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A Walk Through the Woods

A fuck fest in the woods
We arrive at the campsite and it's crowded! People are everywhere, tents are everywhere, and a band is already playing. It's metal- fest and we're here for some sun, music, booze, and fun. My lover and I set up our tent and head out into the crowd.

I am amazed at all the people, some are topless, some are naked, some have painted on bikini's. A deeply tanned brunette walks by and her tits are glistening with glittery paint that is painted over her nips to look like a sweet flower. She winks at me and smacks my ass. Wow! I look over to see my lover smiling. This is gonna be great.

We make our way to the stage to watch the band. A chick carrying a platter of tequila shots offers us each some. We both down two and she wiggles off, her hips swaying in her skin tight jeans. I lean against my lover and he grasps my hips and starts to massage them. A beautiful blond with thick thighs grabs his hand and mine and leads us to the edge of the stage. She beckons me to lay down and the drummer places a shot of some liquor between my breasts, and one between my thighs.She leans to take the shot from my large, heavy breast and my lover scoops the one from between my thighs. She grabs my head and kisses me deeply.

Her lips taste so sweet, I can't stop kissing her. I stop long enough to look down at my lover, he smiles at me and licks the inside of my thigh. I Look back at her and she smiles.This is nuts, I'm on a stage in front of a couple hundred people, but I don't object. She raises my shirt to expose my big, beautiful breast and I melt. She gently grabs one of them and begin to massage it. I pull her head down to the other, and she eagerly obliges me by gently teasing the nipple with the tip of her tongue. My nipple puckers and I push it deeper into her mouth. She suckles on it while I rub the other one, I moan and raise my legs.

I stare at my lover as he runs a finger down my sweet slit. He grunts and pushes my shorts to one side. My pretty, pink pussy glistens in the sun, I'm already very wet. He rubs my swollen clit with his thumb, I raise my hips and push against his hand. The music is roaring and people are cheering as I cum all over my lover's hand.

The blond kisses me again and walks off, smacking my lover on the ass as she leaves. He reaches for me and pulls me off the stage.

"Let's go for a walk babe," he says.

I follow him through the crowd, my juices running down my thighs.

We walk down a path leading into the woods. I appreciate the breeze that is working against the burning sun. My lover holds my hand as we walk, massaging my wrist. I love those hands. I know those hands. They're strong and magical. My lover stops walking and turns to me. He grasps my face and kisses me long and slow. The earth tilts just a little and I lean into him to keep from falling. He pulls away and eagerly looks around.

He grabs my wrist and hauls me off the path and into the woods, Leafs and sticks and other plants crunching beneath our feet. He hauls me up against a giant oak, the rough bark bites into my back, bruising my spine. He pulls my head back with a rough tug on my hair and bites my neck. He whispers in my ear, "I'm going to turn you into a forest nymph." And he lowers his head to my tits.

I grab his head and he looks up, shaking his head no. He pins my hands behind my back and goes back to working on my tits. I squirm and push against him, begging. He let's go of my hands and kneels before me. He unzips my denim shorts and pulls them down just enough to expose my pussy. He suckles on my clit and I moan into the breeze. I let my head fall back against the tree, thankful it's so sturdy. He sucks and licks on my clit until I think I'll die.

Voices bring me back to reality.

I look up and coming down the path are some more campers, laughing and enjoying themselves. As soon as they turn the corner they'll see us. I pull at my lover's hair and beckon for him to look. He casts a glance at the coming audience and goes back to working my clit.

The campers round the corner. One of them sees us and alerts the others. They shout out to me what a beautiful pussy I have and I come undone. I explode, squirting my juice into my lover's mouth. He eagerly laps up the mess.

He stands up and pulls up my shorts. I start to button them and he stops me. "Leave them unbuttoned baby and make them all drool."

We head back onto the path, my pussy throbbing against the denim of my shorts. We pass more campers and they whistle at my nearly exposed pussy. I want my lover's dick so bad I can't stand it. Ahead is a picnic table, surrounded by trees. I steer him towards it. The coolness of the shade teases me nipples. I want some, NOW!

"Sit right there on the edge baby," I say. And he obliges, propping himself on the edge of the table. I kiss him greedily as I unzip his shorts. His dick pops out, already standing at attention. I rub it through his boxers. "Mmmmmmmm. Nice and hard baby."

