Adult Star in the Sky

By wardsteadman

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A shy pornstar does a dude in the seat next to her
Most adult film stars love the attention. They like being recognized when they go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. They enjoy having men and women come up to them in the street and ask, "Aren't you so and so."
Ironically I'm the complete opposite. As a veteran of 75 adult DVDs and my own web site, I'm still shy about my work and I hate to be put on the spot.

I needed a break from my monotonous schedule so I decided to use my available frequent flyer miles and take a trip to Hawaii. My sister was supposed to join me but my nephew came down with the chicken pox, so I ended up going solo.

My vacation couldn't have gotten off to a worse start. The airline overbooked first class so I ended up having to sit in coach. To make matters worse I got a seat in the last row of the plane.

When I go out in public I usually don a blonde wig to conceal my brown hair and I wear dark sun glasses to hide my face. I even go through the trouble of hiding my figure. My sister thinks I'm nuts for trying to hide my 36DD breasts and my voluptuous ass in baggy clothes, but I hate the attention that I get when I'm recognized.

Anyway I settled down in my aisle seat, pulled out my iPod and my magazine and tried to tune out everything and everyone around me. I just wanted to enjoy my own company. I was nodding my head to the sounds of Miguel when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw quite the specimen looking back at me.

He was about 6'2 with skin the colour of twix chocolate bar. He had short wavy hair and two diamond studs protruding from each ear. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a sleeveless tank top which was showing off his immaculate biceps which were decorated by numerous tattoos.

He lifted the Gucci shades which covered his face to reveal the most sensuous green eyes I had ever seen. "I think I have the window seat," he said with a deep voice that sent chills up my you know what.

Now I have been around my share of sexy men. Hell I have had my share of sexy men all over my body, but this sexy ass man was the first to have me absolutely speechless.

"Could I get by you to that seat?" he said again.

I quickly regained my composure and got up from my seat to let him get through. Thank god for these tight ass coach seats, I thought, as he squeezed pass me, his arms brushing across my double D's. My nipples hardened immediately due to the brief contact. I caught a whiff of his cologne when he brushed past me. It smelt so musky and sensual that my knees immediately got weak and my pussy began to moisten.

He stored his carry on under the seat and pulled out his Kindle and put it in the pouch in front of him. Oh god please let him start up a conversation with me, I thought. All my intentions of having a quiet flight to Hawaii had vanished. Then I remembered what I looked like. I had on a baggy sundress with a baggy wind breaker, huge Chanel glasses and a huge summer hat on. Not the most seductive outfit.

I was about to get up and go to the bathroom to make myself more seductive when the pilot announced that he was ready to taxi down the runway so all seatbelts needed to be fastened.

I quickly took off my hat and stuffed it in front of me and removed my shades. A slight snicker erupted from the window seat. "Um I think you need to adjust your wig," a deep voice said.

In my haste to snatch off my hat I had succeeded in disturbing my neatly placed wig. "Here let me help you," he said.
His hand gently touched the side of my face as he reached to return my wig to a more acceptable position. His hand was softer than a baby's ass and my pussy started purr. "I don't know why you are trying to cover up those luscious curls of yours," he said.

"Shit, me either," I replied as I proceeded to yank the wig completely off. "I'm Celeste," I said offering my hand.

"Steven," he replied shaking it. He smiled at me and I could feel those green eyes piercing through me.

"Is this your first trip to Hawaii," I asked.

"Actually I play baseball for a minor league team, I'm heading back to join my team," he replied.

The pilot's voice telling the attendants to prepare for take off interrupted our conversation. As the plane picked up speed I instinctively grabbed for the arm rest, but to my horror I missed the arm rest completely and grabbed a fistful of Steven's dick. "Scared of flying huh," he chuckled. I quickly found the arm rest I was looking for. "Let me make this flight more bearable for you," Steven said and he placed my hand back on his dick which was beginning to rise to the occasion.

My embarrassment disappeared and the porn star in me took control. I began to slowly massage his dick through his cargo shorts and in no time at all it grew to its full potential. I gasped. This man had the thickest dick I had ever felt. It had to be at least two inches thick and about 9 inches long. It was so hard that I could feel his circumcised head through his shorts and I began to imagine how smooth his dick head was.

I took a quick look around the rest of the cabin and said a quick thank you to god that this was a night flight and the entire cabin was dark.

It was almost as if Steven knew exactly what I was thinking, because he smiled and said, "I hate flying too."

I quickly undid his zipper and freed that monster dick from its cage. It was an absolute work of art. I began to work my hand up and down Steven's shaft rubbing the head of his dick with my fingers. I could feel the pre cum welling up on the head of his dick and I rubbed it up and down his shaft for lubrication. I shot a quick glance in Steven's direction and I could see his green eyes rolling up into the back of his head.

"You have the hands of a magician," he said softly.

"You have the dick of a god," I replied and I put my hand to my mouth to get a taste of him. "You taste heavenly too," I said with a laugh.

I unfastened my seatbelt and leant over to put Steven's dick in my mouth. My lips formed around the head of his dick first and I flicked my tongue all over it. Steven let out a quiet moan as he grabbed on tightly to the arm rest. His excitement flicked my sex drive into overdrive as my other hand moved between my legs. My fingers pushed my panties aside and spread my own pussy lips.

I proceeded to put more of Steven's dick into my warm wet mouth and went up and down his shaft. By this time my own hands had found my clit which was rock hard and I began to flick it with my fingers. A seductive scream would have escaped my lips if my mouth wasn't full of Steven's mammoth dick. I worked Steven's dick farther into my mouth deepthroating him until I could feel the head against my tonsils. I gagged for a quick second and continued to suck his dick, jerking him off simultaneously.

By this time my pussy was dripping wet and I removed my fingers from it and placed them in Steven's mouth. He gladly accepted them and I could feel his warm tongue licking every bit of juices off my fingers.

I began to caress his balls with my hand as I continued to suck his dick. The only thing on my mind was how much I wanted to feel his cum in my mouth running down the back of my throat.

I then made my way down the length of his shaft with my tongue until I reached his balls and I proceeded to give each ball a polish with my tongue before taking them in my mouth. I could feel Steven's body start to twitch and knew it would only be a matter of time before he would unload. I gave my hand a quick lick for lubrication and proceeded to suck and jerk off his dick like a woman possessed. It felt like all the dicks that I had sucked before were just preparing me for this moment!

Steven's body tensed and I stole a quick look at his face and I could see a vein pulsating from his forehead. I knew it was only a matter of time. Just as the captain announced that we had reached cruising altitude and the seatbelt sign would be turned off, I felt Steven release his load. And what a load it was. My mouth was filled with so much cum that when the seatbelt sign came off and the lights came on, Steven was looking at me with an exhausted smirk on his face.

"You got a little bit of cum seeping out the sides of your mouth."

I licked my lips not wanting to miss out on any part of his succulent treat.

"Damn girl, you give head like a pornstar," he said jokingly.

All I could do was smile and think to myself, if only you knew!