Afternoon Delight

By Ravyn

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Noah is in the for afternoon of his life, will Carly be able to come through?
It’s 10 o’clock; I have two hours to prepare my little surprise for Noah. He is always home around noon for lunch and today he’s in for a nice afternoon. I want to show him how much I love him and desire him. This little encounter today will be all about his pleasure and desires.

I start by putting some clean crisp white sheets on the bed, and place a few candles around the bedroom. Even though it’s during the day, I draw the blinds and curtains to give the room the romantic feel I am looking for. I add a bucket of ice, a bottle of water, a bowl of strawberries and of course lay out a few of our favorite toys to aid in my plans for Noah.

I have the bedroom exactly as I want it, I have just enough time to hop in the shower and get ready. Grabbing the clothes I want to wear I head to the bathroom. Stripping out of my clothes I can’t help but to think of the activities ahead of me. Just thinking about him arouses me in so many ways. He not only stimulates my mind but he makes my body feel so many things. I feel my nipples start to get hard as I reach back undoing my bra letting it fall to the floor. He has always loved the shape and firmness of my C cup breasts so full and round. Sliding out of my shorts and panties, I notice my ass in the mirror remembering last night and how Noah dropped me to my knees and took me from behind. Instantly the thought makes my pussy wet with anticipation of him.

Shaking my head to clear the thoughts I was having, I have 30 minutes left to get ready. Turning on the water, I quickly step in. I stand under the streaming water feeling it cascading down over my already erect nipples and down my tummy. Tilting my head under the water I lather up my hair and then my body. Stretching one of my long legs up onto the side of the tub, I take my razor and start at my ankle and shave my leg making it nice and smooth and then moving onto the other. Since I normally trim my pussy hair, I think I might surprise Noah and shave it all off. I wonder if he will like that. Lathering up myself I step out of the shower so I can use the big mirror to guide me in my extra surprise for Noah. Propping my leg up on the countertop exposing my lathered pussy I take the razor and start at the bottom of my slit and carefully work my way up one side and then the other. The sensations I’m feeling are not like anything I have felt before. As I feel the sharp blade touching my skin gliding over each and every inch of my pussy making it nice and smooth revealing the soft supple skin underneath. I step into the shower again and rinsing myself off.

I step out and grab a towel and wrap myself in it. Pumping some lotion into my hand, I prop my leg up onto the vanity counter and start rubbing the lotion up and down my skin, making it silky smooth. The towel bunching up allows for the air to waft up to my freshly shaven pussy, almost like a warm breath touching me in one of my most sensual spots. I switch to the other leg making it as smooth as the first, and rubbing my arms and across my upper chest.

Slipping into a pair of black silk panties the feeling against my freshly shaven pussy is a new sensation I am not used to. It feels so good I can’t wait for him to feel it. Next I slip a white sheer teddy over my arms. It shows off my breasts and as it flows down my body the material is see through revealing my pinkish skin; the black panties showing through as they compliment the color of my skin.

Combing my hair out, still slightly damp I grab my special perfume. I take and dab some behind each ear, on the inner side of my wrists, behind my knees and that special spot between my breasts. The bathroom smells of night blooming jasmine now as I inhale a big whiff, reminds of the summer nights we’ve spent outside in the back yard. But I digress. Looking at the clock its 5 minutes till 12, he will be here any minute. My heart beats faster with anticipation.

Lighting the candles and turning on some soft music I check around to make sure that everything is just right……perfect.

The front door opens and Noah walks in. Looking around and wondering where I am. “Baby, where are you?” I hear him from the other room.

“I’m in the bedroom baby, can you come here I need your help with something?”

Positioning myself on the foot of the bed lying on my side with my elbow propping my head up and my right leg slightly bent on top of my left one; the door opens and he walks in seeing me waiting for him.

“Mmm you look so sexy, good enough to eat.” Taking in our surroundings he surveys the room. The blinds are drawn creating the illusion of darkness, the candles flickering on the night tables and the shadows reflect on the bedroom walls. His nostrils flare as he inhales the scent of my jasmine perfume.

He walks over to the bed and takes my hand. I rise to my feet. Leaning up and kissing his sweet lips with mine. I move my hands on his cheeks as our mouths part and our tongues slide in and out like it was our first kiss, so tender but yet so full of desire.

Breaking from our wonderful kiss, my lips reach his ear, kissing it softly licking the lobe and sucking it into my mouth, my body pressing into his.

Whispering, “Relax baby, I have something wonderful in store for you” I say softly and breathy into my lovers ear.

Turning him around so his back is to the bed I kiss his neck licking and slowly placing small kisses on his warm flesh. His cologne he put on this morning is still intoxicating. My hands running up and down his arms, gently touching fingertips to his skin; lifting his shirt over his head and tossing it aside, my fingers lightly touching all over his chest. Kissing and licking round each nipple gently biting each between my teeth. His breath quickens and I feel his heart beat faster. I unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants, my lips never leaving his chest, slowly sliding them down his legs for him to step out of. Licking and kissing all over his stomach lightly running my fingertips as I explore every part of his exposed flesh, watching as goose bumps appear under my tender touches.

