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A Hidden Lesson - Part Nine

Mandy leaves Simon with a parting present

‘You have got to be joking.’ Simon shook his head, eyes wide, as Mandy attempted to give him the candle and a bottle of baby oil.

‘No joke, I’m deadly serious. Why, what’s wrong? You’re not going all prudish on me now are you, Simon?’

‘No, I’m not… well, I don’t think I am.’

Mandy closed her bedroom curtains and switched on the bedside lamp. It cast a soft amber glow around the room.

‘I assumed when you were talking about candles and baby oil…’ Simon nodded in the direction of Mandy’s pussy, ‘Well, I assumed you meant… I thought you wanted me to put it in your pussy. Even that thought seemed extreme when I saw the size of the thing.’

Mandy giggled, hands on hips, and a playful mischievous smile lit her features. ‘You can do that if you like but surely you’ve watched porn?’

‘Of course. I’ve watched porn.’

‘If you’re opposed to anal, then just say so and we can give it a miss. If it makes you feel better, we can forget the candle and you can just fuck me instead. I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t want to do.’ She paused, cocking her head to one side.

‘However, the thing is, I have a penchant for foreign objects penetrating me. Hmmm, okay, we could always forget all that and light the candle and have other kinky fun.’

Mandy climbed onto the bed and peered at Simon, cocking her head to the opposite side. Simon’s head had started to pound, the effects of the alcohol wearing off while a hangover started to ferment.

‘We’ll forget anal then,’ Mandy said in a sad, resigned tone. ‘We can always work up to that.’

She opened her bedside drawer and pulled out a lighter. She lit the candle and handed it to Simon.

‘Let the wax melt a bit and then you can drip it on me and pour baby oil all over my pussy. You can pleasure me with your hands.’

Mandy lay on her back. Simon looked at her and then at the candle. He was about the amount of pain he was going to inflict but as she massaged her nipples with one hand and her clit with the other, he decided that was Mandy’s concern.

His cock was stiff and large when he clambered onto the bed. He pushed his bulging cockhead into Mandy’s mouth and wondered if he should give anal a try after all.

The wax melted while Simon watched white foam bubbling around the edges of Mandy’s mouth. She slurped eagerly on his cock and Simon fondled her tits with his free hand, giving them a firm squeeze before tilting the candle and dripping wax on one erect nipple.

She gasped and, fascinated, he watched the wax harden in the cool air. Peeling off the wax, Simon was captivated to find that he had a perfect tiny wax model of Mandy’s nipple. He put it on the bedside cabinet. He would keep that as a trophy of this evening.

‘Pour baby oil on my pussy and rub me hard and fast until I’m coming.’

Simon tipped a few more drops of wax onto Mandy’s body. With the other hand, he flipped the lid on the baby oil. Holding the bottle high, he squeezed, and the oil dripped down, tricking across Mandy’s bald pussy. He put the bottle on the bedside table and, as requested, rubbed a hand up and down her pussy.

This action, and the expert blowjob Mandy was given him, created a weird sensation in his cock. It felt like he was coming - yet he wasn’t actually creating any spunk. The feeling subsided but, as his fingers probed Mandy’s pussy and she wanked and sucked him, the unfamiliar but beautiful sensation reappeared. Simon couldn’t explain it, or why it was happening, but it felt fantastic.

‘Push your fingers deep inside me, move them faster. C’mon, Simon, faster and faster. I want you to make me gush again.’

He moved over Mandy’s body into a sixty-nine position, so she could concentrate on his cock and he could give her juicy pussy the attention it deserved and she demanded.

Simon was amazed when Mandy finally gushed. Juices spurted out of her like a fountain or water from a fireman’s hose. He moved his cock in and out, fucking her mouth and throat, and grunted as his orgasm began to build. Faster and faster he fucked Mandy’s mouth, gritting his teeth and denying his release for as long as he could. When he relented, he gushed and squirted and she couldn't swallow it all. Cum seeped down her chin.

Simon rolled off and lay panting at Mandy’s side. He didn’t believe it possible that he could come so many times in one evening. He hadn’t spunked so much since his first wanking successes.

Mandy’s head rested on his chest. “That was so good,’ she murmured. ‘You bring out the animal in me, Simon and I like that.’

Simon stroked her matted hair, kissed her damp forehead. Closing his eyes, his mind strangely wandered to Miss Duval and the forthcoming Belgian trip. But it was only a brief thought. He dropped into a sexually sated, deep sleep.

