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A Weekend Away Part 2 - Room Service

If you need a little more character development, please read Part 1.
As she slowly opens her eyes, she wonders how long she has been asleep as she notices the sun has set and the room is dark with just a single light on. She can’t believe she fell asleep, she is never able to actually sleep with a man their first time together and very rarely in a hotel room. Maybe it was the long cross country flight, or the amazing sex, or maybe just maybe she finally met someone who was right for her.

She sits up and she notices him gazing at her. He tells her she is beautiful and although she knows it’s a lie - she looks like a troll doll with hair every which way - she appreciates the kindness behind the thought.

Just the sight of him has her pussy starting to tingle again. She stands up to meet him and he kisses her. She loves kissing him. Loves the taste of his lips on hers, so soft, yet hungry at the same time. Loves how his tongue moves, licking, stroking, gently pushing into her mouth, and when his tongue finally touches hers she lets out a soft moan. He gently breaks the kiss and asks if she is ready to get something to eat. She gets a sparkle in her eye, she is definitely hungry, but not for food.

“Oh, I’m hungry all right,” she says and she pushes him down on the bed. As he leans back against the pillows she slowly moves up his body, brushing hers against his. When she reaches his lips she kisses him, lightly brushing her lips against his, tugging at his lips, sucking his tongue deep into her mouth.

He reaches up to run his fingers through her hair and pull her in deeper. She pulls away, reaches over and grabs the phone. “Maybe I’m hungry, but I think room service is a better option. You choose.”

As he waits for the operator to come on, she puts her devilish plan in motion. She kisses him softly on the lips and then the neck and begins to stroke his cock with her hand. She keeps her eyes on his and she slowly moves her lips down his body.

Just as he is ready to give the operator their order, she takes his cock in her mouth and begins sucking it. He can’t help but moan and stutter, the operator asks if he is okay. She pauses for a second, so he can respond and place the order, her lips hovering above the tip.

He is ready to explode just from feeling her breath on his tip and he swears he will never tire of looking into those eyes. The pause is brief; she is too excited to wait any longer. She wants to make love to his cock with her mouth. She begins by gently sucking the spots of pearly pre-cum that had begun to ooze from the tip. He tastes so good.

She kisses her way down his long, thick shaft and slowly licks her way back to the top. She looks up and deep into his eyes and takes as much of his cock as she can in her mouth and begins to move up and down, her hand wrapped tightly around what she can’t get in her mouth.

He moans and stutters, ‘Baby, suck that cock. Suck it deep’. His hands bunch in her hair, forcing her to take him deeper inside.

She loves feeling him grow harder in her mouth. She licks, she sucks, she moans until she can feel him ready to lose it. He begins to stutter again, “Oh god, get ready, baby.”

She takes him deeper and he begins to explode. She keeps sucking, loving the taste of his cum in her mouth. And just as she licks up the last bit of cum, the knock at the door comes. "Room Service!”

They both giggle together – room service suddenly has a brand new meaning.

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