Afternoon Delight

By PhatAndFabulous

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Continuation of No Hands
I woke up disheveled. Luke was snoring away, looking like an angel. I sighed and got up off the couch, heading toward our room. “Hey, where you going?” I guess my movement woke him up.

“To clean up, last night, well, this morning was crazy,” I answered, “Go back to sleep, baby, don’t want you sleeping on the job.” I kissed his lips gently.

“Alright.” He turned over and went back to sleep; so adorable. I picked up all the dishes and trash that were lying about and took it all to the kitchen. I put the dishes in the sink and threw away all the garbage. I was left with nothing to do. No chores, and a sleeping husband. I sighed and headed upstairs for a shower. The warm water rolling off of my body was a good way to really wake myself up. I saw no need in putting on any clothes, so I just dried myself off and went to lay on the bed au naturel. I began humming to myself and absentmindedly tweaking my left nipple between my fingertips. A small bit of pleasure started up inside me and I had to stop myself. It was too early to start up with masturbation. Plus, my pussy was still a bit tender from round two of last night.

If Luke hadn’t come upstairs at that moment, I would have started thinking about it. “Were you waiting on me?”

“No, I showered and you know,” I mock-sneezed, “I feel a bit allergic to clothes today.” He laughed at me and stripped too, climbing into the bed next to me. His cock was at half mast, about seven inches, compared to its nine inch stature when he’s hard. The male body, such a wonderful, wonderful thing of nature. Luke started snoring and interrupted my thoughts. I looked over at the clock on the wall. It was noon; he’d have to be up soon, and I guess he’ll have to be fed, right? Besides, I’ll do anything to get away from his buzz saw impression.

Still not bothering to get dressed, I head back to the kitchen to throw something together for the man I love. And by that I mean I made him a sandwich. But I grabbed him a beer, a pickle, and some chips. I carried it all back to our room. “Lucas…” I called over and over until he woke. When he did, his dick swelled up the rest of the way, and I could see why. He woke up to his naked wife, holding food, and a beer. Isn’t that every man’s dream? Well, minus the sports car.

“All this for me?” I nodded and took it over to him. “You are the best.”

“I can make you believe that even more. Start eating.” He listened to me, wondering what was on my mind. I answered his confusion by slowly starting to stroke his cock.

“You’re not?” he wondered in disbelief.

“Baby, I am.” I leaned down to kiss the head of his cock. He moaned slightly, mouth full.

“Wait, wait. Lemme just eat the pickle.” He chomped it down in three bites, I guess he didn’t want to end up mimicking my actions. “Alright.” I chuckled and licked up his shaft. Sucking the head and massaging the base sent him into a frenzy. I knew he was still eating because his moans and calls of pleasure were muffled. I let him eat a little more before I would start really sucking his cock.

I began giving him a handjob and while he ate a chip, he reached over to pinch my nipple and fondle my breast. I ducked down to gently suckle on one of his balls while I stroked the full length of his cock, using my thumb to massage the underside intensely. Luke had finished eating by then only because he’d sped up immensely and was chugging down his beer. I let his ball fall from my mouth and looked up at him. He was silently pleading with his eyes, and I smirked. “Come on Rei! Don’t make me wait!”

I laughed softly and put my mouth on the top of his cock. He exhaled quickly and I began to slide my mouth down on his massive member. I could hear his moans getting louder as I kept going. He placed his hands on my head gently and began to push my head down on his cock, prompting me to go deeper and deeper. His entire cock was down my throat when he started moaning out, his balls tightening in my hand. He pulled me off and laid me down, placing his cock between my tits. He humped quickly and I licked his cock when it was near my mouth. He cried out once more as he began to shoot his huge load onto my chest, neck, and face. Some of it got into my mouth, and I swallowed that. He fell back onto the bed, panting. I went to clean myself up, then I licked the excess cum off of his cock.
“Babe, you gotta go to work. Get your sexy ass in that shower,” I ordered.

To be continued…