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A Helping Hand - Part One

I got a helping hand from the county in more ways than one...
I knew I was in trouble and wasn’t sure where to turn. I really like being self employed, but times like this really suck. Cash flow is everything and right now, the cash was not flowing. My heart sank into my gut as I read the 10 day termination notice for my electric bill.

I needed to come up with over $350 within ten days and I only had $60 and needed to get some groceries within the next couple of days as well. I wasn’t sure what to do. I reviewed all of my current jobs in progress and had already spent all of the money that I received. I only had one new inquiry for work and they hadn’t responded to my proposal after 2 weeks.

I sent another follow up email, hoping that they would respond and that somehow they would now be ready and send me a deposit. I worked all day long finishing up the few jobs that I had, but agonizing all day long as I worked about what I was going to do for money.

The next morning, after tossing and turning all night long worrying about my situation, I remembered that the county had some type of assistance program. I hated the thought that I would need a handout. After I took my shower, I checked my email hoping to see a response from the potential new client, but there wasn’t one.

I struggled with the thought of contacting the county for help. I looked up the number, but hung up the phone half way through dialing. I kept working and actually finished up all of the current jobs and still had no reply from the potential new client.

I looked through all of my old inquiries, hoping that I had missed something to drum up some new business. I came up empty handed. I was now desperate. I knew what I needed to do, but still hated the thought of it.

Reluctantly, I dialed the phone and was connected with a representative named Joyce. She sounded so nice and I explained my situation to her. She was very empathetic. I don’t know why, but for some reason as I was talking to her, my cock started to harden. By the time that we had set an appointment for me to come in to meet with her the next morning at ten, my cock was fully hard and sticking straight up and throbbing.

I had already dropped my shorts and I hung up the phone. This was really weird, not that I sat there horny with a hard cock as that was a daily ritual with me. I’ve been single for years and my hand is the only sex I’ve had for over that same amount of time. It was weird, because I hadn’t ever gotten turned on like that just from talking with someone in a completely non-sexual way and gotten hard and horny like that.

None-the-less, there I was stroking myself fast and furiously as thoughts of this woman that I had no idea about. I didn’t know if she was good looking, fat, thin, big tits, nothing. Before I knew it, I was cumming like I hadn’t jacked off in over a week even though it was just yesterday.

This was something completely new to me as thoughts of her came to me sporadically throughout the day. Every time that I thought of her, my cock would suddenly harden. Tomorrow morning couldn’t come fast enough.

When I woke up the next morning, I was hard as I usually am. My first thought was suddenly of this mystery woman. I stroked myself a few times while still lying in my bed. I got up and went about my normal morning routine. Normally, part of that routine is to jack off and then get a shower. I usually am in different states of hardness throughout my routine, but this morning, I stayed hard as a rock.

I couldn’t help myself as I stroked myself here and there, but for some reason, I still just couldn’t bring myself to jack off. I got my shower and remained hard the whole time. After I finally got dressed, my cock finally settled down. It was an early summer day and I just wore a T-shirt and shorts. I don’t like wearing underwear when it’s hot.

Finally, it was twenty till ten and I got in my car to go meet with Joyce. My cock got semi hard and then flaccid several times during the ten minute drive there. When I finally arrived at the office, I was greeted by the receptionist. She was a decent looking brunette with a nice smile and put me at ease. She told me to have a seat and that she would let Joyce know that I was there.

It was only about 5 minutes waiting, but it seemed like an hour. The door to the back offices opened up and a very heavy set woman appeared. She looked right at me and said, “I’m Joyce. You must be Tom?”

“Yes. I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.”

“You too, Tom. Come on back and let’s see what I can do for you.” she said with a great big smile.

I will say that although I have been with a couple of BBW’s in my life, it was more happenstance than anything else. It certainly isn’t my preference and it was way back in my younger years when I had been with them.

We had a little small talk as she led me to her cubicle. It was way in the back and in a corner by itself. The entrance to the cubicle was up against the back wall. There were two chairs side by side, a desk, and an office chair behind the desk. The other wall had a small table with a printer on it.

