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Adoptive Mother Final, Grace does Sheriff

Teacher fucks student and then has oral with sheriff
Breathing hard, as if just having gone through a training program, she couldn’t believe it. He did that, honestly? Max and I honestly, truly fucked like we did, she asked herself. He didn’t know better. This was his first time. He hoped, and it looked like that on his face, that he’d done okay. He wore that simpleton’s expression on his face, the one in which said to others did I do it right?

“Wow Max” and she took another deep breath of air, “and you’ve…you’ve never had,” and she did it again. She had to take a deep breath of air so she could relax. “You really have never…had…sex before…in your entire lifetime?” Her eyes were big, her mouth was open, and Grace’s expression or expressions said it all.

She was openly and honestly impressed by her student, friend, and now her younger lover but any way you sliced it this was worth the while to her. Feeling gloriously happy at all the after effects of having a cock, finally, in her pussy, and being able to orgasm as a result of his cock as well Grace was elated. Ohhhhhh, he was happy he did a good job of it. That’s for sure. But he never expected her arms to reach out and hug his body. She took him into her naked succulence and pulled herself against him so she could feel him through and through. And then she laid her first sweet and tender kiss on his lips.

“That Max was perfect,” she heard herself say out of nowhere, “mmmmmm.”

With the sheets pulled up about halfway on their bodies, both could see the other’s chest. Her thick luscious cleavage which rose up off of it was a tapestry for his eyes. He was fixated on it as her memories of being fucked by him lay in her thoughts and how excellent it felt to have a guy’s cock sliding, reaming, and arousing her more and more and even more so that yes, she could orgasm and cum to her delight.

“I could do that again Max,” she told him, a warm gentle smiling collapsing on her face. “Did you enjoy it too I hope?”

“Yes, I guess so,” she replied. “Did I do it right?”

“Ohhhhhhh Max, you have no idea how good it felt to me to make love to you, to feel your cock inside of me when we did it together.” She smiled and caressed his chest. “I almost want to say I love you for what you just did for me.”

He allowed her to do as she pleased, which was more then enough, as she pet his chest and kissed his lips softly and repeatedly and gently too. “Yes honey…I could do that again with you to be honest,” she added with another smile.

She laid there, naked and looked into his eyes as the two cuddled on the bed, and the sheet with which they were covered by slipped down off them and exposed her beautiful succulent bosoms. He looked down at them and then into her eyes and then he said “I really do think you’re beautiful Karen. I really do you know.”

They got up and took a shower, together, which to Max was proof to how excellent a day can be to an 18 year old such as him. She got out. He was dressed and done in about 15 minutes. It took her another 15-20 minutes, including doing her hair, makeup, and clothes but in the end she looked fabulous especially with that smile she wore.

He went outside to call Cynthia. “Hiiiii, what’s going on?”

“Max honey, how’s it going to day? Are you still on the road?”

He told her just about everything, except of course the sex part with Grace, which in truth she would not have minded. Sex was a part of her life. She loved sex. She loved sex of almost any kind. It did not matter. If it involved a cock in her pussy, she was all for it, and that would include tales of him and Grace getting it on as well.

“Okay, well I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” he told Cynthia.

Max and Grace polished off the following day, sleeping together, but making sure the two of them had an uninterrupted flourishing evening of intimate and pretty wild sex filled night. He was slowly becoming good at this. He was slowly getting the hang of it and he understood how his teacher moved around on the bed, making it easier and more fun and even more enjoyable for the two of them to make love, if you will each night.

“Wow Max honey,” she said each night. “Doing what we’ve done well its soooo great.”

She had closed her eyes when she said it and pulled him in again to kiss him too. He loved how her lips felt on his and eventually he even placed his arms around her body so he could kiss her back, which she loved as well. Sex with her, night after night, had been great. They seen all the colleges they wanted to see. He’d decided on the third day where he wanted to go, and he’d get in too. His GPA was so high there wasn’t any question with that. All that was left in the week, to him, was to go and fuck Grace some more.

