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A Happy Meal, ch. 2

Another venue, another meal
Brett, thank you so much for a wonderful time meeting you yesterday! I need you to know I really appreciated getting my Happy Meal after all. :) It came with a toy, too!
When can I see you again?
I had just arrived at my office and checked email when I saw this from Jenny. What a great way to start a day!
“Mr. Simpson, you certainly have a sly smile on your face this morning!”

Judy, my assistant. She knew me quite well. Enough to know something was up and I would need to think quickly.

“Just something a client told me yesterday, in confidence. It was so funny, I wish I could share it!”

“It must have been good, the way you were smiling. If I didn’t know better, I would think you got laid!”

Hmmmm, that is one perceptive woman! Note to self: Be more careful about smiling!
Jenny, I was so pleasantly surprised yesterday, for several reasons. I have met a few women from Craigslist, but never anyone as pretty as you. The real bonus was how fun you were to talk to. We hit it off so quickly that what followed in the car was as natural as if we had been dating for weeks. I am definitely glad you enjoyed that Happy Meal! (You know I will never hear that name again without thinking of your lips wrapped around my cock!)
I want to see you again as well. Next Tuesday I have the entire afternoon open. Let’s go to a matinee showing of the worst movie out there. We should have the place to ourselves. Let’s mock the movie and make out.
It was a couple of hours before I saw her reply appear. I had begun to worry: Would she have preferred a candlelight dinner or a walk in the park? Maybe she was turned off by me wanting to make out, like that is all there is in this relationship.
That sounds so fun! I will go on Fandango and find the perfect crummy movie. There will be a quiz after, though!
The weekend dragged by. All I could think of was Jenny’s lips and how wonderful it was to kiss her. Fortunately, my wife had a whole list of things she wanted done around the house, so I managed to stay busy enough.
Happy Monday, dear! I have been thinking about you all weekend. I just about got busted when I was daydreaming on Sunday and hubby asked why I was smiling! Looking forward to tomorrow. Meet me at the Cineplex 12 at 12:30, ok.
Jenny, will the quiz be abut the movie or about you?
Your choice. You will likely want to pick the one you concentrate on the most. xoxo
I looked at my watch. Still 22 hours away. Another time-stopper. Somehow I got through it.
It is Tuesday and I get to make out with you at the movie like a couple of teenagers! I can hardly wait! I crave your kisses and your touch. I am wearing a pleated skirt.
Jenny, I hope that theater is empty, because all I can think of now is touching your beautiful legs! I am sitting here behind my desk hiding a rather obvious erection, so I have to think of something else for the next two hours!
Brett, I think it is only fair to tell you I am wearing black thigh-hi’s under my skirt. Nothing else.
Oh, that is almost mean to tell me that now!
Should I change?
Absolutely not!!!! 

It was 12:16 when I arrived outside the theater. Almost immediately I spotted Jenny, waving to me as she crossed the street. When she got close, however, she was very circumspect, aware of the public nature of our meeting. I bought our tickets for “Transcendance”---

“Are you sure this is a bad movie? It has Johnny Depp.”

“Oh yeah, a real stinker. I read a bunch of reviews. Like the worst movie he has made. It’s not “Showgirls” bad, but quite possibly “Catwoman” bad.

Sure enough, there was no one else in the theater when we entered. We went to the top row in the corner. Two other couples came in but sat much lower. I lifted the arm between us and Jenny scooted next to me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled in.

The previews started. If the theater could not make money from ticket sales, it was determined to generate promotional revenue! There were seven previews! At least I think there were. During the second one I noticed Jenny looking up at me. I turned and we kissed. Let the games begin!

At first we just kissed softly and slowly. It was kissing at its most delicious. Gradually, our kisses grew deeper, more urgent, probing. Gasping.

Jenny was wearing a low-cut top and as we kissed I could see those globes beckoning me. I reached and caressed a breast.

“Oh, yesssss!” she whispered. “Please play with my breasts!”

With that, she stopped kissing me and reached inside her top to unfasten her bra---in front.

I had been married for almost 30 years, so I knew when a woman says something like that, you act! I dipped my hand inside her top and found that incredible warm flesh! What is it about a woman’s breast that makes it feel so amazing? Soft and warm. Deliciously curved. I felt her nipple and gently squeezed it between thumb and forefinger.

“Harder!” she moaned.

I squeezed harder and then pulled her top down, leaned over and took that nipple in my mouth, holding it gently as I massaged it with my tongue.

“Ohhh, that is sooo good!”

I sucked on that nipple for a couple of minutes and then straightened up again. Simultaneously, Jenny placed her leg over mine to turn toward me. I seized the opportunity to reach under her skirt and feel the tops of her stockings.

She moaned. A clear green light.

I moved my hand higher and her kisses became even more heated, her arms holding me even tighter. There---bare, wet, soft lips. More moaning. I rubbed, explored and finally inserted my middle finger deep into her pussy. Jenny stopped kissing me and simply gasped into my shoulder. As I stroked her pussy my thumb rubbed her clit. She was clutching my shirt in her fists, her head against my chest when she suddenly froze and cried out softly, whimpering as the waves of pleasure rolled through her.

She was still for a couple of minutes as I stroked her leg, feeling the wonderful contrast between hosiery and soft, tender flesh.

“Brett,” she whispered, “How do you work such magic on my pussy?”

Without waiting for an answer she kissed me long and hard. Then she reached for my pants and began feeling the outlines of my cock. She tried to wrap her hand around it, through the clothing, but was obviously going to come up short.

“Brett, the other day I don’t remember you being this thick. I need this.”

She was fumbling with my belt and zipper when oddly I caught a glance of Depp in a computer image of some sort, like he was the computer. To this day, that is still all I know about the plot.

Before I knew it, Jenny had my cock out and in her fist, stroking me slowly. It was my turn to groan, but she silenced me with a deep kiss. Then she paused, looked around and dropped to her knees. Right there in the theater! Her warm mouth engulfed me and it was all I could do not to moan loudly. The sensations bordered on overwhelming. She stroked with her hand as she pumped my length in and out of her mouth, pausing every few strokes for a few short strokes just on the head. I should have timed her! I don’t ever remember a woman blowing me that quickly. Before I knew it I was shooting a massive load down her throat, stifling a roar.

Once she drank my cum and licked me clean, she wiped her lips, sat in her chair and straightened her skirt, as if she had been watching the film the whole time. Meanwhile, I was slumped in my chair, my pants pulled halfway down my thigh and my cock still proud. Coming to my senses, I began putting myself back together.

“Do you know what’s going on?” I asked.

“Not a clue,” she laughed. “All I know is I just learned I can get my Happy Meal here too!”

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