She told me to sit down and make myself comfortable as she again smiled at me. Although this woman was very large, she had a wonderful smile that just seemed to put me at ease. I smiled back at her and sat down.

“Did you bring the things that I asked you to bring?”

“Yes, it’s all here in this folder.”, I replied and put the folder up on her desk.

“Good boy!”, she said as she swiveled her chair around.

I couldn’t help but feel a little put out by her “boy” comment and my face must have shown that as she opened the folder and looked at me again, she said, “Oh my, I don’t know why I said that! I’m so sorry. You are obviously a man. A very good looking man at that!” and winked at me.

As she started going through the papers in the folder, I couldn’t help but notice how her gigantic tits were jiggling all over the place. My cock started reacting even though I tried to will it not to. As we continued going through the process of filling out the different computer screens of information, my cock just kept getting harder and harder.

Images of seeing those huge tits of hers kept entering my mind. Sliding my cock between them and her beautiful smile wrapping around my hard cock. I tried to keep my hands folded over my lap to hide my obvious state.

There were several times that I had to move my hands and up to the desk to show her something or whatever. At one point, we had to wait after she submitted one of the forms. We sat there waiting. I noticed a picture of her with her arm around a little girl and a guy standing a couple of feet away. She noticed me looking at it.

“Yes, that’s my sweet little angel.”

“The guy or the girl?”

She laughed at my question and replied, “The girl! The guy is my thug of a husband in his normal loving stance.” as she rolled her eyes. “That’s probably the closest he’s gotten to me in over 5 years.”, she continued and then frowned.

Just then the printer started chugging away. “Oh, it finally processed.”, she said and stood up quickly causing her big tits to jiggle some more. My cock throbbed some more and leaked out a little pre-cum. I looked down and noticed that I now had a small wet spot on my shorts. I was so embarrassed. I moved my hand trying to adjust my hard cock quickly, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

When I looked up, she was staring right at my crotch. I knew right then I was busted. She looked up my body and our eyes met and I immediately looked away. She didn’t say anything as she then removed the papers from the printer.

She walked over to the side of her desk. “I need to make a copy of your license and social security card.”, she said as she was staring at my tented up shorts.

I had to stand up to get my wallet out of my back pocket. There was no way around it and I couldn’t hide my hard cock. I just resolved myself and stood up with my cock pushing my shorts straight out in front of me. I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and fumbled through it and pulled out my cards and handed them to her.

She took the cards as I started to put my wallet back into my back pocket. “Oh don’t do that! You might as well take it out! Oh my God, I mean keep it out, we can put it back later when we’re done.” as she then kind of shivered.

“I’ll be right back. Let me get these copies out of the way and then we’ll see about giving you a hand with your... ummm... problem.”, she said and then licked her lips and walked out of the cubicle.

I was so embarrassed, yet my cock was now throbbing and released a little more pre-cum. The wet spot now grew larger and there was nothing that I could do about it. I sat back down and tried to move my throbbing cock to a more comfortable position.

More images of Joyce naked entered my mind as my cock continued to throb. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’ve never been turned on like this from a big fat woman before. I tried to adjust my cock again as Joyce entered the cubicle again. She smiled as she looked down at my tented shorts, busting me while I was trying to adjust myself.

Instead of going back to her chair behind the desk, she sat down on the chair right beside me. “We’re going to need your signature on a bunch of stuff, if you want a helping hand.”, she said and winked at me as she looked right at my crotch again.

She scooted her chair up to the desk and cleared a little more space and spread out a bunch of papers. “Don’t be shy now. You need to move up here beside me. Oh, before you do, here’s your cards back.”

She handed the cards to me and I took them. I opened my wallet up and placed the cards back into place. She watched me intently as I did that and then smiled broadly as I stood up again. She stared right at my tented out shorts as I slid my wallet back into my back pocket.

As I scooted my chair up to the desk and turned to look at her, she was licking her lips. We were only a couple of inches apart as she started explaining the papers. As she was going through them, she kept moving closer and closer to me. Our shoulders were now rubbing against each other.

My cock was throbbing harder than ever and more pre-cum leaked from it’s tip.