He could not wait. From the very moment he woke up he was practically in the shower with her, letting her know how he felt about her and being with her, and telling her he was anxious to make love to her.

She even, as an added pleasure, offered him a hand job, or better yet a blow job on the way back home. It didn’t take much. He said sure. He’d love that. So she suggested he get off the highway and take a more rural route home, some route which wouldn’t and didn’t have any cars on it. Once on one, and heading steadily that way, she reached over, and planted a hand on his crotch.

“Mmmmmm oooooohh that already feels good Grace,” he said.

“Just you wait,” she said as if playing with him.

A few minutes later he was well into what she was doing. “Uh ohhhhhh God Grace. Oh God…yes…mmmmmm, yes,” he cried out. His pants were undone. His pants were pulled down. His foot was on the accelerator but it was slow, fast, and then they were going slow again. Regardless, he was driving all over this country, rural highway with no idea what he was truly doing while she licked, swallowed, and got his cock hard.

All of a sudden, he drove the SUV off the road. Her body was still leaning over his lap, sucking him off, and getting closer to getting him off too as his lap rose up off the seat. Even when they drove off the road, here she was, her mouth swallowing, and licking his cock and holding his balls in his hands.

And behind them something was headed their way.

It was the county Sherriff. Driving the sheriff’s car was a tall, good looking, and quite husky guy a few years older then Grace by the name of Daniel Turner. Always smiling but always promiscuous as well, Dan, as they called him, pulled up as Grace kept on sucking off Max’s cock.

Max exploded as he pulled up and put on his flashers. Cum flew up out of his cock and filled her mouth, and she of course swallowed as much as she could, as he walked up to see what happened. Unaware that these two were doing what they were doing, he suspected something like this from the beginning and he smiled as he came closer.

He saw a body jump. Why was the guy jumping? He did not see Grace. He walked closer and he came closer. Still he hadn’t seen her as of yet. And then, finally, he saw her leaning over doing something.

“Ohhhhhh yeah,” he said aloud to himself. “Should have known,” he added as he knocked on the car. “What’s going on there?” he asked them just as Grace sat up and cleaned off her face.

“Out of the car please,” he said as he smiled graciously. “Been there, done that,” he told both of them as he nodded his head and caught them looking back at him. Right away Max pulled up his pants and Grace blushed a bright shade of red. “Nooooo, you stay in there. You, back to my car,” he told Max. Grace, who he also found to be one pretty lady, remained, cum streaked, in the SUV. He took Max back to his police truck, and let him stay there, handcuffed in it. “I’ll be right back son.”

“Hi there miss,” he said with that adorable, charismatic smile of his. “Have to admit it myself…I also like getting blowjobs out on these country roads. I’ve even eaten out a few of my, you know, past friends out here. Hell of a good time.” He paused, as she listened, and while he smiled right into her eyes. “Have to admit though it sure has been a long, long time since I’ve gotten a taste of a woman’s you know what and it’s always worth it.”

She looked at him. He smiled and looked back at her.

“Seeing as you and your uhhh friend are on some kind of pleasure trip, if you will, may I interest you in something like that? You seem to know how…how enjoyable it probably is, right?”

He sounds nice she told herself and if nothing else he is a very, very good looking guy too. I love that tone of voice of his she thought as the smile within her blossomed more and more. It almost caressed the surface of her lips as he spoke sweetly, and gently, to her. And wow…she added as the two of them looked at each other, he sure is built.

“Okay, let’s do this,” she somehow heard flow out past her lips. Did I just say that? Oh my God, I just told him I’d let him eat me out. Ohhhhhhh Lord, God…I just said yes, didn’t I?

“So I assume we should do this in the back seat?” he asked.

