Afternoon Loving

By Cazzy

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An Afternoon of fun
He stands behind her, and runs his hands lightly up her back from her hips to her shoulders. He leans in and kisses her neck, moving her hair out of the way, he trails kisses up to her ear, before whispering “I want you,” in her ear.

He turns her around to face him, and his mouth descends on hers. He kisses her softly, once, twice three times, then deepens the kiss. His tongue sweeps into her mouth and tastes her. The kiss becomes demanding, showing her what he wants to do to her, tasting the very depths of her mouth. She moans, and opens wider.

Needing air, he eventually breaks the kiss. He looks into her eyes, they are heavy lidded and half closed. Her breasts rise and fall heavily as she gasps for breath. Her lips are swollen and red, her chin slightly red from his five o'clock on shadow. 

He slides a hand under her shirt, as he takes her mouth again. He moves over her waist and back as he maps her body, he moves up, until he cups a breast over her bra. She arches into him and he starts rolling her nipple around in his fingers. Pulling gently and scraping his nail over it, until it is extended and throbbing.

He breaks the kiss again; she looks drugged and wanton at the same time. He lifts her t-shirt over her head, and pulls it off. She arches into him again, as his mouth makes his way down her neck to her breast. He laps at the nipple, and then closes his mouth over it. He sucks gently, pulls away and laps again. He nibbles at it gently, and then soothes it with his tongue. He takes it into his mouth again and sucks. Harder and harder as she arches and moans.

His hands reach behind her and he unclasps her bra and slowly eases it off her. His one hand and mouth move back to her naked breasts, tugging and rolling, lapping and kissing as his other hand moves south down her back until it comes to rest on her hip. He pulls her hips towards his, and grinds his cock into her stomach. He is hard and throbbing. Starting to get desperate now. His hand moves to the button of her jeans, and he undoes it. Slowly he starts to unzip them.

His mouth starts to move down her body kissing, nipping and lapping as he slowly starts to lower her jeans. He gets onto his knees as he frees them from her feet. She is moaning and her hips are undulating, trying to find the pressure she desperately needs. He runs his hands from her ankles to her thighs, encouraging her to spread her legs.

His mouth has reached her panties, and he runs his tongue along the waist band, backwards and forwards from hip to hip. His hands move towards her center and down. His thumbs lightly brushing over her wet heat at the apex of her thighs, again and again with more pressure on each sweep. Her panties are sopping. He runs a finger along the crease, back and forth the pressure increasing with each passing. She's moaning and thrusting her hips desperate for more.

She grabs his head and tries to force it down to where she wants, no, needs, to have it. He leans back and says "Patience.” He moves his face closer to the apex of her thighs, millimeter by millimeter. Eventually he flicks his tongue out and takes his first taste. Heaven. He tastes again, slightly harder this time. She has soaked through her panties. He reaches up with one hand and moves her panties to the side. He pauses, and then finally he laps at her quivering lips.

"Oh God" she groans, and tries to push closer. He pulls back slightly until she stops moving, before leaning in again to taste. Sweet, salty, ambrosia of the gods. Her breath hitches in her throat, he starts to apply more pressure with his tongue. He starts moving her back towards the sofa until the back of her knees are pressed against it. He lowers her down onto the sofa.

He pushes her back so that she is resting against the back of the sofa and looks up at her. She is beautiful, eyes glazed, mouth slightly open, neck and breasts flushed. Her nipples are extended and swollen. Her breath is coming in fast jerky movements. Her thighs are spread, she is swollen and her curls are wet.

Still kneeling before her, he leans in again and brings his hands up to spread her wider. His hands move to her core, he runs his thumbs down her crease and opens her wide. He zeros in to her nub and slowly sucks it in. His tongue swirls around her nub, and then flicks it with the tip. She moans louder, her breathing becoming shallower and harsh. He sucks again and presses a finger into her slowly.

He starts moving the finger in and out, twisting it around trying to feel as much of her as possible. He moves his mouth down and laps at her juices that are flowing steadily from her. His fingers are moving quickly now, curving upwards to stroke her most sensitive spot.

