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A Puncture Repair Job

Young Jason gets his tyre repaired - and a bit more than he bargained for!
Hubby and I hadn’t been married very long and we were keen cyclists - we rode everywhere because we couldn't afford a car! I was about 25 years old and a typical housewife. We’d lived in that same house for over seven years and obviously knew all the neighbors.

One morning I was wandering around the house in my dressing gown, when I decided to pop some stuff in the bin at the bottom of the driveway. When I got there I saw young Jason from next door. He was walking dejectedly along the pavement wheeling his bicycle. It had obviously got a punctured front tyre, and he looked absolutely forlorn. He had just turned 16, and this was the start of his last school summer holiday. We’d known Jason and his parents ever since we moved in, and we used to baby-sit him. I remember tucking him into his bed in the winter! He was now growing up to be a tall, charming and very handsome young man! I don’t think that he had a girlfriend at that stage. As far as I was aware he was still quite happy messing around with his mates.

I said something to him about his bike, and he said he hadn't got a clue how to fix it, and that he would have to wait until his dad got home that night. He went on to say it was a shame, because all his mates were cycling out to Wallasea Island, and he was going to miss all the fun. It was a gloriously sunny day, and I really felt sorry for him. Being a bit of an expert with punctures, I offered to fix it for him. I think if he had had the courage he would have kissed me there and then. He was that grateful!

I got him to bring his bike to the side of the house, near the kitchen door. I went into the kitchen and fetched a bowl of cold water, whilst Jason turned the bike upside down. I came out with the bowl and squatted down, and using a couple of spoon handles, worked the inner tube out of the tyre. I then submerged the inner tube in the bowl, and concentrated really hard on looking for the bubbles. Jason was squatting down opposite me, and I assumed he was similarly engaged!

It slowly dawned on me that I was still wearing my knee length dressing gown. No knickers, no bra – nothing but the dressing gown. I was squatting down with my knees wide apart, bum nearly touching the ground. The belt was loose and the dressing gown was starting to come open near the top. And young Jason was squatting down opposite me obviously getting an eyeful, and having the time of his life! He could certainly see my very hairy pussy (I never shaved in those days). It would have been on display for a good five minutes, and gaping wide open! He probably also caught some very revealing glimpses of my tits! I was mortified!

I immediately stood up and gathered myself together, and moved to a kneeling position, ensuring that not one inch of inappropriate flesh was on display! When I'd finished the bike we both stood up, and the poor boy had a massive erection! His shorts looked as if they had a tent pole in them! It was so obvious, and he was so embarrassed because I was staring at it! He was blushing furiously (so was I actually), and I told him I was so sorry, and that it was my fault entirely. I suggested it might be an idea if he visited the bathroom. He could then sort himself out before going on to meet his mates. He said yes please, and just as he was going through the kitchen towards the stairs, I stupidly asked him if he'd rather I take care of it for him! Why I said that I’ll never know!

He really had no idea how to respond; he probably thought I was teasing him. He looked completely flustered, and I took him by the hand into the lounge. I knelt in front of him and undid his shorts and lowered them to the floor. I then lowered his underpants and released his rock hard willy! It wasn’t massive by any means, but it was quite respectable. It was just over six inches long but quite thick, and it was uncut. The tip was peeping out at me, and it had some creamy white pre-cum leaking out of the end. I leaned in to it and gently took hold of the shaft and licked the pre-cum off the end of his cock.

He was frozen like a statue! He was looking down at me with a shocked look on his beautifully innocent face. Our eyes locked and I swirled my tongue around the tip of his gorgeous cock, and then took it into my mouth. At the same time I was gently massaging his huge balls, and the shaft of his delicious cock. He started grunting with pleasure and began moving his cock in and out between my lips. I reached my hands around and started caressing his beautifully shaped bum, and he then really started to fuck my mouth! He suddenly groaned and shot loads and loads of semen into my throat. I thought I was going to gag; there was so much of it! I swallowed every last drop.

I then stood up and kissed him full on the lips, so he could taste his own cum! That was his very first blow job. He was only sixteen!!

Strangely enough, after that encounter his bike seemed to get more than its fair share of punctures!

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