She found herself nodding her head. And before she knew it she was getting out of the front seat while Max sat in the backseat, handcuffed, looking out that way. He couldn’t quite tell what was going on. He couldn’t see either of them so he didn’t know what the sheriff was doing with Grace.

“Here, lay down. Let me help you off with these,” he told Grace. He pulled down her shorts. He pulled down her panties. “Mmmmmm, you sure are a pretty little lady, miss. I will admit this…I sure love how tick, shapely, and how juicy your thighs are. Mmmmm, they sure are sexy. Has anyone ever told you that?” he asked, smiling.

And then he went down on her, caressing and licking and licking and petting her lower body as he ate her out and quickly making her orgasm. Cum oozed out of her as if no one had ever done anything ever like that before. Her body was in rapture. As it continued, she felt she could easily make love to this man…unlike Max who was good…but it had her wondering what it would be like to make full out love to him. She came again. She came some more. Her body and her belly and everything else ruptured as she “wished” and “needed” more of what this deputy sheriff was providing her that day.

“Oh my…ohhhhhh,” she clamored as she caught her breath and felt cum still trickling down out of her pussy. “How…where…uhhh…when did…ohhhhhh wow, where did you ever learn to do something like that to a woman? I mean…I feel as if I could…I feel as,” but she never told him and he cut her off.

“As if we could make love?” he said, finishing her sentence.

“Yes but how did you know?”

“I suppose it’s a guy thing. I don’t know.”

“I don’t either but if I knew you better I’d say I…I…I love you.”

“Nahhhh, you don’t love me, but I will say this,” he said in a jovial mood. “Thank you and I mean this too…thank you for allowing me the pleasure of doing what we just did.”

She reached out and surprised him. She pulled him down and she attached her succulent lips to his lips and plastered him with a romantic like series of kisses. He did not or didn’t want to let go of her. He kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her and held her close as well.

She fixed herself up and both got out of the car. “We understand each other?” he said, smiling, and lying to her as he handed her a business card with his personal cell phone number on it. “You call this number and you probably can get me anytime you’d like.”

She looked at it. He smacked her ass, lightly. They smiled at each other. He went back to his truck and apologized to Max for putting him in handcuffs when he didn’t have to. Max, upset, didn’t say a word to either him or Grace for that matter but as far as Grace was concerned, she was still a little “in love” with the deputy sheriff. She mouthed the words “I’ll call you,” and smiled and the deputy sheriff smiled back as he nodded.

They drove home in almost complete silence. Max would not ask her what happened, although she still liked her, and she offered no suggestions as to what either of them did in the SUV while he remained handcuffed in the police truck.

“Baby…honey,” she cried out upon seeing him getting out of the car. Grace saw that exchange and shook her head, thinking this is one messed up affair. But none of that mattered to Max and Cynthia as Cynthia, to Max, looked great, and he was happy to see his sister. “Ohhhhhhh baby, I’ve missed you soooo much honey.”

Grace eased out of the car as the butler removed their bags for her and Max and she walked over to Cynthia and Max. “Hi Cynthia,” she said as the two former lovers looked into one another’s eyes, wondering if the possibility still existed for another get together.

Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to be the case as Cynthia thanked Grace for all she’d done and hugged her dearly. But that was it. Later, in the house, Max and Cynthia sat and talked about his trip. Cynthia, always anxious for a little sexual activity it seemed, wondered if Max was at all happy at the idea of laying down with her so the two of them could play around a little.

“Nooooo, I don’t think so mom,” he said. “I’m tired. I think I’m going to take a nap.”

What, she thought. And that seemed to be the case almost all the time. He’d gotten a piece of the real thing and if he wasn’t getting that out of Grace he didn’t want it at all. A week had gone by and no sex with Cynthia at all. Weeks had gone by and he had crafted lie after lie after lie. She was confused but none of that mattered anyway. Better then her and him laying down to do things was the fact that Max had been accepted into the college of his choice.

