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A 'Lush' Reaction

Ted finds out about my erotic stories
I was filled half with dread and half with nervous excitement as I made my way to rehearsals on a slightly warm, March evening. Tonight would be the first time I would see Ted since I’d written the stories about our passionate encounters in July, while the play was being performed. Part of me just wanted to clap eyes on him, but the other part wasn’t sure how much I would be able to take. He would be there in front of me, in the flesh, and I had imagined him with no clothes on. But there would be at least twenty other people around and that might be a good thing. It might stop me saying or doing something foolish.

I entered the room with some other cast members, exchanging ‘hellos’ and pleasantries. The one thing I loved about this group of people was the openness and kindness they showed each other. Every ‘how are you?’ was with the utmost sincerity.

Ted was already here, talking to the two men who played Claudio and Benedick in the play. The three of them shared most of their scenes together. Ted was playing Don Pedro, the handsome Prince. At some point our paths met and he gave me a small smile. I was carrying chairs for me and my deputy stage manager when he intercepted and carried them for me.

“Thank you,” I said, with a smile that I was attempting to maintain. I didn’t want it to be too broad, too obvious. As he unfolded the chairs, it appeared that I had been left on my own with him. The nearest people with eight feet away. This was the situation I had been trying to avoid.

“You keep looking at me like you know my darkest secret,” he said jovially.

I felt my cheeks begin to redden but said nothing. “Do you want to know what it is?”

“Go on then,” I said, surprised my voice didn’t come out as a whisper.

He sidled up close to me, so our shoulders were touching. “I love watching the Jerry Springer show.” He smiled, broad and happy. “Your turn.”

I didn’t remember this being part of the deal. So I swallowed hard and said what really was my darkest secret. Only one person knew. “I write erotica.” I whispered it.

His eyebrows lifted immediately, but he didn’t say anything straight away. “What do you write about?”

Was he genuinely interested or would it be spread about the cast and crew before they even started rehearsing? I ran with it.

“I write about a stage manager who almost gets caught in the act with one of her actors,” I said, my voice trembling, but my clit starting to tingle as my imagination take over and worked out where this could lead.

“Really?” he said, with a guilty grin. “What part does the actor play?”

So he was interested. I knew it. 

I stepped right up close to his ear. “Don Pedro,” I whispered, whirling away from him and taking the door out of the hall towards the toilet. There was one beat and I heard his footsteps behind me.

The problem was my imagination hadn’t got this far. I was unsure of what would actually happen. Maybe he would be pissed off with me. He did have a girlfriend after all, even if Leslie wasn’t her real name. I had no idea what it was.

I stopped in the hallway and Ted came right up to me and glanced around, checking there was nobody else about. “What happens?” he asked.

I didn’t speak, but grabbed his face and just kissed him square on the lips. Unlike my story, Ted wrapped one hand around the back of my head while the other worked down to my bum. I would never have guessed he was a bum man. There was no protesting. He didn’t try to stop me.

I pulled away. “I cornered you and kissed you, like that. But you stopped me, because you have a girlfriend.”

I was hoping for some comment on the ‘girlfriend’ but he simply said, “And then?”

So, like the story, I felt for his tool through his clothes, cupping it and rubbing it gently. He closed his eyes, as I’d predicted, before letting out a long, shuddering breath. It was as if he was holding something in and was afraid to let it out.

He took my hand and led me across to the disabled toilet for a little more privacy. Up until then, anybody could have walked through the double doors and spotted us. The door was barely shut before his lips were on mine again and his hands were under my dress, clawing at my underwear. The Ted of my fantasies was a lot gentler, but this was unexpected and invigorating.

“Is this how it went?” he asked, breathlessly, as he helped me unbutton his shorts.

It was all such a mad rush, Every second I was more turned on. I just wanted him inside me. I didn’t care that it didn’t follow my narrative.

“Not quite,” I said, my hands on his cock now as his shorts and underwear slipped to the floor.

“Well, how did it go?” he asked me, as his right hand reached underneath me and started to rub my clit.

It took everything in me, not to cry out in pleasure.

“We got interrupted by Doreen,” I said, in between little moans of pleasure. My hand encouraged him to go deeper.

“Uh huh,” he said. His eyes closed as my free hand moved up and down his cock, speeding up and slowing down, teasing.

“So we had to stop. She said that your girlfriend was looking for you, so I gave you a blowjob.”

The words were rushed. I was trying to get them out quickly so that I could use my mouth for other purposes.

I could feel my orgasm creeping in slowly. By now Ted had entered two fingers inside me and that was enough to tip me over the edge. I gasped into his shoulder as wave after wave of pleasure crashed down over me. I felt my vaginal walls contract, tightening over his fingers. My grip on his cock tightened fiercely, but I didn’t want him to come yet. I wanted to find out exactly what sex with Ted was like.

He guided me around so my back was to the wall and removed his fingers, replacing them with his hard on. It felt like sheer bliss.He had only thrust twice into me when the door to the hall opened and there were footsteps just outside the toilet. Ted put his hand over my mouth and stopped moving. I kept moving my hips against his, urging him to continue but he was listening.

“Ted,” someone called. “Doreen wants you.”

“Shit,” he whispered, under his breath. “I’m just coming,” he said.

I bet he wished he was. I thought that would be the end of it, that we’d have to continue this later.

“Tell her I’ll just be a minute.”

With disappointment we disconnected. “Looks like it’ll have to end my way after all,” I said.

Before he could protest I sunk to my knees and enveloped his cock in my mouth. I knew I had to be quick so I got straight to it, running my tongue underneath his tool, coating it in saliva, bobbing up and down as quickly as I could. His right hand rested gently on my head, guiding me deeper, encouraging.

He let out small moans of joy as he was getting closer to orgasm. I could feel his thighs trembling in front of me. His fingers tightened their grip in my hair and he let out a whispered, “Oh yes!”

His come flooded my mouth and trickled down my throat. The amount was more than I could take and some of it started to dribble down my chin. All I knew was that I wanted every drop.

I released him from my mouth and he hurriedly pulled his shorts up, conscious of the time and the fact he was holding up rehearsals. He helped me up from the floor and planted a quick kiss on my forehead, a part of me that wasn’t stained with his sperm.

“We need to do this again,” he said, with a wicked grin before squeezing my hand and exiting the toilet.

I caught snippets of voices as the door to the hall opened.

“Have you seen our stage manager?” That was Doreen’s voice. I waited for Ted’s response.

“Nope, not since she arrived.”

I looked down at my chest and my clothes. I really needed to get cleaned up before I showed my face, but all I could think of was another round with Ted. I couldn’t wait.

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