He pulls his boxers down, letting his wonderfully hard cock spring into the open. The head of his dick is glistening with precum. I rub it around in circles with my thumb, "Oh baby that dick is ready for me too."

I lick circles around the head of his dick. He groans and pulls on my hair. "Suck that dick baby, please suck that dick."

I take the head of his dick into my mouth and suck. He moans and pushes more of his dick into my mouth. I slide my mouth down to the bottom of his dick, taking him deep into my throat. I come back up and he slams my head back down. I bob up and down on his dick. I stop and smile up at him. "Your dick tastes so good baby."

I kneel before him on the soft grass and stroke his dick with my hand. The veins bulge from the sides and the tip drips with cum. I look behind him and see a muscular, black man bending a white woman over a water fountain, fucking her from behind as hard as he can. The woman opens her eyes for a moment and looks at me. She opens her mouth to scream as the black man smacks her ass. I'm ready to explode.

I jump up off the ground and pull my lover to his feet. He smiles. "What's the matter baby? Watching that bitch get the shit fucked out of her make you want this?"

I moan in answer and beg him for his dick. "Pleeeease baby, take this pussy."

"Not yet honey." And he pushes me to my knees. He thrusts his hard cock into my mouth. He rocks back and forth, fucking my mouth. Saliva and cum drip down my chin. I rub on my clit and finger my pussy. "Ya baby, play with that pussy!"

I grasp the bottom of his shaft and begin to suck his dick frantically.
"Ohhhh baby suck that dick."

I suck. I suck his dick as hard as I can. He pulls his dick out and hauls me to my feet. "You want his dick baby?"

I watch him stroking his big dick. "Oh yes baby, I want that dick, I want it bad!!!"

He strokes his dick some more and moans. "Bend over that table bitch, you're gonna take this dick."

I turn and bend over the side of the table. He slides his hard, thick dick into my soaking wet puss. I slam back against him, taking all of it in one shot. "Yeah baby! Give me that dick!"

He slams his dick into me, hard and fast. I slam back against him. "Oh baby that pussy feels so good!"

I look up. The white girl is now on her hands and knees, her white ass in the air, that black dick slamming into her pussy. I moan and grind against my lover.
"Ya baby look at her. Look at her taking that chocolate dick. Mmmmmmm. Ya, her ass doesn't look half as good as yours from behind. You like that baby, You like watching her get fucked?"

I moan. "Fuck me hard baby, fuck me like he's fucking her. Make me take that dick." He fucks me harder. His hand slides over my ass cheek and he slips a finger into my ass.

"Mmmm...there's that tight little ass."

I slam against his hand, taking his finger farther up in my ass. "Oh baby I'm gonna cum on that dick!"

I grasp the edge of the picnic table as he starts to fuck me harder and harder, faster and faster. "Cum on that dick baby! Yaaaaaa!"

I squirt juice all down his shaft, it runs down my thighs. He slams into me. "Oh baby yeah, I'm gonna fill you up.....NOW!"

He frantically fucks my pussy as he fills it up with his sweet, sweet cum. The earth stops spinning and I stand up. My shorts are soaked, I don't know who made a bigger mess. The couple across from us just finished their fest too, because the chick is zipping her pants and the guy is stretched out on the picnic bench.

I turn to my lover. I kiss him hard and he pulls me into his arms. "Oh baby, that's the only pussy I'll ever need!!!"

I sigh into his chest, "Mmmm-hhmmmmmm."

He takes my hand and we start to walk toward the other couple. The woman smiles at me. "Hey there sweetie."

I smile back and glance at her man. "You all looked like you were having fun."

They both laugh. "Ya, we saw you getting nailed to."

I smile and look at the woman, her hair blowing in the breeze, her skin glistening with sweat. "Did you like watching me get fucked?"

"Oh yes honey, you looked amazing, you really love his dick, don't ya?"

I nod my head yes. "I liked watching you too. Have you had enough?"

She sighs and runs her hand through my hair. "I've had enough dick, but I sure would like a drink of some sweet pussy juice baby."

I slide my hand up her shirt, her skin is hot, burnt from the sun and heated by love. "Come take a drink of me baby. I got all the juice you need."

