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A Night Out

A deviant smile spread across Lynn's face as she reached under the table, wrapping her tiny hand around the teased hard cock in Thomas' pants. He had treated her with a surprise that night, taking her for the first time to the Hard Rock Casino, and so far she was quite shocked by how much fun she was having. He had only told her they were going out to eat, and to dress as sexy as possible. He left the destination a secret until they had stepped into the elevator from the parking garage.

She had known wherever they were going, Thomas enjoyed having her petite frame on display, her perky breasts held up nicely in her strapless white top, mid length skirt, tall dark boots, black Cleopatra-esque hair cut, and spider bite piercings outlining one side of her lip. She knew he liked putting her on display, allowing any and all attention to fuel her sexual ego, and she knew this was exactly what was on his mind. The hard cock in his pants was evidence enough.

Telling him moments before that she wanted to take him to their car and swallow his hot cum probably didn't help either. She gripped tighter, moving her hand back and forth along his bulge as her pussy began to tingle in anticipation. She leaned close to Thomas, whispering, "Are you ready?" seductively in his ear.

She could tell he could barely contain himself. She wouldn't have been surprised if he had stood up right where they were, unzipped his pants, took out his seven-inch cock and fucked her mouth then and there. In fact, the thought made her even wetter. She wished he would, but knew they wouldn't push their exhibitionist fantasies quite that far.

She stood up, motioning for her man to follow. As he stood she admired his choice of clothing for the night, a black tie and slim fitted dress shirt. He stood a few inches taller than Lynn, short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes behind thick rimmed glasses. He wrapped his arm around her waist and they began to walk towards the garage.

As they made their way through the crowd, Lynn's mind dwelled on a moment earlier in the night. Knowing she was a lightweight, Thomas had ordered her a long island ice tea (which contained more than enough alcohol yet tasted nothing like ice tea) from a tall, dark haired, dark eyed bartender somewhere between walking away up from blackjack and luckless from slots. The gentleman was very friendly, striking up conversation with them about how their night was going. Thomas knew that drinks would lower Lynn's resistance when it came to her, for lack of better term, slutty thoughts. It was why he wanted her dressed the way she was. What he didn't know was she hadn't even needed the drink that night to get underway.

A small, deviant thought had entered her cock-hungry mind as the bartender spoke. She wondered how big his dick was and how easy it would be to lure him away from his post and taste it. Lynn had a thing for dark hair and dark eyes, and although she would never be unfaithful to the man she loved, he did urge her to think like a slut. It excited him, and despite her resistance it excited her too.

As quickly as the memory popped into her head, Thomas quickly snapped her back to reality. They were alone in the elevator. He stood behind her with his back against the wall, one arm strongly wrapped around her waist while the other dove between her soft skin and black thong. His fingers found her pussy already soaking wet, and she felt them begin to run in circles over her swollen pink clit.

She let out a moan, throwing her head back against his chest and wrapping her arm above and behind his head to pull gently at his hair. She had been so focused on teasing him that she hadn't expected this. Unfortunately the chime of the elevator bell cut their current adventure short, causing Lynn to exhale in sexual frustration as they composed themselves and exited onto their floor.

"Was it this bright in here earlier?" she thought to herself as they made their way to their small two-door Acura. It didn't matter in the end. The vehicles windows were tinted. If anyone did see what was about to happen they'd really have to go out of their way to look, and unlike in the restaurant, Lynn would love to give a few people a show.

She entered the passenger seat and looked over at Thomas, who had entered the car a few seconds before her. She was surprised and delighted to find his hard cock already out on display, a grin covering his face. The tip was covered in precum and she wondered what stray thoughts he might have had on the way over. If there were any he would tell her soon enough.

She bent over the center console, using one hand to pull her hair back while planting the other at the base of his dick. She parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the tip, she savored the lightly salty taste for a moment before beginning to pump the shaft with her hand and devour the rest with her mouth with a primal hunger. His body shuddered in pleasure and she began to moan, the act alone sending jolts of pleasure through her own body. She did love to suck cock.

For a few minutes the only sounds coming from the couple were the grunts of pleasure from Thomas, the muffled moans from Lynn and the familiar slurping sound of a woman blowing her man.

"I've noticed a few men staring at you toni-," he began to whisper, cut short by another moan as she took his shaft deeper into her mouth, "I bet that bartender caught your own attention."

Her moans grew louder with the mention of the bartender but before she had a moment to dwell on the possibilities, she felt Thomas thrust his hips upwards, followed by the familiar taste of hot, salty cum shoot down her throat. She kept sucking, wanting to catch every last drop of his semen. She swallowed his load, licked the tip one last time and looked up at Thomas with a mischievous smile.

"You wish," was the first words out of her mouth, pretending as though the bartender didn't pique her interest. He'd have to work a lot harder to get any sort of confession out of her.

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