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After Regular Business Hours

Office friends with benefits.

For several years I have had a work spouse – that’s the term my wife uses to describe my female coworkers: Work Spouse, Work Girlfriend, Work Mistress, Work Tease, etc…

Catherine is in her late 30’s, married with kids and confesses to a party girl lifestyle in her past. Her Native American heritage has given her jet black hair as well as dark skin tone and deep brown eyes. She was an athlete in college and still has a solid body. She complains constantly about getting "old and fat" but she is still very attractive. Her prominent features are her ample but firm backside and a huge pair of tits, which she tends to cover by dressing drably or wearing high necked clothing or jackets over her tops.

We have a good working relationship and due the proximity of our offices to each other, the often stressful work hours and deadlines that we face she and I tend to get a little loose in our conversations and comments. She calls me pet names like Jackass "That’s MISTER Jackass", Dumbass, and Smartass. I call her "Princess Pain the Ass" and so on. We also share way too much personal information at times. If the HR department ever heard us, we’d both be fired.

One afternoon last week, Catherine gets off the phone and was obviously pissed at someone.

"Trouble?" I asked.

"Fucking men!" she snarled. "You’re no better, I bet. Tell me, how does your wife put up with your male horse-shit without divorcing you or just killing you, anyway?"

I shrugged and told her I would apologize for men in general. "Sorry. Wanna talk about it?"

"My friggin’ husband has forgotten our anniversary again and has the balls to tell me that he’s off on a golf weekend with his buddies. I even gave him a hint that he was forgetting something and he didn’t catch it, the stupid bastard. I’m not surprised but I am still pissed off. If he was bitching about not getting enough sex before, wait until he gets home from this little outing. He better find himself a new girlfriend if he wants to get laid, ‘cause he ain’t touching my ass again for a very long time."

"I’m really sorry." Was all I could blurt out as she turned and went back to her desk.

After a few minutes, she told me that she had texted a couple of her girlfriends and they had decided on going out for drinks to complain about their husbands and "male bash" in general. Catherine asked me if it was OK to take off early so she could pick up her kids at daycare and drop them off at her folk’s place for the night. I agreed and told her to call me if she needed anything. I added a "Happy Anniversary" as she was leaving and she laughed and flipped me off.

I went back to work on the stack of quarterly reports on my desk. I called home to see what everyone’s plans were only to find that my wife, her girlfriend Suzy and all of the kids were heading out of town to watch our high school team’s football game take on a big cross state rival and then go out to eat afterwards.

"Don’t wait up for us." Kat told me. "We won’t get home until well after midnight."

I went to the kitchenette in the office to grab something from the vending machine for supper and then went back to work, taking a little time to check personal emails and flirt with some of the ladies in the Lush chat room.

My cell phone chimed that I had a text message. It was from Catherine. It read: "The girls and I are smoking cigarettes and drinking. Don’t you wish you were here! LOL"

I replied, "Have fun and remember to invite me next time."

She then sent a picture of her group of friends raising their glasses in a toast to me and blowing kisses at the camera.

I sent back an emoticon smiley face ;-)

Several minutes later, she sent a second picture of the girls. This time one was flashing her bra covered tits at me, while two others acted like they were kissing each other. I sent back an emoticon of my tongue hanging out =P

She texted back, "Dream on. LOL"

I replied, "A wet dream 4 sure!"

I got nothing back at this point. I was afraid I had crossed the line or that she was just too drunk to care about my response, so I went back to work.

It was almost 9:00 pm by this time. I closed up the office for the weekend, got in my car and was ready for the drive home. But, just as I about to leave the parking lot, I got another text from Catherine. She was asking for help, none of the girls were sober enough to drive and they needed someone to come get them before they got busted for public drunk. I texted back that I was on the way.

When I got to the bar, they were already in the parking lot. One of Catherine’s buds, Tammy, was barely able to stand and the rest, including Catherine, weren’t in much better condition. They had all come in one car, so we made sure it was locked up and I proceeded to play chauffeur. They were still laughing and talking way too loud and having a pretty good time as I started my deliveries. Dropping them off one at a time and making sure they got in their homes safely. I may be a lecherous old fart but I still have that training that says a gentleman always comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress.