She leans in and slowly kisses me. Her lips are full and soft, sweet like nectar. I am completely lost in her kiss. My hands massage her tits as we kiss. She moans and wiggles and presses against me. She drops her head and licks my neck. I pull a leaf out of her hair and wrap her hair around my fingers. She licks from my neck to my tits and back again. "Oh baby I can't wait to taste you."

She slides her tongue back down to my tits and slowly licks around my nipples. She gently nibbles at my them, making me moan. "Suck on them baby, please?"

She does. She sucks on my nipples so soft and slow I think I might die. She's driving me crazy. I pull on her hair. She sucks away as her hand slides south. Her fingers find my wet, swollen pussy. She looks into my eyes. "Oh baby, look what I found. mmmmm, it's nice and wet, I like the way you feel."

She rubs my clit with her fingers, putting pressure in all the right places. I catch my lover's eye, he is entranced. I glance at her man, and according to the bulge in his pants he is enjoying the show as well. "Play with that pussy sweetie, ya, that's it, rub her like that."

She slides two of her fingers into my greedy pussy and begins to fuck me slowly, the palm of her hand massaging my clit. "Just like that baby, you know what my pussy needs don't ya?"

She fucks me harder with her fingers as she hits her knees. "Ya baby and this is exactly what you need."

And she starts to lick my clit. She licks and sucks and licks until I know I need to explode. She drives her fingers deeper into my pussy, fucking me harder, her mouth sucking my clit. I grab her hair. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum in your sweet mouth."

And I cum, and cum, and cum. I came so long I didn't think I'd stop. She looks up at me, her chin dripping with my juice. She licks her lips and stands to face me. "Your pussy is delicious baby."

I take her hand and lick my juice off her fingers. "Lay down for me baby, on the table."

She stretches out on the table. I look over her long body, she's gorgeous, just a little curvy in all the right places. I kiss her as I look into her eyes. I lick each of her nipples making them pucker. She squirms. "Yeah baby. I like that."

I lick some more. "You like that because your a sweet little slut aren't ya baby?"

She moans loudly and pushes her tits in my face. "Oh yes I'm a dirty little slut!!"

I suck her tits and massage her curvy hips. Both our men come closer. I smile at mine as I tease her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I lick circles around her belly button. She raises her hips to my face. "Lick me baby, lick that pussy."

I lick her pussy lips, they're swollen and hot pink. I run circles around her clit and slide my tongue down to her sweet hole. I dive my tongue in, making her scream. I flick my tongue in and out of her pussy wanting her to squirt in my mouth. I go back to her clit and start sucking as I shove three fingers into her wet, begging pussy. She takes them and grinds against them greedily. I fuck her harder and harder as I suck her sweet clit. Before she loses it, I stand and motion to her man. "Get over here and put your dick in her mouth."

He does and she happily sucks at it, making the veins in his dick pop.

I glance at my man, he is already stroking his dick. "Come here baby, put that dick inside me."

I turn back to my tasty pussy and go back to licking it as my lover slides his thick dick in my pussy from behind. I watch her man's dick slide in and out of her mouth, strings of juice attached to it. She gags and chokes on the large dick but seems happy about it. Her pussy throbs under my tongue. I put three fingers back into her pussy and pump away at it. She moans around the black dick in her mouth. I am being rocked back in forth as my lover pounds into my pussy. "Fuck me baby! Oh baby, she tastes sooo good!"

He fucks me harder. "Ya baby! Eat that pussy baby!"

I eat as he pounds me. She sucks, while I eat. The black man pulls his dick out and cums on her face, rubbing it in. She moans and splashes cum all over my face. I tense and cum all over my lovers dick. He screams and pulls out, cumming all over my ass, smacking my ass with his dick.

My lover hands me his shirt, I clean up my ass and face. My gorgeous bitch cleans herself with her own shirt. I smile at her. "Maybe we'll see you all later tonight?"

She nods and smiles. "I definitely hope so sweetie!"

I lean in and give her one last kiss, she grabs my ass and squeezes. I turn, take my lover's hand and lead him away. The sun is setting in a beautiful orange and pink sky. We stop to watch,
"You're gonna marry me baby, and I'm gonna fuck you everyday for the rest of my life."

I lean into his arms and snuggle against him. I feel his dick against my back, already getting hard again. "Oh baby, I love you and your dick."

We kiss long and hard as the sun sets around us.

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