I gently guide him back down on the bed wearing only his boxers taking in the sight of his gorgeous body. I love his strong chest and arms down to his toned legs; making sure each and every nerve ending feels the warmth of my mouth and the tenderness of my fingers. I straddle him and lean down and kiss his cheek, my lips softly touch his ear.

“Stay right here baby, I have a special surprise for you.”

Kissing his soft luscious lips as I get off the bed and go into the bathroom and grab the razor, some shaving cream, a small cup of warm water and a towel soaked with warm water. Returning to the bed with my goodies I give Noah a sexy little wink as I climb back onto the bed. No words are spoken just long sensual looks between us. We can just feel the sexual energy flowing through the room and into our bodies. Kissing his strong stomach my fingertips brushing under the waist band of his boxers as my finger hooks them and I slowly slide them down his legs kissing every inch of his skin that I leave exposed. Squirting some of the shaving cream into my hand I rub them together to warm it up before I gently start lathering his pubic area. Gently moving his semi hard cock and spreading the cream all over and down his balls. Taking the razor and dipping into the warm water, looking directly into his loving eyes and seeing the trust he has. Gently gliding the razor over his skin removing the hair and leaving behind soft smooth even more kissable skin; rinsing, taking his balls gently into my hand as I slowly slide the razor over and around them watching as Noah’s eyes are closed and his back slightly arched enjoying the treatment he is receiving.

Inspecting my work making sure everything is nice and smooth, I take the wet warmth cloth and wipe his skin clean leaving no trace of the shaving cream behind. Touching Noah in this very intimate way has made the juices very evident between my legs. I can feel the moisture soaking onto my panties. Moving the used items off the bed, Noah watching my every move, I kneel on the bed beside him and I slide my hand inside my panties getting my hand nice and coated with my juices. Using my hand covered in the wetness from my pussy I gently start moisturizing the freshly shaven skin placing my lips just below his erect cock puckering and blowing lightly watching as tiny goose bumps cover his newly softened skin. Hearing the moans escape his lips as my hands rub it all over followed by the soft warmth of my tongue and gentle kisses of my lips. I can hear my heart beating faster its almost pounding through my head. My breathing quickens as his does. His head moving side to side as he enjoys the pleasures my mouth is giving him.

I take his now fully erect cock into my mouth, just the head sucking and teasing it with my tongue. Hearing Noah’s moans getting louder as my other hand cups and massages his smooth balls.

“Mmm you are so hard for me baby I love the feel of your hard cock in my mouth.”

Sucking him back into my mouth licking up and down the length of his shaft, sucking each ball into my mouth my tongue swirling in circles around each one; crawling my way up his body dragging my hard nipples along his stomach and chest, straddling his left leg rubbing my soaked panties up and down his leg, my clit grinding against him so hard. My tongue finds his erect nipple taking it into my mouth and gently biting and sucking it deeply into my mouth. I can feel his heart beating so fast under me and the moans of ecstasy escaping his lips encouraging me in my endeavors, licking and sucking each nipple and the space in between leaving trails of my saliva placing small kisses up his neck and underside of his strong and handsome chin. I find his wanting lips gently parted needing to feel the softness of my tongue to his. Feeling his hands take my face and hold my mouth to his for the longest most passionate kiss we have ever shared.

“Take those panties off baby I want to see that beautiful pussy.”

Then his lips meet mine again.

Our tongues doing the most beautiful dance imaginable, so soft and so sensual how could this get any better?

Sliding out of my panties as I lay beside him on the bed, my feet are up by his head. He watches intently as they shimmy down my legs hooking them on my foot and flicking them across the room. Noah’s eyes following my every move; feeling his hand caress my leg from my ankle all the way up my thigh as his fingertips graze my freshly shaven pussy.

“Mmm, what do we have here baby, did you shave for me?”

Winking at him, “Yes I did, today after my shower; I thought I would surprise you.”

“I love it, feels so soft and silky, what a wonderful surprise, Carly.”

My legs spread slightly giving him better access to my already dripping wet pussy. His cock firmly in my hand I squeeze and stroke him feeling him get harder and harder with each stroke. Swinging my leg over Noah’s chest rubbing my clit against his chest as I lean down my mouth encompasses his throbbing man hood. My throat opens to accommodate the entire length of is shaft as I bob up and down. My saliva dribbles down his shaft and onto his balls as my teeth graze the underside of his sensitive member. Rubbing some lube across my breasts I slide my nipples up and down and over his cock squeezing them tightly around as he moves up and down. Hitting my chin with the head of his cock leaning my head down with my tongue out of my mouth; with each thrust my tongue licking the head as it passes my mouth.

