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A Pleasant Wake-Up (Second story I ever wrote - very old)

A college girl finds her boyfriend asleep and wakes him up in a fun way.
Lisa opened the door to her apartment, and closed it quietly behind her as she saw Carter lying on the couch opposite the door, sleeping. She smiled, and put her school bag on the table just to her left, against the wall. She slipped her purse over her shoulder, and tried to tiptoe quietly across the kitchen floor to where her bf was sleeping.

It was hard to do in stilettos, but gradually she made progress, walking only on the front of her heels. As she stood on the carpet of the living room, she looked to her left and saw her reflection in the full-length mirror. Not bad, she thought. She was wearing green leather stiletto pumps, about 3 inches tall. Which was good, considering she was only 5 foot 4 or so. With it, she wore a black knee-length skirt with a ruffle around the bottom. To top it off, she had a cute black lacy bra and black cotton tank top. Leaning against the end of the divider between the two rooms, she looked down at Carter, and smiled. She crossed the small room, stepping carefully around the coffee table, still strewn with Carter's papers from class.

She stood beside Carter's head, and looked down at his peaceful face. His arms were beneath the pillow supporting his head, so that Lisa could pull back the blanket. She grabbed it gently, and pulled back, removing the blanket altogether. She raised an eyebrow, a little surprised for he was completely naked. She pulled the blankets back further, dropping them over the arm of the couch, and then kneeled in front of the couch, about midway down Carter's body. She put her left hand on the couch to stabilize herself, then started running her right hand down his thigh, her fingertips lightly fluttering over his skin, then moving back up his leg, towards his cock, where her eyes were drawn.

She paused, drawing her hand away from it, then extending one finger, ran it lightly across the top of his cock. Bringing her finger back on the underside, the bent down, and blew lightly on the head of his cock, and smiled as she felt it stir, begin to stiffen under her touch. She immediately, gently took his cock into her right hand, gripped it, and started to stroke, while blowing softly on the tip of his cock, then running her tongue around the head. She started to stroke a little faster, her grip soft but determined as she kissed the head.

She paused for a second as Carter woke, confused at first, but he quickly realised what was going on. He grinned, and sat up. Reaching down, he pulled Lisa towards him and she straddled him, her skirt hiking up to her waist, revealing her black cotton thong. They kissed, her hands moving over his face, back and chest while his right hand slid up the back of her shirt, and his left hand slid up her right thigh, lightly touching across the top of her leg to where her thong was, He grabbed his now hard cock, and angling it against it stomach, pulled her hard towards him so that her clit and pussy lips were rubbing against his cock. He placed both hands on her ass, pulling her towards him as they ground together. As she started to tire, Carter stopped moving, then let her get off of him, and sit on the couch next to him. Her legs spread wide, he kissed his way up one leg, and then the other. He reached up, and took hold of her thong, and pulled it off her, the left leg, and then the right leg. He threw it across the room, smiling. He came back between her legs, which were spread apart, the arch of her shoes on his shoulders, the stilettos slightly digging in to the front of his shoulders. He kissed the top of her thighs, moving his right hand under her lower back while his left hand lightly toyed with her clit.

Raising his chin, Carter set to work, the tip of hi tongue flitting and lightly teasing her clit, while two slightly curved fingers softly stroked the inside of her pussy. Lisa started to moan, bringing her hands to her breasts, taking the nipples between her fingers as she massaged her breasts through her shirt. Carter then inserted a third finger, and started stroking and licking her faster. Lisa was thrusting against his face, arching her back and digging her heels into his shoulder, not able to deal with the pleasure coursing through her body. However, as she was nearing orgasm, Carter suddenly pulled away.

Lisa opened her eyes, sad that the pleasure had stopped, but then removed her shirt, and beckoned to Carter, hooking one finger in a "come hither" motion. As he came closer, he stood up, forcing Lisa into almost a jack knife position (as she was sitting upright). Lying back, she reached between her legs and grabbed his cock. She stroked it, and then pulled him towards her, placing the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

Carter thrust forward suddenly, and Lisa stared to float away on a sea of pleasure as her bf thrust and bucked, driving his cock into her as deep and as fast as he could. Her hands were moving all over her body, going from massaging her breasts to rubbing her clit, then running a hand over her neck. She arched her back, and collapsed, over and over again, in time with Carter's thrusts and her own thrusts to meet him.

With one mighty thrust, Lisa and Carter came together, making her feel like she would explode under the pressure. As they came together, she squeezed his cock inside of her, and he came all over the inside of her pussy. With that sensation, Lisa herself orgasmed, arching her back, then immediately collapsing back down and she feel into convulsions of pleasure, a scream coming from her lips as the final wave rolled over her. They collapsed, Lisa following forward on top of Carter as collapsed on the floor. Exhausted. 
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