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A Midnight Dream

A Midnight Dream

Tags: blowjob, tease
just one great reason I call her "my dream girl"

I floated between sleep and wakefulness, hovering in a dream state, not quite aware of my surroundings. I had probably been moaning in my sleep, no doubt the result of erotic dreams that happened almost nightly. Familiar faces from my past drifted in and out of one sleep-induced fantasy after another. Almost-innocent teenage lust, wild encounters with total strangers when I was a young man, mature women I had lusted after – all of them invaded my daydreams and came back to tease me at night. I continued to dream of these women, their sensuous mouths, their voluptuous curves, their moist and steamy wetness and eager lust. In my dreams (more so than in real life), they all seemed so eager to please me. While I drifted between fantasies in my dream state, I was somehow aware that my cock was throbbing, suddenly in need of an erotic touch.

The first thing I felt was warmth, a gentle heat. It was her breath on my cock. Still asleep, seeing nothing, I somehow sensed that she was next to me, watching, hovering. My cock was swelling, the blood beginning to rush into that oversized cock head that she seemed to love so much. Like an engorged mushroom even before my cock could grow hard, she loved to tickle it with her tongue. Flickering underneath, swirling around the head, circling the rim of my cock, the tip of her tongue worked its magic as her hot breaths came quicker. Then her tongue flattened out, slid beneath my cock, and scooped it up, lifting it into her mouth. Surrounding the head of my cock with her perfectly shaped pouty lips, she began to suck quietly, fervently, eagerly. She loved waking up my cock as I slept.

I let out a low groan and had a feeling of swimming upward into wakefulness. There was no way for her to know what luscious mouth had invaded my dreams. Perhaps it was a long-lost love, or maybe a memory of that first backseat blowjob in high school. Sometimes I dreamed of fantasy women, unreachable women like movie stars or office secretaries or hot sluts I had seen at a bar or a ballgame. She knew that I had an insatiable oral fixation that frequently dominated my unconscious fantasies. Whoever it was that wanted me in my dreams, she knew that they all wanted a hot throbbing cock in their mouth, and she truly enjoyed helping to make my dream a wet and sloppy one.

Her magical tongue swirled around my cock head as she began to suck harder. Not wanting to wake me just yet, she didn’t grab the swollen and hardening shaft. She just contented herself with cupping my balls in her hand as my cock grew and lengthened deeper into her mouth.  Stiffening and beginning to stand on its own, my cock began to stretch her mouth open. I could feel her hot breath on the head of my cock as she released it from her eager sucking motions, opening her mouth wide with a quietly satisfied "ahhh". Streams of saliva ran down across the throbbing veins of my shaft, now fully hard. Her tongue continued working its magic on the head of my dick, swirling and teasing, as she tried to catch her breath quietly before resuming her silent attack.

My eyes were half-open as my dreams retreated slowly, replaced by the moonlit vision of my amazing lover, naked and beautiful, leaning on her elbows and lavishing her wet and eager attention on my cock as it danced before her. The soft curves of her naked tits were smooth and gloriously full and round, beautifully illuminated by the moonlight. Her breasts swayed gently as she pushed herself up to get on her hands and knees beside me. The space between her luscious tits was a dark and inviting valley, her nipples stiff and dark against her beautifully smooth flesh. She was getting aroused at the sight of that rock hard shaft, dancing before her. It was time to renew her efforts.  The excruciating pleasure had been painfully slow, but it was time to pick up the pace.

Once again, her tongue led the way, prodding at my balls, lifting them up into her mouth to be sucked one at a time. Her tongue snaked up and down the full length of my shaft, drooling until my throbbing meat glistened wetly in the moonlight. I struggled to control my breathing, though my heart was pounding. I was fully alert now, though I tried to hide it. I loved watching the tender way she tried to pleasure my cock without waking me.

At last, my pulsing rock hard cock was ready for her to go to the next step. She kissed my hardness up and down, letting the twitching shaft dance against her neck, her lips, her cheeks, until her face was just as wet as my dripping cock and balls. She took a deep breath, her mouth wide open, a string of saliva dripping from her lips and chin onto the head of my cock. Then she made her slow, perfectly timed descent.

Her breath on my shaft was now a soft moan, as her lips surrounded my cock head and began sucking very gently, massaging it with her full soft lips. Her mouth opened wider, hungrier, and I could feel the wetness run down all the way to my balls as she took half my shaft and began to suck harder. She knew by now that I was at least half awake. The beauty of her shape in the moonlight was even sexier than the incredible sounds and sensations of her hot wet mouth.