They took him to college. He lived in a dorm with all the other regular freshmen, and he loved and adored that, especially seeing as it was a co-ed dorm, and there were girls and tits and bodies and faces everywhere he turned his head. And he was cute enough as well as sweet and all the girls liked that about Max.

He did well. He didn’t date but he socialized and learned how to behave normally amongst all the pretty young ladies. He came home at all the regular vacation times but as usual, college went quickly, and before anyone realized it he was about to graduate before too long. Yes, he was home in the summers, but that was only for a short period of time seeing as he took summer classes all the time.

He hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Grace and for that matter he hadn’t seen much of his mother but life went on and he did his own thing. All grown up at 20 years of age, he was ready to graduate before most the others he entered college with. The relationship between his mom and him had dramatically changed but that was alright. Life’s that way. Relationships and what goes into them will always change. Cynthia knew that and Max would learn that in time.

“Baby, we should do at least one thing seeing as you are graduating,” Cynthia said. And seeing as he knew what she was about to say he said he was not interested. Yep, her boy had certainly changed. “Not even play around for fun?” she asked and he said no.

He was silent for a moment but then thought about asking her the question. “Mom…have you…do you ever hear from Grace at all anymore?”

The question surprised Cynthia. After almost three years, and never hearing Grace’s name once, that surprised her a lot. He’s asking about her, really? Why…why is he asking me about her? Does he like her that much, honestly?

Then she thought about it. She thought about it all. Where does this come from? Where’s it stem from she asked herself? She had to answer him and said no and it was left at that, for the time being, but Cynthia wondered about his question and thought about it all day long.

Meanwhile, so was Max. He also started thinking about her a lot as well, running his old, old emails as if he could seek out her email from a few years ago. There it was! He found it. Max smiled and punched in her email and wrote her a short note. However, he got no response. In fact, it was a bogus email, as if she canceled the account, and he wasn’t given a new one to replace it. Max was a little depressed.

“Are you okay honey?” Cynthia asked, seeing as he was behaving badly.

He said yes but she knew he wasn’t telling her the truth. She pushed on and got him to tell her the truth. “Well mom, the truth is, Grace…Grace and I spent one week,” and he paused a moment.

He went on to say “Well mom, she and I spent a week…in bed together. I mean that is when we weren’t looking at colleges. That was fun. It was my first and only time with a woman like that mom.”

“Really, Grace had sex with you, honestly? Ohhhhhhh honey, I‘m soooo happy for you,” she said. “Did you two enjoy one another’s company?”

He turned a bright shade of red, telling her yes, and she was so proud of him that she asked how it felt to have his hard cock inside of her pussy. He openly told her it was awesome and he smiled when he said so.

“I’ll get it for you. I’ll find her email and cell phone number for you. Trust me dear, I will,” Cynthia said told him. She couldn’t be happier for her son. He’d had sex and he’d had it with another person other then her. Yes, her son and well her brother had sex, finally even though it was three years ago. She didn’t even know it either but was still happy for him.

She obtained Grace’s information and gave it to Max, telling him not to be surprised if the woman he thought he may be in love with was involved, which it turned out to be she was. Truth be told, she went back to that rural town that he and Grace ran off the road in and Grace hooked up with that deputy sheriff who nicely, and freely, offered his tongue to so she could have at least one more orgasm that day.

And she’s been getting a lot of them ever since she hooked back up with him too.

“Max is that really you?” she said. “How are you, what have you been doing?”

They talked, Max figured out where she lived, hence he discovered what she was doing as in fucking that town sheriff, and he decided to let it rest and leave her alone. He knew he still liked her but what happened between them was a fun filled one week thing and nothing else but that.

Cynthia and his relationship never redeveloped but Max met others and life went on. He met a woman that he liked, and who he physically adored, like Grace, and sex and making love ensued, which for this young lady who was even younger then Max was great. He never got married. He only loved the woman’s body. And so with that he made sure he sexed her up and she was happy as ever too.

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