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A Wonderful Lover

Fun times on a cruise liner
My name is Jace. I am a very athletic person but I am not buff. I have an olive/dark complexion while still appearing Caucasian. I have dark wavy hair to match my skin and I keep it medium length (just barely out of my eyes). I have very muscular legs from years of playing backyard sports and organized soccer. I would consider myself very fit with nice abs. I am a senior in High school and captain of the soccer team. I have been told that I was a very sensual person unlike most guys. I thoroughly enjoy sex, but I would not consider myself to be a sex-crazed teen. Prior to this, I had only been with one person. We had dated for 2 years before we started. I am not a friend with benefits/one night stand kind of guy. I only do things with people I love and have a connection with.

So, here is my story…

It was nearing the end of my senior year in high school and as reward for maintaining good grades and making the all-region team; my parents gave me 2 tickets for a cruise to Hawaii and this ticket for surfing lessons. You see I have wanted to learn how to surf all my life. My parents and I had a deal that if I finished in the top 15% of my class they would get them for me. Since I did not have a girlfriend, I invited my best friend, Will.

So a couple months went by and we graduated, and stayed close. He no longer was with his girlfriend as since they were going to different colleges that were states apart. So they decided to just agree to date other people. And I was still single as I had been for the past 6 months as I didn’t want to get in a relationship before heading out to college. However, I had been on many dates, which is a whole another story itself.

So when we finally get on the cruise it is the most amazing feeling of my life. The water is beautiful, the boat feels great, there is so much fun stuff to do, the food is great, and of course there are tons of beautiful girls our age.

Being of course, water lovers after the first day of being on the ship we decided to grab our swim trunks and swim on deck. Being the immaculate flirts we were we decided to play around with some girls and of course we got some hits back. We ended up meeting these two best friends who were both absolutely gorgeous.

Will liked Veronica; she was average height about 5’5”. She had what I considered short hair as it was too short for me. It was barely passed her shoulders. Her hair was blonde and straight. She did have a very nice figure. I would guess b cups and nice legs. She was definitely his type. Her friend Lyss was just as gorgeous if not moreso.

Lyss had beautiful long dark wavy hair that fell just above mid-back. She had green eyes, a beautiful smile. Her breasts were a little bigger and fit her slim body perfectly. She was a little taller too, probably about 5’7 with these gorgeous long legs. We continued to talk and play for a bit before agreeing to meeting up later for dinner.

When we finished swimming we headed back to our rooms for a shower and to clean up. (After all we wanted to look good for our “date” tonight). Of course we talked about how much we liked these girls from earlier. He told me that he liked Veronica and I of course told him that that was great, just stay away from Lyss as she was mine. He said of course so we got dressed and went to pick them up from their room.

I wore khaki/cargo shorts with a white long sleeve American eagle shirt with pink stripes down it and the sleeves rolled up. He wore plaid shorts with a matching polo shirt. When the Lyss and Veronica came out, at first I was speechless. I didn’t even notice Veronica as my eyes were stuck on Lyss. She was wearing a plaid button up shirt with tan shorts to match. It complemented her dark skin tone and hair perfectly.

We talked aimlessly over dinner before things got really interesting. Turns out, Lyss was on the cruise because she found a summer job doing surf lessons. I secretly screamed in joy on the inside as I was going to spend a whole week with her. After we finished, Lyss and I went one way while Will and Veronica went the other to have some private time to talk.

Lyss and I talked about how we loved sports and the beach, talked about old relationships, future plans. Basically everything, as we talked what turned out being almost 3 hours. I really felt a connection with her, so I got her number and we decided that we would hang out the next day. When we got to her room I gave her a long warm hug and then we looked in each other’s eyes. Something clicked as I bent down and kissed her long and passionately. She invited me in and even though we had been out for so long Veronica still wasn’t back. (I would find out later that she was with Will the whole time.)

She told me that she hadn’t been with a guy in a long time but that I sparked something inside of her and that she wanted me so badly. I didn’t let her say another word as I slowly started to kiss her again intimately walking her backwards to her bed. When we reached it, I gently pushed her down and crawled on top of her.

