All About You 1

By cmsouza729

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Right now it's all about the girl...

All about You 1


You giggle as I push you back onto the bed and then bite your bottom lip as I grip the sides of your panties.   You lift your legs so I can pull them over your ass and off your legs, throwing the final piece of our clothing to the ground.   I stop, admiring your nude body lying before me as you slowly open your legs, revealing your sweet spot to me.   The temptation can’t be resisted any longer.

I lower myself on you, lips meeting your stomach as I slowly kiss my way down.   Already your body is moving, hips bucking against my chest as I move lower.   Your moans begin as I reach the little patch of pubic hair, kissing it and running my tongue over it.   Finally, I move lower, spotting the first sign of you already soaking lips, the little clit.

I can’t resist the urge to quickly flick my tongue over it, extracting a gasp from you when I do.   Mmm, I can already taste your juices on it.   They’re so sweet.   I can’t control myself and quickly suck the little bud into my mouth.   You yelp and let out a low moan, grabbing my hair in your hands.   I pull on the little bud with my lips a little bit, flicking the tip of my tongue over it while I have it trapped.

I release the little ball from my lips with a pop, and look up at your face.   Your eyes are closed, your head is tilted to the side, and you’re biting you lower lip again.   I smile at the sight, cause I’m just getting started.

I move the final few inches down, taking in the sight of your sweet spot.   The lips of you sex glisten in the candlelight, like the treasure that it is.   You hips continue to buck, beckoning me closer.   Silently begging me not to make you wait any longer.

My tongue darts out, and you let out a small cry when it touches.   I press it against the opening and then trail it slowly from there to your clit, extracting a long moan from you.   The sweet flavor of your juices explodes onto my tongue as it slides through your slit.   I move down, repeating my lick, then again and again.   Over and over, with every lick ending with a flick or suck of your hard clit.

I press my tongue against your opening again, this time though I wiggle it against the hole, pressing part of the tip inside.   Your hands grip my hair tighter, pulling it slightly as I push my tongue into your pussy.   You squeal as I enter, even more as I clamp my lips over your mound, wiggling my tongue inside you.   I lap at your insides, sucking your juices into my mouth, but I want more.

I grab the bottom of your legs, lifting them high so I can press my face tighter against your mound and shove my tongue deeper inside you.   I’m even surprised to feel the rough area of your g-spot as I lap at you as well.   You can’t control your hips and I have to hold you down to keep my tongue inside you.

I let go of your legs, and pull my tongue out of your sweet pussy.   I lick at your wet lips, trying to lap up more juices before sucking your clit back into my mouth.   You start pulling my hair, trying to get me to come up and kiss you, telling me that you want to suck my hard cock as I eat your pussy.   I ignore you.

Right now, it’s all about you.

I position myself so I can shove my right ring and middle fingers inside you as I continue sucking your clit.   Slowly I start to move them in and out.   You’re so wet and so tight.   They feel so good inside you.   I twist the two fingers as I fuck you with them, letting you feel them opening you up.   You’re cries and moans are getting louder and more constant.   I know you’re close.   It’s time to make you cum.

I stop twisting my fingers and just start pumping them fast inside you, curling them each time they slide out so I can stroke your g-spot.   Your constant cries and moans fill the room, mingled with you constant shouts.   ‘Fuck yes!’ ‘Right there!’ ‘God baby it’s so good!’ are just some of the phrases I hear.

God I want to make you cum.   Cum for me baby.

In a few short seconds you answer my request, letting out a high pitched scream as your pussy clamps so hard around my fingers, it pushes them out.   I back off from your clit, just in time as a small jet of ejaculate splashes across my chin.   I want to feel you coming, so I push a finger inside, despite your pleas for me not to.   You pussy is pulsing around the finger and your body is shaking with pleasure.

Finally I see you start to come down from your high.   Your sex stops to pulse, and your body is not trembling so much.   I give your clit one last kiss, sending another trembling jolt through you.   Mmm, damn baby.   Ready for more?