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A Weekend in the Smokies - Part 3

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Was this real? Was this a dream? The smile on her face makes me wonder.
Terri was totally spent. Her body drenched in sweat. I could feel every muscle in her body quivering beneath me as we both attempted to regain some composure. Her mind was racing through the events of the last few moments of her submissive captivity.

"I can't... believe... how hard... I just came!" Terri whispered between exasperated breaths.

I kissed her neck and shoulder as I grudgingly lifted my own exhausted body. My now flaccid manhood slipped from her tender folds as we both groaned our mutual displeasure.

"Let me get you out of these bindings," I groaned, sliding back to sit on my heals beneath her upturned ass.

Removing the bindings from each leg, I slowly lowered her trembling limbs as Terri groaned relief. Straightening them out on the bed, I gently massaged blood flow back into them, then slid to her side and gently lifted her head to remove the blindfold.

Her auburn hair was damp with sweat. Tiny ringlets framed her face, accentuating her glowing hazel eyes as she peered up at me. They shined brilliantly in the sunlight, now beaming through the log cabin's large picture window. An explicit look of utter satisfaction resonated from beneath heavy eyelids.

"You did wonderfully!" I spoke softly as I leaned in and kissed her sweaty forehead. "How do you feel?"

"Completely drained... and exhilarated... all at once." Terri smiled up at me. Her voice was shaky and weak, almost a whisper.

"You enjoyed my little game, then?" I inquired half smiling as I released one arm from it's tethered restriction and repeated the gentle massage on her arm and hand.

"Mmhmmm!! Very much! Can we do it again?" Her voice pleading quietly.

I couldn't resist laughing under my breath as I removed the last sash from her arm. " I think you more than liked it! I may have created a monster!"

"This was all your doing! I can't be held responsible for the results!!" Terri laughed as she sat up, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me with debilitated passion.

"Right now, I believe what you need is to drink this." I instructed as I handed her the glass of water from the night stand. "You're just a bit dehydrated."

Terri took the glass in shaky hands and swallowed half of it's contents before almost choking. I quickly took it from her.

"Easy does it, darling." I cautioned. " No sense strangling yourself."

"I suddenly feel like I could sleep for a month!" Terri groaned as she stretched her arms over her head.

"Well... that took a lot out of you. Here, slide over and lie down," I instructed as I pulled a pillow under her head and slid in beside her. She immediately rolled her head onto my shoulder, draped an arm over my chest and closed her eyes as her leg slid over mine.

Within seconds I could hear the gentle purring in her breath as she drifted off. My personal physical detriment pulled me into my own blissful twilight.

My mind quickly entered into a vivid dream that one could only describe as an "out of body experience," My soul seemed to be hovering in the rafters of the log cabin's cathedral ceiling.

I gazed down at the two listless figures lying below me, their breathing deep and rhythmic. As the moments passed Terri began to slowly stir. Her arm, which lay draped over my chest, drifted down over my abdominal area.

It slowly inched it's way into my groin and gently cupped my genitals. As she softly squeezed and caressed, my spent manhood also began to stir.

Terri's head began a journey to meet her caressing fingers. Tenderly kissing a nipple which immediately tensed. A trail of soft kisses made their way across my stomach. Her eyes never opening. My body motionless, with that isolated exception.

As she drew nearer to my semi erect penis, her lips parted slightly and she slowly engulfed its pliable length completely into her mouth. Her head now resting on my thigh as she began suckling on my cock. Still her eyes remained closed. Her breathing slow and deep.

The warm, moist sensation of Terri's mouth wrapped around me created an uncontrollable response as my cock began to lengthen and become more firm. I sensed it pushing into the top of her throat. She continued suckling, like an infant to it's mother's breast. Her lips wrapped around the base as I grew thicker with each passing second. I watched as my body half turned to meet her. Never waking.

Her throat began constricting around my head. I could feel the muscles massaging the engorged cap. There was no bobbing, no stroking, no licking. Only the hot, wet suction of Terri's mouth as it fed on my manhood. Still her eyes remained closed. My body still lay motionless. My only response was through my still semi hard erection as it pulsed into her throat.

As the sinuous flesh extended further into her throat, Terri's lips became tight around it's base. She began swallowing and each contraction of her throat massaged the end of my cock.

Her hand gently cupped and squeezed at my testicles. Slowly massaging them as she continued to suckle. My minds eye watched intently as she maintained her lip lock at the base of my now full erection.

With each contracting gulp on my cock, Terri's breathing remained steady and deep. Amazingly unrestricted by the cock that now pushed itself deep into her throat. Her fingers tending my scrotum more assertively. A low moan exuded from the throat of the man who would be me. Still... her eyes remained closed.

A hand slowly moved to lightly rest on her beautiful red hair. Intertwining fingers mingling amongst those gorgeous curls. With complete abandon, the surge of orgasmic lava erupted. Her breathing remained unhampered. Her eyes still closed. A look of utter contentment resonating from her sleeping face.

The erotic vision from my spiritual vantage in the rafters witnessed uncontrollable spasms erupting through my body as one orgasmic surge after another emptied into her throat. As they subsided, Terri continued her suckling until my erection was once again flacid.

My vivacious redheaded lover slowly made her way back to my shoulder, her arm once again draped over my chest and her long, sexy leg slipped between mine. Her eyes never once indicating consciousness. A sudden swirl of darkness pulled my from the ceiling.

I'm not sure how long we lay that way, but I opened my eyes to find Terri resting in the same position as when she dozed off. "What an amazing dream," I thought to myself.

Gazing upon my lovers face revealed a look of blissfully contented sleep. A slight smile on her preciously full lips, and just a hint of cum at the corner of her mouth.

"Was this a dream... or wasn't it?"

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