His hands massaging my butt cheeks, kneading them in his powerful hands and spreading my cheeks apart exposing my tight little puckered hole. Feeling a sharp whack on my skin as he swiftly spanks my ass. Sliding my wet pussy up and down his chest; his hands move to my hips and he slides me back up towards his face. Reaching over to the table Noah takes a strawberry and takes a bit from it and spits it out onto his hand. He takes the strawberry piece and slowly slides it inside my pussy making me moan as I feel the coolness and the texture of the skin of the berry against the inner walls of my pussy. Taking bite after bite until he has almost filled me up with the berries then all of a sudden I feel something very cold and extremely wet as he slides an ice cube over my engorged clit. Making it so much more sensitive then it was. Feeling the warmth of his tongue as it chases the trail of the ice, warm them cold then warm. The change in temperature makes my clit throb with anticipation.

Thoughts going through my mind, those aids were for me, mmm and he’s using them on me, God how I love this man. Sliding my full pussy up to Noah’s mouth, he uses his tongue to explore and tantalize me in so many ways. I grab the anal beads and pour some lube down them. Spreading Noah’s legs further so I can get to his lovely ass with my tongue I lick and tease his puckered hole before sliding the tip of my tongue inside. Feeling his sphincter muscle squeeze my tongue as it slides in and out switching between my tongue and my finger I tease and fuck his ass. Feeling his cock twitch as it gets harder than ever before.

I’m having a hard time concentrating with the pleasure his tongue is giving me; feeling as he slides the ice cube in and out of my pussy ever so slightly then feeling his tongue. Using his tongue like a spoon he scoops each piece of berry from my soaked pussy. Eating each piece covered with my juices as he hums against the opening of my love canal.

Driving me wild with pleasure, “mmm that feels so good baby, don’t stop.”

Sliding the anal beads inside my man’s ass one at a time, feeling him lift his ass up further letting me know he likes this, I continue sliding them in one, then another, slowly another until the entire strand is buried deep into his ass. Grabbing my bullet and placing it on his balls which are so full and tight across the base of his cock I turn it on medium high. Feeling his hard cock in my mouth as the vibrations above his balls shoot through him like a bolt of lightning when it hits; every nerve in his body is feeling all the pleasures and are transferred into my body through his mouth and tongue. I have never felt anything like this, it’s amazing. My tongue licking and sucking the head of his cock, it’s so purple and so big. Flicking my tongue in and out of the tiny little slit on top feeling its softness and velvetiness and down to the underside of the head, that very sensitive spot I know he loves stroked with my tongue.

Hearing him moan as he continues eating his dessert from my pussy turns me on so much. There are no words spoken just our moans and the slurping sounds coming from both our mouths as we engage in the most sensual form of oral sex imaginable. No boundaries, no holds barred our bodies meshed as one there is no ending as we are connected mind body and soul.

Our bodies moving in one fluid motion as his cock glides in and out of my mouth, puckering my lips tightly as he slides in and out, turning the bullet up higher, my teeth grazing the underside of his shaft feeling his cock twitch and contract as I slide one bead from his ass. My pussy riding his face his hands squeezing my ass as I feel his teeth taking my clit into his mouth like a tiny cock and sucking it and flicking it. My orgasm is building like a tsunami looming on the shores of a tropical island. Tasting precum as it oozes onto my tongue sends my body into overload. Needing to cum hard I ride Noah’s face faster and faster. His cock fucking my pretty little mouth like it was a virgin pussy, so tightly squeezing him with each thrust. His orgasm is mounting, and I remove another bead from his ass and then another, wanting him to cum as hard as I’m going to. I love making him feel intense pleasure and wanting him to have a mind shattering orgasm is first and foremost in my thoughts, mixed in with my own sexual desires and wants.

One last thrust across his mouth feeling his tongue deep inside my warm and now very wet pussy I feel my body start to tense and shudder, my toes curl as my feet rise from the bed. I start to shake and twitch on top of Noah’s face, my body’s reaction starts a chain reaction in Noah I remove the rest of the beads with one hand one bead at a time, his pelvis lifts thrusting his cock deep down my throat moving so fast as the last bead is removed. My orgasm crashes over me as I squirt flooding his mouth, his face and the pillow with my juices. At that very second his cock erupts in my mouth shooting his hot seed in my mouth coating the back of my throat. Swallowing all he has to give as he did with me. Rocking back and forth over his mouth as our bodies start to slow their pace; my tongue licking his cock and balls clean as my other hand massages some of his cum onto his smooth balls like a lotion.

Climbing off Noah, I turn and straddle his pelvis. Feeling his semi hard cock touching my freshly shaven and very wet pussy. Leaning down our lips meet, parting to accept the others tongue, tasting one another as our tongues do the most wonderful passionate dance in and out of the others mouth. Our flavors mixing the most intoxicating smell and flavor neither can get enough. Wrapping his arms around me flipping me over his strong body on top of mine; I love feeling him this way, I feel so safe and so secure like there is no other person on the planet, just him and me.

Looking deeply into his eyes seeing the love he has for me and the intense passion we feel for one another. He kisses the tip of my nose and looks over at the clock and with a sheepish grin on his face says, “It looks like I’m going to be late getting back to work.”