When I finally broke off our wonderful kiss, I pushed her hair behind her ear as I began kissing her beautiful neck and unbuttoning her shirt. As I was unbuttoning I could not resist letting my hands trace her soft flat tummy and Noticing how wonderful her skin feels against mine as all she was wearing was a bra beneath it. I pushed her shirt to the side and slowly helped her to glide it off of her exposing her bare belly.

I looked deep into her beautiful green eyes again and whispered softly to her telling her how beautiful she is. While I did this I noticed her hands began to unbutton my shirt as well. I began to help her longing to feel our bare skin against each other. When we finally got my shirt off, I resumed kissing her passionately on her lips for another minute. Then, I agonizingly slowly began to kiss my way to her neck again lingering for a second before moving on to her beautiful mounds of vitality. I slid her bra to the side as I couldn’t resist but to give her a hickey on her left breast above her heart. When I finished her hickey, I unhooked the bra and slowly slid it off of her leaving her completely topless underneath me. When I resumed kissing her breast I felt her breathing quicken a little, and she softly cooed my name. This only made me more excited as I gently began to massage both of her breasts with my hands.

While I continued to massage her beautiful breasts, I made sure to pay attention to her every sound and move as I wanted to make sure that I was giving her the best experience possible. I didn’t let my lips leave her body as I trailed my kisses down past her breasts and onto her soft flat belly. After lingering for a minute on her tummy I would continue down past her love center so I may kiss her long, gorgeous, and tan legs. I was absolutely enthralled in how wonderful they felt against my lips. Her calf muscles absolutely entranced me with their gentle curves and firmness. I absolutely loved them. I had to remove my hands from her breasts to feel them even more.

I heard Lyss whisper my name, and beg for me to continue. I was happy to oblige her as I slowly kissed my way back up her alluring legs to the inside of her thighs, before I passed over her love center again as I commenced making out with her some more. I teased her mouth with my tongue as I slowly unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off of her. I felt her fervor for me increase as her kisses began to return mine with even more passion than before. Because of her increased intensity I teasingly began to pull her panties off of you as well. While I did this I made sure to feel her calf muscles once again. I told her how beautiful and magnificent they were to me. After this, Lyss began unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them off of me with my boxers immediately behind them. When we were both completely bare I pressed myself against her glorifying in the feeling of our bodies pressed together. After I kissed her on her subtle lips one last time; I trailed my kisses down her once again, going a faster than before but lingering on her mounds of vitality, her love dots, her inviting tummy, and her beautiful calves once more. After I kissed her calves I went back up to her alluring love center.

I started by giving her a nice kiss on her love button, and then proceeded in licking her slit from the very bottom up to her clit. As I did that, I heard a soft moan escape from her lips, which excited me even more. At that, I inserted my tongue gently inside of her. I felt her walls squeeze around it and I loved the taste of her juices on my tongue. I had to push my tongue farther inside of her, because I needed more of it. This time, a louder moan escaped from Lyss’s lips and I was happily aware that it was my name she was moaning.

I continued by swirling my tongue around inside of her pushing against all of her inner walls, and sucking out all the juices I could reach. After circling inside of her for a little while, I noticed her breathing was becoming shorter and shorter and I knew she was getting close. I began to suck on her love button once more, gently but firmly, drawing it into my mouth and sucking on it.

She moaned out my name and told me that she couldn’t last much longer. I just increased my intensity and inserted my tongue as deep inside of her as I could. I swirled it inside of her as I brought my hands to her breasts and began playing with her nipples firmly but carefully so as to not hurt her. Soon I felt her hips began to push against me and her moaning became loud as she called out my name and convulsed against me. My mouth became flooded with her juices which tasted marvelous as I kept probing her with my tongue riding out her orgasm.

Lyss asked me to stop for a moment so she could kiss me. I was happy to oblige her, and when we broke off the kiss she told me how wonderful it felt and that she hadn’t had anything that good in a looong time. Unsure of where it came from, I told her that I loved her, and she was shocked at first before quickly recovering and giving me a hug and kiss and saying she loved me too. I was so happy to hear her say that, and apparently she was too as she rolled us over and climbed on top of me. ..

Learn what happens next in part two… =D Please rate/comment and tell me what you think as this is my first story and I would appreciate all the tips I can get.

Special Thanks to All who helped me write this story, even though most of them are no longer part of the Lush Community.

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