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All About You 2

This time, it's all about the guy...

All about You 2


God damn you know how to eat pussy.  I get a chuckle from you when I say that.  I can’t help but gasp as you pull your fingers from my still trembling pussy.  God damn, you really know how to eat pussy.  Mmm, small shocks of pleasure are still riding through my body as you kiss your way up to me.

You stop at my breasts, sucking a hard nipple into your mouth, pulling on it with you lips, just as you did with my clit.  I don’t let you suck it for long, and take you head in my hands, pulling you up to me.  Our lips meet, tongues sliding into each other’s mouths.  I can taste my juices all over.  You’re right, I taste so sweet.

We start to make out, just as we were doing in the hall earlier, only this time, there’s no clothes to hamper our exploration.  My hands caress you hard shoulders, tight chest and hard abs.  Your hands roam over my soft breasts, round ass and through my hair.  We roll back and forth until I stop us, with me on top of you, straddling your waist and pinning you beneath me.

I sit up on my knees a bit, so I can slide my hand under me and grip you hard cock.  I start to stroke it, up and down, massaging ever inch of you.  I know that you would love for me to guide it straight to my soaking pussy.  Sorry baby, I have other ideas.

I break our kiss, lowering my head to find your neck.  I kiss and lightly bite it, before starting to slide down your body.  At your chest, I can’t resist the urge to play with your nipples, sucking and lightly biting.  I smile when you tell me not too hard.  As I start to move lower, I occasionally scrape my teeth over your skin, extracting gasps from you.

As my lips reach the middle of your chest, your cock is in perfect position between my breasts.  You thrust your cock between them, but I don’t stop.  Not right now baby.  Maybe in a little bit.  Just a little below your bellybutton, I’m greeted by the tip of you cock.

I quickly flick my tongue over the tip, tasting your sweet pre-cum.  Mmm, taste so good.  I push myself up so I’m straddling you ankles and grip your hard dick in my hand, wrapping my fingers around the shaft.  It’s already so hard baby.  I lightly squeeze it as I slowly start to stroke it up and down.

You groan bucking your hips against the feeling of my hand wrapped around you hard cock.  You eyes are closed, squinting slightly.  I smile at the sight, cause I’m just getting started.

I lower my head as lift your cock up, wrapping my lips around the tip.  I give it a quick suck, slowly pulling my lips off it, making you suck in your breath as I do.  I do this again, extracting a hiss from you, mmm, and some more pre-cum. My lips wrap around it again, this time staying as I suck on it, flicking my tongue against the slit.  My hand moves to your base and large nut sac.

When I pull my lips off the tip, I release it with a pop. I lower my mouth to your base, pushing my tongue out to flick across it.  Slowly I trail it up the bottom of you shaft, making you groan as I do.  When I reach the tip, I flick my taster over it before moving back down.

This time I move to your balls, and sucking one into my mouth.  I suck on it for a second, then let it go, letting it pop out of my mouth.  I suck the other one in, giving it a nice suck before letting it go as well.  I let my tongue run between them for a few seconds before letting it slide back up your shaft.

When I reach the tip, I wrap my lips around it and slide them down, taking half of your cock in my mouth.  I start sliding them slowly up to the tip before quickly lowering them back down.  My fingers wrap around your base, rubbing and massaging it as my lips slide up and down on your shaft.  You grunt and groan, asking me to turn around so you can play with my pussy as I suck you.  I ignore you.

Right now, it’s all about you.

I pull my lips slowly back to your tip, sucking so I tug on the soft skin of your cock with them.  Once they’re back at the top, I open them wide and suck in my breath before lowering myself down.  The head of your dick presses against my throat, making me gag a little before I start to swallow.  You grip my hair and let out a really loud grunt as the head pushes into my throat.

I keep lowering my mouth, swallowing more of your cock, feeling it fill my throat.  You hiss as your hands massage my head as your fingers run through my hair.  You beg me to take you deeper, which I do until my nose is pressed against your pubic hair.  I stay there for a few seconds, eyes watering as I let you enjoying being stuffed in my throat, before pulling back gasping for air once your cock is free of my throat.

I grip your slippery dick, stroking it and finding that it’s pulsing at my touch.  I can tell you’re close but trying to hold off from coming.  I bite my lower lip and smile at you before lowering my mouth to your cock again, taking half inside.  I resume bobbing on the shaft while stroking the base and your ball sac with my hand.  When you grip my hair and start thrusting into my mouth, I know you’re about to cum.

God I want to make you cum. Cum for me baby.

You cry out just as your dick starts to pulse and a glob of cum splashes against the back of my throat.  I’m sucking on the head now, stroking your dick as shot after shot of cum fills my mouth.  Mmm, the sweet taste coats my tongue, making me want more.  Your body is shaking and your hands gripping my hair tighter as I suck the last drops of your cum out with my lips, releasing the head with another pop.

After a few seconds, you look down at me, and smile.  I have my mouth open showing you the huge load inside it.  I close my mouth and swallow, letting out an involuntary moan as the sweet cum slides down my throat to my belly.  As I shove the last bits of you cum into my mouth I smile.  Mmm, damn baby.  Ready for more?

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