion about being alone for the night. I smiled and lifted her chin from her chest “Want to hang with me”? My mind wondered as I slipped this out. With a cheerful look Bec replied with an emphatic “Yes, thank you that would be great.”

Outside I hailed a cab and opened the door for Bec she slid in and for the first time I got a full set of how magnificent she looked tonight. A short black dress which hugged her in all the right places, I specifically noticed her bulging breasts as she moved across in the back seat allowing me more room. The cab ride was fast and involved just light chit chat. The cab stopped and I opened the door, allowing Bec out into the open. I slipped the cabbie a $50 and told him to “keep the change”. I grabbed Bec’s hand and pulled her in closer kissing her inviting mouth. Her lips tasted of strawberries as I saw her eyes close and her slight moan into my mouth. I broke the kiss and smiled “Hopefully that will turn your night around”? Bec smiled and laughed and walked towards the doorway. As I opened the door I felt Bec’s hands move onto my pants I looked across to see her lustful face staring back at me. I pushed the door open and grabbed her lifting underneath her legs. Bec shrieked as I am lifting her placing her on my bed, I leant down and kissed her I moved across and whispered in her ear “are you sure you want to do this?” My answer was instantaneous as she stuck her slippery long tongue in my throat. I kissed her passionately my hands running my hands over her body. I broke the kiss, desperate for air. Bec giggled as I stood and removed my shirt and pants. “Shut your eyes and lay here” Bec ordered. Starting to feel my erection growing I did as I was told and laid down. “Open them”. I could hear a sexy tone as she ordered me. My eyes slowly opened to a sight I will never forget. Bec standing in all her glory blonde hair draped over her shoulders, perky breasts, slim lined stomach and a trimmed pubic area which was already showing signs of wetness.

I lifted myself off the bed and wrestled her to the blankets. My tongue licked and kissed her passionately. I wanted to take it slow but my urge had taken over and I kissed my way down her body across her perky breasts feasting on her nipples. She moaned and I couldn’t help it I needed to be with her now. I moved my face to her sweet vagina the opening already wet I slowly pushed my tongue in. All I could hear was her moans; she cried and moaned attempting to open her legs wider. The faster I licked the louder she moaned. I felt her hand nestle at my penis she grabbed on and started to wank me. Faster and faster she pulled until I released her grip. “Stop baby or I will come.” She laughed “Maybe just maybe, I want that.” She smiled with a sexy lustful naughty look. I pushed her down and slowly slipped myself inside her “oooohh” was all that reply I got as I thrust slowly back in and out. Her moans became louder as I thrust faster and harder, grunting with each thrust. “I’m going to cum”. I screamed “Yes cum, cum in me” Bec screamed. That sent me over the edge I spewed cum waves after waves filling Bec’s opening. I pushed her off and lay back onto the bed.

That was by far the best night I have ever had.

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