Catherine was the last to take home as she lived quite a ways out of the city. When I got her to the front door, she invited me inside for a drink.

"I want another martini!" She ordered. "Make us some while I go to the bathroom." Pointing to their bar as she walked to the back of the house.

I found the liquor and olives and made a big shaker full and poured them into glasses just as she came back into the den.

"So, tell Mama..." She sputtered sarcastically. "How was your day, baby?"

Catherine took a big gulp of her martini as she curled up in one of the overstuffed chairs next to the bar and then motioned for me to have a seat across from her.

I sipped my drink and told her my day was fine. Then I asked, "How you doing, Kiddo? Feeling any better about this weekend?"

She finished her drink before answering. "I’m OK. I vented for a while and now I’m pretty much resolved that I married an asshole and I should just get over it."

She started to get up but sank back in the chair and said, "Get me one more sip, would ya?" and held her empty glass out for me.

I got up, took her glass and filled it about half-way, giving myself a refill too. When I handed her the glass she took my hand and pulled me down towards her.

She whispered, "You’ve always like my boobies, haven’t you?"

I smiled and whispered back, "I love your boobies, Kiddo! They are amazing."

"Jack tells me he loves my boobies, too… but he’d rather play golf with his ‘posse’ than play with my boobies this weekend. What an asshole. Oh, well… fuck him, I say."

"I’d rather not… Jack isn’t my type." I joked.

Catherine laughed until she was red in the face. She was still holding my hand when she looked up and said,

"Would we be OK as friends if I asked you to kiss me?"

I nodded and then leaned in to kiss her gin flavored lips. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and we lost any self control we may have had.

I pulled her top off over her head and she began unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants franticly. We both stripped as fast as possible and I finally got a look at her naked body. She had huge tits with dark nipples that begged to be squeezed and sucked, and a hairless pussy with full lips as dark as her nipples.

My cock was already hard as I pushed her back into the chair and I knelt between her thighs to first kiss and lick her stiff nipples and then kiss her belly and take a quick lick of her wet and open pussy. She was still shouting orders, "Eat my pussy, fucker… lick my cunt until I cum."

So I did. I licked her smooth pussy and sucked at the thick inner lips that were already dripping with her juices. She held my head between her thighs and squirmed and ground her pussy against my face and hungry mouth. I continued to suck and lick her while reaching up to play with her nipples and manhandle those enormous tits.

After several minutes of this, Catherine made a sound like a wild animal howling and clamped her hands and legs around my head, holding my mouth against her pussy as she came… hard! I then got another surprise. She was a screamer! Holy shit, she came like crazy and all the while, screamed non stop obscenities at the top of her lungs!

"Suck my cunt, motherfucker. Fuck yes! I cumming, motherfucker! I’m cumming on your motherfucking mouth. Fucking Shit! I’m cumming. Fuck... Fuck… Fuck!!!"

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this person I had worked with for over 6 years. Damn. She was a wild child. Her body was convulsing like she was having a seizure as she came. I had to pull back a little, just to breathe.

After a few moments, Catherine pulled me up by my hair and said, "Want me to suck your cock, motherfucker? Want me to suck you? You do, mother fucker? Well then, stand up and let me at that hard dick."

I jumped to my feet and stood in front of her as she leaned forward and without a pause, swallowed my cock in one move. All the way down her throat, in one motion. I nearly came right then!

Catherine proceeded to suck me like a pro while slapping my ass and playing with my balls, tugging and squeezing them with one hand and then the other.

She then started sucking my balls while stroking my hard-on with her hands. She spit on the head and rolled it in her palm and then alternated between deep-throating me, sucking my balls and pumping my hard cock, I just stood there holding her head while she went crazy on me.

After a few minutes, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold off coming much longer. I told her I was close and she said,

"It’s about fucking time! Shoot that cum on me, mother fucker!"

And she leaned back a little in the chair, squeezing her nipples and pulling her knees up to open her wet pussy even wider.

