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All About How The Beti Pictures Were Taken

I felt her first kiss on my clit, then her hot tongue in my pussy,
So many of you have asked who took my pictures you see on Lush, I thought it would be good to write a short story about that day last summer.  Another bigger than life true story, here is how it went that warm afternoon in June.

Barb lives down the hall from me in our apartment building.  We both are on the second floor.  I had been down to the pool earlier and was talking to Barb as she was sunning on the deck.  (I think you can see the pool out of my window in several of my pictures)  I went for a swim, wearing a very small bright green bikini.  She was always joking with me about the size of my boobs, telling me that I was top heavy, or saying, “You got enough for both you and me girl.”  Barb is about 5’ 4” and petite.  She has very shapely long legs, a very small waist, much sexier then mine, and very firm 34C boobs.  Unlike mine, her boobs stand right out and most of the time she does not wear a bra.

We were joking around about her body being picture perfect.  Next thing I know she is suggesting that we use her new digital camera to take pictures of us both, and see how we look doing a strip tease.  (You may not have notices, but the Lush site has my pictures backwards from how they were taken, with the exception of the first one.) We were playing around on the deck and she pushed me toward the pool, I grabbed on to her arm and we both fell in the deep end.  She swam up behind me and unhooked my top; it went right to the bottom of the pool.  There was no one else around or I would have been completely embarrassed.  I finally got it back on and lay back on the deck with Barb.  We talked about taking some pictures and I finally agreed.  I had some things to do in town, so told here we would do it later in the afternoon.

Barb and I are both dealers at the casino.  Although I have known her for over a year, we have never gotten very close.  She works days, and I work the late night shift, so often we pass sort of coming and going in the casino.  I had often wondered what it would be like to make love to her, but never had suggested anything like that, not knowing how she would respond.  About 3 in the afternoon she knocked on my door.  I opened it and there she stood, camera in hand, fully dressed in a t shirt and slacks.  “Well, are we going to do pictures,” she ask?  “Sure I said, come on in. “Who is first,” she asks?  “Why don’t you show me how to use your camera and I will do your first,” I said. “Is that OK?”    We talked about how the camera worked, took a few pictures and then started looking for a good place to take pictures.  I really don’t remember why we settled on the bathroom, but that is where we ended up.  The light was really good in there, the afternoon sun coming in through the big open window.

Barb started taking off her clothes one piece at a time as I shot picture after picture.  She really has a very sexy body.  Her pelvic area is shaved smooth, her firm breasts standing out from her chest.  I was getting horny just taking the pictures, but I did contain myself and acted very cool.  Now it was my turn to do the strip tease act.  She told me to smile big for the camera with each piece of clothing I removed.  I really was feeling horny by the time I got my clothes off and started licking and kissing my nipples, rubbing my clit and running my fingers around my ass hole.  Barb was still nude, camera in hand, shooting picture after picture.

I looked up at her; I was sitting at the end of the bathtub on a towel, my pussy pointing toward her, and ask, “Would you like to join me in the bedroom for some fun Barb?”  She looked at me with a nice smile and asks, “What do you have in mind Beti?”  I looked at her beautiful body and said, “You look so darn sexy, I would love to touch your all over, and have you do the same for me.”  She looked at me kind of strangely and said, “Beti, you know that I am not a Lesbian, I’m not sure I want to do that!”  I looked at her standing there, took a couple of steps closer and reached out and put my hand on her shoulder, carefully I ran my fingernails down her back and across her ass.  I could feel the goose bumps on her skin and she kind of giggled. 

Taking her by the hand we walked down the hall to my bedroom.  The drapes were pulled, it was almost dark in there, and my bed had not been made from last night.  “Come on Barb, let’s crawl in bed and get under the covers.”

Lying under the covers, I reached out and put my arms around Barb, pulling her body close to mine.  I felt her firm boobs push into my much softer boobs and it sent a tingle down my spine.  I kissed her on the forehead, then on the cheek, and then gently on the lips.  I felt her as she thrust her pelvic area toward mine, our hips meeting under the covers.  I kissed her gently at first, and then started to explore her mouth with my tongue.  Almost instantly she responded and our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth and lips.  I could feel the rush of passion as I held her tightly in my arms, our groins pushing together tightly.  “Let me show you how to make love to a woman Barb,” I said. “You just lie back on the bed and enjoy the good feelings you are going to be having.”  I know that she was enjoying every kiss; she was breathing very deeply and rubbing my shoulders and back.

I got on my knees and straddled her tiny waist.  I cupped her boobs in my hands and kissed from nipple to nipple, back and forth.  Her nipples got very hard and stood out from her beautiful round boobs.  I kissed down her tummy, stopping just short of her clit.  Suddenly she put her hand on my head, pushing me lower right into her pussy as she widely opened her legs.  The smell of her pussy was exciting me even more.  I nibbled on her clit and started running my tongue up and down the slit in her small tight pussy.  In only about five minutes of this kissing and licking she started to groan, thrusting her pussy harder into my face, she let out a small scream and I felt the juices running from her pussy.  She dug her fingernails deep into my back, and was telling me how good it felt when I made her cum.  She looked at me and said, “my God Beti, I never know it would feel so good to love a woman.  I want you to lay back and let me see if I can make you feel good all over too.”  I looked at her, gave her a small kiss on the lips and said, “I have a better idea, do you know what a 69 is?”  She looked at me kind of sheepishly and said, “Yes I have seen women do it in videos, and I have done it with my boy friend.”

I laid down on the bed, Barb turned around on top of me.  I could see her pussy between her legs just above my face.  I felt her first kiss on my clit, then her hot tongue in my pussy, she went wild, tongue fucking me and sucking on my now very hard and large clit.  I just wanted to cum and I tried to do everything back to her that she was doing to me.  We were buried in each other’s pussy; suddenly I felt that great big good feeling starting to come over me we.   I think that we both exploded at the same time, telling each other what good lovers we were and how good it felt.  She turned back around and started kissing me deeply, the taste of wet pussy and cum in each other’s mouths.  It was such a wonderful afternoon, we had made love woman to woman and it was wonderful.

Betty sat over me, her boobs just above mine.  I reached up and squeezed her nipples; she was kissing and sucking on mine.  I took her in my arms, pulled her close and kissed her very passionately, she was melting in my arms, and our wet pussies were pushed together, our boobs pressing tightly to each other.  We must have laid there kissing and fondling each other for about 30 minutes.  Every moment filled with good feelings toward each other.  I carefully lifted her up from me, holding her boobs in both hands, looked at her with a great big smile and said, “see Barb, women can make love to each other, and it is really very wonderful.”  She looked at me and said, “You made me feel so loved all over, I may never want to make love to my boyfriend again.”

We got up, went to the shower and washed each other’s backs as we giggled and chatted about our last hour of love making.  She got dressed, and left, giving me a great big kiss on the mouth as she went out the door.  I still see her from time to time as we pass in the parking lot or at the casino, and give each other that very special look.  When one of us is feeling down or lonely, there will be a knock on one of our doors, and our special love will be there to sooth and comfort us, only in the way that another woman can.

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