“So, first you need to sign right here and initial here.”, she said as she pointed it out on the paper. “Oh, I guess you need a pen, huh?”, she continued and laughed.

She stood halfway up reaching across the desk, but the pen was still just out of reach. She moved her other hand around my back so that she could reach out further. As she leaned further in and with her arm now out of the way, her right breast now rubbed right up against my cheek.

My cock went into overtime throbbing now. I think she purposely turned towards me as she went to sit back down, causing her breast to actually rub right up against my lips.

She handed the pen to me and I leaned into the desk and signed and initialed. She pulled her right hand from behind me and then shuffled the papers and got the next one awaiting signature. As I leaned in again, she moved her right hand down and placed her hand on my thigh as I signed.

She brought her hand back up and got out another paper for a signature. This time, she placed her hand on my thigh again, but as I was signing the paper, she slid her hand up my thigh. Just as I finished signing and put the pen down, she moved her hand right over my cock. She then squeezed it and let out a sigh.

“Oh Tom, that sure feels nice.”, she said as she leaned in towards my ear. Then she whispered into my ear, “I would love to give you a hand with this too. Would you like that?” as she squeezed my cock again.

I couldn’t help it as I let out a little moan. “I’ll take that as a yes. Why don’t you slide that chair back a little bit.”, she said.

I slid the chair back up against the cubicle wall as she continued to squeeze my hard cock in my shorts. She brought her other hand over and immediately unzipped my shorts and unbuttoned the top.

She grabbed the top of my shorts with both hands and said, “Come on, Tom. Lift that cute butt of yours up so I can get these pulled down.”

I lifted my ass up as she pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang up and stuck straight up like a flag pole. “Oh my, it’s even bigger than I thought. Mmmmmm.”, she said as she wrapped her hand around the base and slowly stroked upwards.

She pulled my shorts down to the floor with other hand as she continued to stroke my cock fully. “Oh God that is such a nice big hard cock, Tom!”

It leaked out some more pre-cum. “Ohhh, that is soooo hot and sexy!”, she moaned out and continued to stroke me. “Are you close?”, she asked.

“Oh God, yes Joyce. You got me so fucking worked up!”

“Well, we don’t want a mess in here, sooooo.....”, she started to say as she dropped down to her knees and moved right in front of me and engulfed the head of my cock. She immediately swirled her tongue around and around my head as she increased her stroking on my shaft.

I couldn’t believe it as I moaned out and I was already about to cum. “Oh God.... I’m going to cum already, Joyce!” I said, trying to keep my voice down.

“Mmmmm.”, she moaned out over my cock as she let go of my shaft and suddenly shoved me all the way up her throat. She kept me up her throat as she started massaging my balls. My ball sack tightened in her grip.

She then started deep throating me quickly while continuing to massage my balls. In less than three bobs of her head, I let loose shooting a huge stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it immediately and shoved me up her throat again as I let out three more streams of my cum.

She pulled up again until just my cock head was still in her mouth. She grabbed my shaft again and stroked me as I let out two more small shots in her mouth. She swallowed it all up and licked me completely clean as my cock started to soften.

She pulled her head up while keeping a firm grip on my cock. She looked up at me and said, “My, my you sure taste good. I’m so glad that we could assist you with your problem, Tom. I hope you found our service helpful.” as she let go of me and started to pull my shorts back up.

She then stood up as I fished pulling my shorts up and zipping myself. “We have a little survey that you need to fill out rating my service. I hope that you found my service good!” she said and winked at me as she handed me a sheet of paper.

She walked around the desk and sat down in her chair. I filled out the survey and gave her the highest marks that there were. When I finished it up and handed it back to her I noticed her big breasts now had hard nipples poking through. I smiled at her and licked my lips.

She smiled back and said, “I hope I got good grades and that you didn’t embarrass me in the survey.”

“I gave you the highest marks, Joyce. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me. You went well above and beyond my expectations.”

“Well, I enjoyed servicing you. You had plenty for me to help you with!!! I enjoyed it too. I hope you won’t hesitate to call me if you need a helping hand again.”, she said and winked at me and then licked her lips.

