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a long awaited meeting

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We had been chatting for about a month on kik. Even though we lived within 50 miles of each other, we had never met face to face. I am a rugged 28 year old, with a beard and a few extra pounds and from what she had told me she was 18 and gorgeous.

She has been telling me about how much she wants to meet me for weeks. We made a plan to meet up for coffee near where she lived. I got to the coffee shop first and sat down so that I could watch the door. After a few minutes, in she walked.

She was absolutely gorgeous. Dark hair, tan, 5'6 and very fit. Her short skirt did little to hide he tone legs, and her firm D cub breasts were all but popping out of her low cut top. She came over to me and gave me a long hug. I couldn't believe it, but my dick was beginning to get hard already. We chatted and drank coffee for about an hour when I just couldn't take it any longer.

Out of nowhere I just blurted out, "I want to taste you."

We sat silent for what seemed like forever until she smiled at me and simply said, "My place, now."

We arrived at her place and she took me by the hand, leading me to her bedroom.We kissed passionately for a moment before she fell backwards onto her bed. I couldn't believe that this sexy young woman was laying in front of me. I had longed to taste her for months and now was my chance.

I started at her ankle, kissing and dragging my tongue up her leg, up to her skirt line as she pulled it up and out of the way for me. I wanted to rush to her gorgeous shaved pussy and plunge my tongue in to her, but as excited as I was, I continued moving slowly up her inner thigh. I paused for a moment, flicking my tongue back and forth just under her gorgeous bald pussy. I love to tease, and by her heavy breathing and moaning I could tell she loved it to.

I couldn't take it any longer. I ran my tongue up, plunging it deep into her moistening hole then out again. With one long slow lick my tongue made its way up to her clit. She moaned louder with enjoyment as I began licking and sucking her swollen clit. She bucked and moaned with every lick like a wild woman. Before long, her moans turned into screams as she climaxed, squirting warm cum onto my chin and neck.

I moved down to taste her cum for a moment then continued my work on her clit. Another orgasm ran through her body as she grabbed the back of my hair, then another powerful orgasm swept through her body. I was content to keep eating her pussy all night, but she had other plans.

She quickly pulled my head away, looked me in the eyes and said, "My turn," with a sheepish grin on her face. I stood next to the bed as she got up and pulled her cloths off slowly. My god she was sexy, from her smile right down no her feet, a perfect 10. She came over to me and licked my chin before giving me a long kiss. As she pulled away, she commented how good she tasted, then said, "Let's see how you taste."

I pulled off my shirt as she knelt down in front of me. She quickly pulled down my pants and boxers as my hard throbbing cock sprung up to meet her. She placed her hands on my hips and began licking my member from base to tip. She really was an expert. Once she had it good and wet with her spit, she placed her lips around the tip and gently sucked for a moment, looked up at me then slid my entire length down her throat.

Her nose was pressed against me as she held my cock down her throat as long as she could. Still looking at me, I could see her eyes begin to water up before she moved her head back pulling my cock from her mouth. Eagerly she stroked my wet cock while she caught her breath. She kissed the tip of my throbbing cock again then licked the precum off of it. It was all I could do not to cum right then, but I wanted more.

Taking my cock deep in her throat again, she started to bob up and down expertly. I have to say by this point she was giving me the best blowjob ever. Without knowing what I was doing, I placed my hands on her head. She paused for a moment, my cock about half way in then released it.

"Do you want to fuck my throat?" she said smiling.

Before I could answer her she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Ramming my dick deep into her throat, I moaned deeply plunging it in and out.

Looking down at her I noticed that her hand had found its way to her wet pussy. She had two fingers in her hole and was fucking herself like crazy. 

I started pumping her throat harder now that I saw how much she was enjoying it. I knew I was about to cum and so did she. She pulled her head back but kept her mouth open. I began stroking my rod, staring down at this sexy young woman who wanted my cum so badly. Laying the tip of my cock on her tongue, I began pumping load after load of hot jizz into her mouth. A small trickle oozed down her chin before she closed her lips around my head and sucked the last bit out. She pulled away tipping her head back and swallowed every drop I had given her. Cleaning the excess off of her chin with her finger, she quickly sucked that off as well.
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