I groaned loudly and felt my whole body tense as a wave of intense pleasure swept over me. My ass muscles tightened as I became fully awake and aware of the soft wetness that engulfed my pulsing hard shaft. She paid no attention to whether I was awake or not. She was totally focused on the job in front of her. I thrust upward as she plunged down suddenly, forcing the head of my cock into the back of her throat. Guttural groans of approval from her let me know that it was okay for me to respond. I thrust my hips in several urgent spasms as she grabbed at my balls, allowing me to fuck the back of her throat as she coughed and sputtered.

Pulling back and gasping for air, she grabbed my slick shaft with both hands and began to pump hard. Her tits bounced as she passionately jacked my cock harder and harder. Neither of us spoke a word as I stroked her breasts, pulled at her nipples, and ran my hand up and down her beautifully curved back. She had brought me slowly, gently, quietly out of my dreams into a fantastically sexy scene of heart-pounding reality. Now she was waiting for a signal from me to end it all with a rush.

I tried to hold back and make it last a while longer, but it was no use. She had pulled me out of my dreams so perfectly that I roared into wakefulness like a freight train. She looked so beautiful as she increased her two-handed grip on my cock, squeezing and stroking, pumping harder and faster. There was no holding back and I was heading over the edge toward a massive eruption.

Breathlessly eager to finish me off, she slid her hands under my ass and opened her mouth wide, once again engulfing my cock in slow up and down strokes of hot drooling wetness. Her head bobbed as she groaned and sucked and swallowed, taking my shaft balls deep on every stroke. She felt me tighten as her fingernails dug into my ass. She knew my cock and balls so perfectly and could sense that I was hovering, tense, right at the edge, as waves and waves of pleasure signaled the nearness of the inevitable explosion.

Suddenly she pulled up and began jacking off the hard wet shaft again.  She had timed it perfectly, and my balls erupted with a massive burst of pleasure.  She gripped my pulsing shaft with both hands to pump out long streams of cum that splashed against her lips, onto her tongue, and onto her neck and quivering tits. She breathlessly urged me to keep cumming, let it cum baby, give me that hot load, empty those balls for me, I love your hot cum all over me. Her words made me feel like a wild animal, exploding with lust, as never-ending waves of pleasure came with every slutty word and urgent squeezing and pulling and stroking of my erupting shaft. Thick globs of cum ran down her arms and dripped from her hot outthrust nipples, beautifully wet and hard.

She kept jerking my cock until I was spent, but knew that there was still more pleasure to give me as long as my cock stayed hard. She swallowed the slick shaft once more, urging more pumping sensations from the base of my cock, each spasm signaling another burst of pleasure as she sucked greedily. She sucked a mouthful of hot cum out of my shaft, letting it drool onto my balls. It all ended the way it started, with her amazingly gentle yet eager tongue, pleasuring that swollen mushroom as the last few globs of thick cum oozed out. She kept sucking and licking and kissing my cock head until the thick and still-swollen shaft at last relaxed enough to let her lay it down across my body. Licking her lips, she gave the head of my cock a final kiss and curled up beside me, gently pulling the sheets over us both.

The pounding of my heart began to subside as she wrapped her shapely legs over mine and nuzzled against my chest. I cupped her full and perfect tits, as she reached down to gently wrap her fingers around my still-pulsing cock. Her breasts were hot, her nipples still hard and wet, as cum dripped from her body and onto the sheets. The explosion of pleasure had given way to waves of warmth as I began to fall back into a dream state. Slowly, gradually, we both caught our breath as our pounding hearts grew quiet. I soon drifted back into a world of dreams, but she had chased away all the vague, shadowy figures and faces of the others who had invaded my midnight thoughts. For the rest of the night, she was the star of all my nighttime fantasies, a beautiful and generous lover who was so happy and eager to please me like no one else ever had.

I knew that when I awoke in the morning, she would be lying next to me, beautifully naked and smiling in dreams of her own. We both knew that the morning was my time to return the favor, to take care of her. From the first slow, gentle kisses on her shoulders and neck, to the fast-arousing licking and nibbling at her breasts and pussy lips, to the gushing wetness and heat as our bodies melted into glorious sunrise lovemaking, she knew that I would be just as eager to pleasure her in the morning light as she had been in the moonlit midnight shadows of my erotic dreams.


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