A Not So Family Vacation

By NatiD

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Fantasy comes true for a working father on holiday
My family and a few friends decided to take a week in the sun of the Yucatan at a resort.

It was a beautiful, warm morning on the Riviera Maya. We all decided to get up earlier than normal to get a good spot on the beach. The resort was oddly very underbooked which was fantastic for relaxation.

After breakfast my wife, Kerry, and our friend, Janie, went back to the room to get ready for the day's fun in the sun. I decided to go down to the beach and set up camp. The sun was glorious at 6:15AM and the warm breeze off the ocean invigorated my senses and let me count my blessings for my current locale.

I found an empty palapa and set up the towels for our offering to the sun God. Kerry and Janie would be able to find the spot by the notable bright orange beach bag I had placed on the lounger. As I finished I decided to take a stroll down the beach away from the resort to take in the beauty of the morning. I walked for about 10 minutes and realized I was in total seclusion of paradise. I noticed a small, vacant palapa with two loungers on a small wooden deck. It was under a small grove of palms and realized it was completely isolated and hidden. I thought to myself, "That's a fantastic spot". I walked up onto it and had a seat and looked around at my surroundings and got that familiar feeling. "This is a perfect place to jack off!"

Slowly I pulled down my bathing suit looking around to confirm my solitude. I positioned myself onto the lounger and got comfortable with my legs bent sitting towards the beach. Caressing my slowly growing cock with my left hand I reached in my bathing suit pocket to grab my pack of cigarettes. I lit one up and returned to my now engorged, throbbing cock that felt the ocean breeze massaging me from balls to head.

Slowly I tugged at it and took long, slow drags of my smoke realizing that this was possibly the greatest solo effort of my life. I started to think of my wife's perfect, bald pussy and how wonderful it tasted. The way she sucked my cock like no one EVER had in my illustrious bachelor career. Longer drags led to harder, faster strokes as I closed my eyes and pictured her playing with my ass with our assorted bag of toys at home. I slowed down because I wanted this to last...

"Hey, Austin!" I heard Janie exclaim. "What in the fuck are you doing?!" She scolded. I didn't even flinch. I simply opened my eyes and continued as if she were a part of my mind's play. I refused to let my greatest personal moment be ruined by anything or anyone.

"You need to stop," Janie politely pointed out. "Kerry is at the palapa. She figured you would take a walk down the beach but we didn't see you. So I came looking."

I nodded in acceptance of her comment and then looked directly in her eyes and took a long drag of my cigarette while jacking my cock the whole while. She looked puzzled yet very intrigued.

Janie is a family friend that is single in her late 30's. Very good looking with fantastic 34D tits. Not fat at all but just enough meat to make her 5'5" frame delicious to look at. Long, dishwater blonde hair and tattooed very tastefully. I had known her for 20 years and never hooked up with her nor ever tried. She was "one of the guys". She became fast friends with my wife, Kerry, after bumping into her at a pub a few years prior.

"This could get me divorced if I let it go any further," I told myself. But I continued anyway. I figured she would just run back shamefully and mention it to Kerry - or not.

My wife and I had a fantastic sexual relationship. She knew I loved to masturbate and have her watch me. It got her lustfully involved in short time and ended up win win for us both, usually. She was a bit shy in the toy department, however. I had an array of dildos that I had her fuck me with from time to time. She did however suck on the rubber cock for me when we fucked. I fucking LOVED that. I begged for threesomes in the heat of the moment with a girl or a guy which exacerbated the dirty talk during sex. We had never done it and I never really thought it would ever happen - hence my personal love affair with my own cock!

Janie seemed like a baby deer in headlights watching me. You would think she would just turn away and leave, but no. My thoughts suddenly made a turn towards Janie. I suddenly felt a jolt of pure naughtiness come over me and I just began stroking harder and harder admiring Janie's tan yet tattooed scrumptious body. She was wearing a black bikini with red trim that barely covered her areolas and pussy lips. She slowly moved closer and stood closer and closer. She flipped her long hair and grabbed my cigarette from me. She took a long drag and blew out the smoke as if it were frustration for the things to come.

As I eyed her watching my cock in my hand she slowly started caressing her nipples then slowly moved down to her pussy. She placed her free hand inside her bikini and began to roll her clit in a slow deliberate manner. "Oh fuck. What are we doing?" she exclaimed.

I simply responded, "Nothing yet."

Janie threw out the smoke and made her way to the front of the lounger. I spread my legs a little wider and switched hands as she made her way up the chair. Janie eyed my cock then made eye contact with me. "Do you know how long it's been since I've had one of these?" she asked sullenly.

"I have no idea", I said.

"Too long", Janie replied.

Before I knew it Janie had taken my head into the swaddle of her warm tongue and lips. She seemed to let out a moan of "relief" as she greased up my pole with her inviting mouth. I could not believe what was happening. In my estimation what was done had been done and I might as well make this worth it. She stroked and sucked my cock so hard and well that I couldn't believe that my Kerry had competition! I felt so invigorated by the fear that I was in "marathon" mode. Meaning I could fuck all day with cumming.

Still no one was on the beach or could really see us. As Janie lapped up my cock she made her way to my balls where she massaged and sucked them perfectly. I spread my legs up into the air and invited her lower where she began to lick my taint and as I felt her saliva start to run onto my ass. I twitched in delight when I felt her tongue swirl up into my anus. Pure ecstasy was abound. It felt like time had stood still for this taboo meeting of the flesh.

She tongued my ass for a minute then I sat up and flipped her onto the lounger, removing her bottoms. I lay back and lifted her onto my face so I could taste her in full force. She was already dripping wet and I loved it. She ground her wet cunt all over my entire face and I could hardly breathe. This was a practice that I had grown to love over the years with my wife. However this was a new pussy. A pussy I had never tasted. It was sooooo sweet and savory.

Janie tensed and raised her arms over her head, flowing her hair and making quiet little "yes" noises. I sucked, licked, bit, chewed and open mouth kissed that pussy for what seemed like an hour yet was not that long at all. All the while my rock hard cock being attended to by my right hand. I was getting close.

With Janie's juices all over me dripping she asked if I wanted her to finish me. I didn't even blink and she returned to my cock with her wanting mouth. She placed her hands on my thighs and went free form with her mouth. Like a little motorboat she made noises as she deep throated a few times bouncing up and down vigorously. I felt my load starting to erupt when I noticed something to my right. I didn't flinch because I was so close to cumming. It was one of the activity members from the resort watching us, Mario.

Just then I dumped my seed into Janie's mouth and she looked up with lusty evil in her eyes as cum dripped down the side of her mouth. I couldn't resist her and I grabbed her from the back of her head and pulled her to my lips to kiss her. I kissed her then she pulled back startled. "What in the?" she said.

I then said, "Shut up," and pulled her back and made her share my cum with me. She slowly understood my ploy and slowed down to enjoy the transaction.

Janie asked, "What in the world are we going to do now?"

I simply said, "Who in the world are we going to do now?" I then guided Janie's eyes over to Mario, a 21 year old good looking, well built Argentinian with bronze skin and sun bleached shoulder length hair.

"Buenos Dias Senor y Senora", Mario exclaimed with his hands attempting to shield an erection.

This was going to be a vacation of a lifetime...

Don't worry. Kerry will be involved on this trip, later. Part 2 shortly.