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A Wish Fulfilled

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Will he fulfill her wish? Or will it be just chat talk?
Kelly and Mark had been online chat buddies for sometime now. Sometimes their conversations turned erotic and sexy and once in awhile they even did cyber chats with their webcams.

Today, however, was their first encounter face to face. Kelly was nervous and anxious, all at the same time. "Was he really gonna show up and fulfill my desires and needs?" she thought to herself.

Mark had booked a nice hotel room and it was ready to be checked in by whomever got there first. Kelly arrived first, checking in and going into the room. "A nice place," she thought. Since she was early, she decided a long hot bubble bath in the garden tub was just what she needed.

She filled the tub with steamy water, adding lavender bath oil. She removed her short tan shorts, white tank top, releasing her black lacy bra which held her nice C cup breasts and her black lacy thong.

She inched her way into the relaxing aromatic bath. While laying there, her hands roamed over her perky breast, pinching a nipple ever so slightly. Her arousal blossoming. Her hand traveled down her smooth flat stomach to her mound of womanhood. Her fingers slipping a little further to find her clit. She rubs and moans softly. It feels delightful.

She never heard Mark come through the door. He noticed the bathroom door ajar and smelled the lavender, he decided to take a peek. There she was, a beautiful woman playing with herself in the tub right in front of him!

His cock began to enlarge against his jeans, as he tried to shift so it wasn't noticeable. He made a slight groan and she noticed him standing there. She raised herself up as he reached out to stroke her soft cheekbone. She stood, grabbing the nearest towel and wrapped herself in it as she stepped from the tub.

They walked hand in hand to the bedroom. They embraced and kissed and it was like fireworks. Her hands placed on his broad chest, gripping his shirt. His hands traveled down her back to her round full ass. Massaging and lightly spanking. She moaned in his mouth, begging for him to touch her more.

His shirt was removed and in the blink of an eye, her towel puddled to the floor. He guided her backwards to the bed and gently laid her down. He kissed her, nibbled on her lips, his hands massaging her full breasts.

His fingers traveled to the valley of her belly button and down further to her hot juicy sweet spot. His lips took in a nipple, going back and forth between the two. His finger tickled her clit, which was swollen and sensitive.

His mouth traveled to her clit, licking and sucked all around her wet lips. He flicked his warm tongue on her clit, driving her wild with pleasure. He entereds her with two fingers, fingering her and licking her clit. She was estatic, feeling like she could climb the walls.
He whispered to her, "Cum for me baby....squirt in my mouth."

By then, she could feel the climax getting stronger and stronger until she could not withstand it any longer. She was jerking her hips in upward motion to his mouth and fingers and exploded! She came so hard, she had chills running up and down her body, her legs trembled. He licked her and sucked her until he got all her love juice off and raised himself to kiss her gently on the lips.

He smiled down at the exhausted beauty and asked, "Did I fulfill your wish darlin?"

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