I stood over her and helped her pump my cock a few more strokes until I shot hot sticky cum all over her tits, belly and hands. I was barely able to stay on my feet as I kept coming, the last dripped from my purple cock head onto her fingers, which were still gripping me tightly.

"Damn, baby! Those balls were full! When was the last time your old lady sucked that cock? Shit, you’re still cumming and still hard!"

Then she swallowed me deep again. And then began licking the cum drops off her fingers and massaging the rest across her chest and belly.

"Shit baby, if you’re still hard you might as well put that thing to good use. C’mere."

And she scooted her ass to the edge of the chair and pulled me down to her. She guided my still twitching cock into her dripping pussy and wrapped her legs around me.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard, mother fucker."

The combination of her hot body and her nasty mouth were like an aphrodisiac to me. We fucked like animals. I can always stay hard for a long time after coming the first time and her steady stream of "Fuck" talk had me extra turned on.

After several minutes in that position she ordered, "I want you to fuck me from behind, now!"

We stood up and she bent over and spread her legs for me to enter her… it was a little tricky at first, because she is so much shorter than I am, but we managed to get the angle and the rhythm and went at it like that for quite a while, when she yelled,

"Jeezus, Mike. My fucking cunt is getting sore. Are you gonna cum anytime soon? I need to sit down! Shit!"

I got tickled by her question and so did she. We both started laughing and she finally said, in a quieter voice, "Lay down and let me take care of you."

I lay on the carpet and she climbed on top of my still hard cock, slipping me inside her as she worked me deeper than ever into her.

"Fuck, you’re so deep! Holy fucking shit! That feels great!"

Catherine ground and squirmed and twisted on me as she cupped her tits and I played with the nipples… pinching and rolling them between my thumbs and fingers. She then reached behind her and began to squeeze my balls again.

"Fucking cum, already!" She screamed, "I am gonna cum again! Shit. I’m cumming again. Fucking cum in me! Cum, mother fucker! Now!!"

I came. Not as much as earlier but it felt like molten lava shot out of my cock. And I grabbed her hips as she came also… again screaming "Fuck!" so loudly I was afraid the neighbors a half mile away would hear her.

She said, "I can feel that hot cum damn near in the back of my throat! Shit, that was deep!"

After her spasms subsided a bit she said, "Hang on." And just stood up!

My cock made a plopping noise as it was yanked from her pussy’s grip. Then she stood over me and let our cum drip onto my belly and chest. She giggled as she held her pussy lips open with her fingers and watched the mix of her and my juices dribble from her swollen pussy onto me.

"Ever taste your own cum?" She asked. I nodded and mumbled that I had.

"No shit? Jack won’t do it for me… I’ve always wanted a guy to suck my cunt after he’d just filled it with his jizz. Will you really?"

And she turned around, squatted down and straddled my face. I reached up, held her hips and pulled her down on my mouth and began to tongue and suck her cum drenched pussy. She leaned forward and licked my belly, cock and balls clean of my cum and her pussy juices too.

I kept licking and tonguing and she yelled, "Oh shit no! I can’t do it… my pussy is too tender… shit I’m gonna cum again…. Shit, I can’t handle this!! No... wait!"

But I held her tight and continued tonguing and sucking her until she began to twitch and shudder and then she came again. She dug her nails into my legs holding on as tight as she could, screaming and crying and shouting for me to stop,

"Please, Mikey… please stop. I can’t come anymore… Please?"

I let her go and she rolled over on her back and lay there with her knees bent and her arms crossed, hugging her own massive tits together as her ‘aftershocks’ continued to pulse through her body.

After a few minutes, I helped her to her feet and took her to her bed and tucked her in. We talked for a while about what had happened and we both agreed that we could keep our professional lives separate from anything that might happen ‘after hours’. She told me that she also knew that Jack had been "fucking around" so this made it even… he had his secrets and so could she. Then she asked what I would do if my Kathryn found out?

I told her, "Find out? Kiddo, I plan on telling her every detail when she gets home! I know she’ll love it."

And then I explained about Kat and her lovers and our shared lovers and the marriage we had and what possibilities it might hold. We’ll see where this takes us.

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