Simon was woken at midday by the sound of the front door slamming. He extricated himself from Mandy and strode out onto the landing.

‘Simon?’ His mother was at the bottom of the stairs.

‘I thought you were staying with Dad till Monday,’ Simon shouted back before darting into the bathroom and wrapping a towel around his waist. He heard his mother’s footsteps on the stairs.

‘I changed my mind. Your father wanted me to go with him to Leeds but I felt I was getting the most dreadful migraine.’

She reached the top of the stairs and studied Simon. He started to flush. What was she looking at? She stared as if she was seeing him for the first time. It was unnerving.

‘I take it you had a good time last night then?’ she asked, raising her eyebrows.

Simon was confused, his mind racing. What did his mother suspect? Or know? Had Mandy sent a text, telling her all about it? He dismissed that thought instantly. Mandy may be a sexual predator but she wasn’t totally crackers.

His mother pressed a finger on his neck. ‘You’ve got a love bite, Simon.’

Simon touched his neck where his mother had just pressed and felt the heat rise in his cheeks. ‘Yeah, it was a good night,’ he managed and swiftly walked to his bedroom.

Simon grabbed his bathrobe and the bag of toiletries his mother had bought for his trip. In the bathroom, he switched on the shower and recalled the previous night’s events. He was irritated by his mother’s return, disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to share any more fun with Mandy.

The shower needles pounded his body and he massaged shampoo into his hair. The events of the previous night ran through his mind in bright Technicolor, like a movie. It was almost like a dream. Rubbing shower gel over his body, Simon smiled. If he could keep someone as horny as Mandy interested and satisfied, then the world really was his sexual oyster.

Again, he thought of Miss Duvall and the Belgian trip. Oh yes, he was looking forward to that very much indeed.
Over the next couple of days, Mandy seemed to distance herself from Simon. In fact, she was a lot quieter than usual, seemingly preoccupied with her own thoughts. Simon also noticed that she spent a lot of time on her mobile phone, either texting or going outside to have lengthy conversations.

His mother, to his relief, seemed a lot more relaxed since she'd spent some time away with his father, even though it had been for only one night. By Monday evening, it seemed like all the madness of the weekend had never taken place. Everyone seemed back in their own routine.

As Simon packed his bag for college on Wednesday morning - his last lessons before Belgium - there was a knock on the door and Mandy walked in.

She closed the door and said, ‘I’m going away again.’ She sat on the bed, dropping her bag on the floor. ‘An opportunity has come up. My friend Kyle has opened a bar in Magaluf and he wants me to run it. I can’t pass up an offer like that, so…’

Mandy’s voice trailed away before she sat upright, squaring her shoulders as if preparing to deliver a speech. ‘I had a great time Saturday and I have got a present for you to give Miss Duval while you’re away. I bought it while you were having your hair cut.’

Mandy reached into her bag and pulled out a rectangular box. It was wrapped in black shiny paper, a red bow on top. She handed it to Simon. ‘Don’t open it; let it be a surprise.’

Simon took the gift and suddenly felt awkward. ‘Umm, okay, will do.’

Mandy stood on her tiptoes and kissed Simon on the cheek, a hand rubbing against the bulge in his jeans. ‘The weekend was amazing. I will text you my number and all I ask is that you tell me whether Miss Duval enjoyed her present with her favourite boys.’ Mandy winked, closing the door behind her.

Simon put the box in his bedside drawer, beneath his Calvin Klein boxers that lay there, pristine, unused and far more virginal than Simon. He couldn’t wait for his trip to Belgium. Thanks to Mandy, he believed he had enough sexual prowess to deal with whatever Miss Duval had planned. In fact, Simon was ready to take on any girl who wanted a good fucking.

Trotting downstairs, he shouted a farewell to his Mum and Mandy and let himself out. Taking his phone out of his pocket to check the time, he felt paper rubbing against his hand. He pulled it out: the hairdresser’s appointment and the telephone number that the fit Nicky had given him at the salon.

He’d forgotten all about her due to Mandy’s lavish attention. Swiping the screen on his phone, he added her number to his contacts and sent a text, leaving his name and asking if she fancied going for a drink sometime.

At the college gates, his phone vibrated in his pocket. A text said Nicky would love to go out for a drink, cheekily adding “and anything else you might have in mind”. Simon smiled. Christ, he was a pussy magnet.

Opening the main door, he walked down the corridor and caught a few of his female peers looking him up and down. Going for a new image was the best decision he’d ever made, that’s for sure.



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