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Adventures with a Co-Worker -2

Adventures with a Co-Worker -2

Linda thanks me some more for helping get her the job
We lay there, our naked warmth embracing us the length of our bodies. I rolled a bit to the right onto the bed to have greater access to her gorgeous body. I looked down her length over the champagne sized breasts with inch long nipples straining in erotic excitement over her belly, to the short trimmed pubic hair and the top of her vagina in view.

Swinging my face to hers I smiled, she smiled back and then our mouths joined in the continuation of the long passionate kiss we had ended moments before. Our tongues danced and my left hand roamed her body, feeling breasts and squeezing nipples, sliding around and down to reach her swollen wet cunt as her hand grasped my erection, stroking it slowly. I gently rubbed around her orifice, teasing her clitoris lightly with my thumb while our tongues continued their duel, encased in the remains of my orgasm, cum spreading around us, slipping and sliding our tongues in its great taste.

As she slowly stroked me, my foreskin sliding back and forth revealing my cockhead and its pre-cum fluid, I slid two fingers down over the top and into her vagina, curling around and slowly, gently rubbing outside/inside, in and around, creating more wetness and causing her hips to begin a sensuous dance while we continued our kiss, lost in passion and out of time. We rolled over a bit to the left with me now on my back and she draped over me - still kissing rubbing and stroking each other.

We broke apart and looked deeply in our eyes, enjoying the feeling of her running slowly and me rubbing and slowly thrusting into her. I am getting harder and she is continuing to flow more, a copious amount of fluid which was fairly thick and slippery. Her eyes closed as she moaned and her hips started to auto-thrust.

“Oh yes, “ she groaned out and her hips took over and began to thrust fast and hard by themselves as she suddenly spurt a huge amount of warm woman cum all over my hand and arm, legs and cock , hips thrusting violently. Fluid surrounds my groin and legs in a second warm spray.

“On my God. Oh my God!” she exclaimed as her orgasm sputtered. “Wow.”

I immediately went down and began to lick and gently suck in and around her cunt, hands holding her ass as I suck up all the fluid I can find on her legs and groin.

Her hands grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as she groaned, “Ohhh... Oh, my.. Easy, easy...”

I slowed and pulled away to view her beauty, chest heaving, laying sprawled with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. “Oh, Bill that was wonderful! Let’s lay awhile and let me catch my breath.”

“Yes, Linda, it was great!” I said heartily and then lay along her side, arm over her just beneath her breasts. “I am so glad you got the job!”

"I can’t thank you enough,” she said as we drifted off to a brief satiated sleep.

A little while later we awoke from our brief after-nap. Our eyes opened and we smiled. Linda rolled over on top of me, our warm bodies creating even more heat. We kissed in a hot embrace, hands roaming each other’s body, and I was enjoying the silky smooth feel of her skin. We rolled until I was on top, and I raised my body off of hers in a doggie style position. I looked down at her as I sat up so my ass was over her hot vagina, and my cock rising to its fullness. I pulled the foreskin back and exposed the head as she smiled, her hand reaching up and joining mine, rubbing.

“I have never seen an uncut cock before. It is so much fun exposing the head. Is it sensitive?” she said as she raised up her head and used her tongue to lick the top hole.

“Heh, yessss.” I said as the huge warm tingle flooded my cock senses. “Uncut cocks have extra layers of skin as a result of being exposed. So uncut cocks peeled back with the head are very sensitive and have great feeling inside the warmth of a mouth or other orifice.”

“Well lets see,” as she engulfed my cockhead again in the warmth of her mouth
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