She put all of my paperwork into the folder that I brought. She stood up and walked around the desk. She handed me my folder and said, “Well, I guess we’re done for today.”

“Thank you so much, Joyce. I was really embarrassed that I had to ask for a hand, but you certainly handled everything very well.”

“Oh Tom, you certainly don’t have ANYTHING to be embarrassed of!!!”, she said as she stepped towards me and reached out and grabbed my crotch and squeezed my cock. It started to harden slightly from her touch. “Nothing to embarrassed of at ALL!!! Believe me, the pleasure was all mine!” and she let go of me.

She motioned me out of the cubicle with her hand and she followed me to the lobby door. As I opened the door, the receptionist looked up at me and smiled.

“Thanks again, Joyce. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me!”

“Well, again Tom. The pleasure was all mine. Give me a call, if you need ANYTHING else!”

“You bet. Thanks, Joyce!”, I said. I looked back at the receptionist and she was not looking into my eyes. I looked down and hadn’t realized that I was fully hard again and my shorts were completely tented out. I also now had a huge wet spot right at the ip of my cock.

The receptionist then looked up at my eyes and licked her lips. I swallowed hard and said, “Have a nice day.” and I walked out.

I got home and I couldn’t believe it, but I was still as hard as a rock. I ended up jacking off reviewing images of Joyce sucking my cock earlier.

Later that afternoon, the phone rang...



“Yes, this is Tom. May I help you?”

“Oh Tom, I hope so. This is Joyce.”

“Uh oh, did something happen. They didn’t reject me, did they?”

“Oh no, Tom. Not at all. I was calling, because.... ummm... well... I have a little problem and I was hoping that you could help me out with it.”

“You have a problem? I don’t understand, but after all you’ve done for me... Well, whatever you need, Joyce. I’m more than happy to help you out.”

“Well, umm... this is kind of embarrassing... It’s really kind of weird actually, but... well... um....”

“Oh Joyce, just spit it out. After what you did for me, there’s definitely nothing you say is going to be embarrassing for us. What can I do for you?”

“Well, about what I did for you... It’s related to that. I mean, well...”

“Uh oh. Did someone see us? Are you in trouble?”

“Well, no. No one saw us, but... unless you can do this for me, I will be in trouble!”

“Oh my God, Joyce. What is it?”

“Well...”, she started and then she started almost whispering, “You know how when you left and we were talking in the lobby? You know when you... um... well, you know, you got hard again?”

“Ummm, yes. I do remember that.”

“Well, you know the receptionist saw that, right?”

“Yes, what about it.”

“Well, I don’t know why, but Sheila doesn’t really like me very much. Sheila is the receptionist. She made a comment to me right after you left. She said, ‘Oh my God! Did you see the hard on that guy had? It almost looked like he came in his shorts.’”

“Oh my God, Joyce. Really?”

“Yes, Tom. The thing is, when she asked me that, I couldn’t help it and I had a big smile on my face from what we did. She realized that something had happened with us and that’s why you were so hard out there. She asked me what I did. I didn’t want to tell her, but she wouldn’t let it go. The bottom line is, that she threatened to tell on me and get me fired!”

“You’re kidding me!”

“No, Tom. I’m not kidding. Sheila is divorced. She hasn’t been with a guy for years. Apparently when she saw you all hard like that, it triggered something in her. When she figured out that something happened with us, she thought this was her chance to... well, you know...”

“Oh my God, Joyce. So what does she want? Does she want me to fuck her so she won’t get you fired?”

“Well, something like that. She told me that if I get you to meet us for lunch tomorrow and that you, well, ummm... you know... let her have her way with you, she won’t tell.”

“Wow, really? You mean she wants us to meet and have sex at lunch and if I do, she won’t get you fired?”

“Yes, Tom. I’m so sorry. I really hate to ask, but... will you?”

My cock was fully hard yet again at this point. I couldn’t believe that I was having this conversation.

“When and where do I need to be, Joyce?”

“You’ll do it?”


“Oh my God, Tom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Meet us in the employee parking lot right behind our building at 11:30, OK?”

“OK, Joyce. I’ll be there.”

“Oh thank you, Tom! You’re the best. I mean that!”

To be continued...

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