She's moaning and crying out, desperate for the release that is building to explosive heights. "Come", he says to her before grabbing onto her nub and sucking hard. She screams as the most explosive orgasm she has ever had rolls through her body. Her inner muscles clench down onto his fingers, desperate to keep him inside. He laps at her and reduces the speed of her fingers until all the tremors fade away.

He sits up, his chin is glistening with her juices and his eyes are as glazed as hers. Slowly he leans up and takes her mouth again, sharing the taste with her. Her hands fist his hair as she keeps the kiss going, while she wraps her legs around him, pulling him in so that his erection is rubbing her sensitive folds.

"Swap places with me," she whispers, as she breaks the kiss. She pushes him away so that she can move out from under him. He groans and slides up onto the couch.

She pushes him back and takes his lips again. She can taste herself on him. It's so erotic, and she can feel herself start to throb again. She breaks the kiss as he tries to fist her hair. She shakes her head and whispers "Paybacks a bitch." She leans in again, and slowly laps at his lips, taking his bottom lip into her mouth and sucking on it. She nips it with her teeth, and then soothes it with her tongue.

His hips start rocking, trying for some friction. She pulls back and shakes her head at him. "Patience," she says, with a smirk on her face. He groans again, but stills his hips. She starts trailing kisses down his neck, nipping and lapping as she goes. Her hands move to the top button of his shirt, slowly she unbuttons it. One, two, three, buttons come undone. She trails the opening shirt with her lips and tongue. The skin is smooth and soft, lightly tanned and slightly salty. The rest of the buttons come undone and she pushes the shirt off his shoulders.

She leans back to look at her prize. Beautiful, hard, so different from her own body. She throbs some more and leans in towards his chest. She flicks her tongue over his nipple, then blows on it. It tenses and peaks. She takes it between her teeth, and pulls gently. The slight pain makes him shudder. His breathing picks up speed. She releases the nipple and sucks hard. He bows up off the couch. Back arched as much as possible. She runs her hands down his torso and pushes him back again.

She moves across to the other nipple and teases it with her tongue. It too hardens and peaks. She moves her hands down towards the buttons of his fly. Slowly, his erection pushes against the fly and is freed, one button at a time.

She starts to move downwards towards the newly freed skin. His stomach contracts, hoping to get her where he needs her more quickly, but she is not playing along. Slowly she licks and nips her way down his hard stomach towards his leaking cock.

She bypasses it and heads for his right thigh; she spreads his legs wider and works her way towards the center. She inhales deeply as she buries her nose into his balls. Musky, heady. She flicks out her tongue and takes her first taste. Mmm. She nuzzles his balls and licks the underside of them, moves lower and laps at his perineum. Once, twice, three times, mores he's lost count. She moves up again, and licks along his shaft until she is about to reach the sensitive area, just before the head. She flicks it with his tongue, and then moves away slightly. His cock follows her mouth, desperate for more.

She comes back again and scrapes the head with her bottom lip. Her tongue flicks out and catches the drop of precum leaking from the slit. Salty sweet, delicious. Her hand has moved to his balls and she is busy rolling their heavy weight between her fingers. Finally she takes him into her mouth.

Heat explodes around him. The pressure of her mouth as she sucks him in is intense. He has to fight not to pump his hips. She takes him right to the root, his head bumps at the back of her throat. She draws back and swirls her tongue around the head, then swallows him whole again. Again and again, until he is moaning and swearing under his breath. She pulls back again and lightly grazes the head with her teeth, flicking his slit with her tongue. "Soon." he says, with a groan.

She sucks harder and scrapes her nail over his perineum; her tongue is swirling around the head with every upstroke. His body tenses, his toes curl, his cock hardens even more. He can feel the start of his orgasm deep inside his balls. She sucks harder and flicks his slit, and he is shooting. She pulls back slightly so that she can taste the salty sweetness of his essence. She swallows rapidly, making sure she catches every drop. She keeps him in her mouth, drawing lazy patterns along the shaft with her tongue, making sure to stay away from the sensitive head until he softens.

She pulls away eventually and leans up to kiss him, sharing his flavor with him.