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Ally's Travels Part Three

What man doesn't want a blowjob domne by the woman of his fantasies?
A couple of hours later, the trio landed and tried to catch a cab.

"TAXI!!" Daniel screamed.  Four taxis passed by and they all ignored him."

"Geez Daniel let me show you how to get a cab." Jen said.
Jen stepped into the street and whistled loudly. A cab stopped for them.

"Wow Jen!"Allie said.

"Just a freaking whistle" Daniel muttered under his breath.

Daniel opened the door for the women and as Ally stepped in, her skirt ran up and Dan saw her pink thong. He had an instant hard-on. He knew sitting next to Ally wouldn't help, so he ran to the other side with Jen. Problem is, he saw right down Jen's blouse, which also didn't help with his hard-on. During the whole ride, Daniel was trying to cover up his erect penis.

The taxi finally stopped and Ally payed the driver and they checked into their hotel.

"Um, excuse me, we seem to be having problems with the gentleman' s room. I'm terribly sorry but we cannot find a room for him." said the receptionist.

" That's OK, Danny-boy can sleep with us. Right Jen?"

"No problem."

"OK here is your room key and enjoy your stay."

"Thank you."

"Alright guys, I'm going out to the bar to get a drink and hopefully get swept into abed with a guy!"said Jen.

"Oooh Jen you fucking slut." teased Ally.

"Hey your the one who had sex in the bathroom with our 9th grade sweetheart a few hours ago." Jen teased back.

Jen showered and left for the bar.

"Alright Danny, I'm gonna go shower and get ready for bed." said Ally.


Ally took her clothes and went into the bathroom. An hour later, Ally came out the bathroom with a towel around her. Daniel wanted to yank away the towel and expose her luscious body.

"Do you mind if I get dressed here, or do you want me to go in the bathroom?"

"No no no not at all."

Ally dropped the towel revealing a red thong. Daniel once again had an instant hard-on. She took out a matching bra and tried to put it on. Dan wished she would turn around so he could see her beautiful tan breasts...

"Hey Dan, can you help me with this? My breasts have gotten somewhat bigger."
Dan's cock grew harder. His erect penis now made a tent of his workout shorts. He looked at Ally facing the wall and picked up the bra off the bed. He handed her the bra and she put it on and pulled up her hair so Dan could hook it for her. Dan stared up and down Ally's marvelous tan body and her long brown hair. Was it dyed?

"Hey Dan, you there?"

"Oh sorry."

He quickly hooked the bra and walked away. Ally put on a tight off the shoulder shirt and lie down in her bed.

"Danny, can you give me a back rub?"

"'t know..."

"Come here silly."

"Uh no I'm a bit heavy I might hurt y-"

"Pretty please Danny?"


Daniel sat on her ass, and started massaging her back.

Ally let out dialogue in a very sultry voice.

"Oh Dan, yes, right there, oh my god, that feels so good. Harder Dan, harder. Oooh perfect."

Ally started to let out moans and groans that got Dan on the verge of cumming.

"Oh thank you Dan, that was perfect."

"Your welcome."

Dan stepped over the suitcase to the other bed.

"Wait Dan let me give you a hug."

 Ally stood off the bed with her arms open wide. Dan turned around forgetting the suitcase this time and tripped over it falling into Ally's arms both of them collapsing to the bed.

"Geez Dan, am I that attractive?"

"I'm so sorry Ally, Very very sorry." 

Ally could feel his stiff cock through his pants putting pressure on her pussy.

"You like me don't you Danny? You wanna have sex with me?"


"Yes you do. Danny, your my best friend's assistant. If you wanted to have sex with me you could've just asked me. Dan you can have whatever you like me from you know..."


Ally got up and took off her t-shirt. She undid her bra and slowly slid down her panties. She had shaved lightly in the shower and Daniel saw she was originally a blond.
"Yea Danny, the curtains don't match the carpet."

Danny was so shocked he couldn't even speak!! Ally was fucking HOT!! She looked way better in real life then in his naughty fantasies! His cock made a huge tent of his gym shorts.

"Any room in that tent for me?"

Ally sat in his lap and kissed him. Ally pulled down his gym shorts and his rod stood as straight as a flag pole.

"Danny you're huge!"


Ally got down on her knees and stuck Daniel's dick into her mouth. The feel of her mouth on his dick made Daniel want to scream in joy. Ally was doing this thing with her tongue that made him shudder and make his legs go weak. She then hit the fleshy underside of his cock. She poked it and  nibbled on it with the her bottom teeth. The feel was exhilarating.

"Ally that is so good."

Her reply was to take in his cock into her throat. Her throat constricted around his cock creating an unexplainable feel. He hung his head back as Ally started to pull out. She dove back in and soon found her rhythm. This was the best blow job in the world! Ally had finesse, she continued using her tongue and twisted her head to hit a certain spot that made him moan. It was very different from the high school girls that just bobbed up and down. Daniel felt something build up in his crotch. he was going to cum.

"Ally, I'm gonna cum."

Her response was to go even faster.

Daniel was trying with all his might to hold on. But, he couldn't.


Daniel blew while Ally was pulling out and cum hit her squarely in the mouth. A long stream of cum connected her and his cock while he pulled away. The sight of her covered in his cum was like him winning the jackpot. His cock stiffened again when he saw her lick her lips and pick up of glob of skeet off her nipple and stick it into her mouth. she sucked on her finger and pulled it out with exaggerated slowness.

  Suddenly, Jen walked in.

"Bars closed ev- What the fuck?!?"

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