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Alone at the Party

"Excuse me a moment," I say to the guy who has been talking my ear off about UFC for the past fifteen minutes and slip through the party to the restroom. You must have been watching me from across the crowd because you slip into the room with me before I pull the door shut.

"Um, hi," I say, a bit taken aback.

"Hi, yourself," you purr at me.

"And what are you doing here?" I mockingly inquire.

"Coming to see you." Your hand reaches down and cups my balls as you plant an enormous sloppy kiss on my lips. "Want me to leave?" you teasingly whisper into my ear.

"No," I moan. I resume our kiss as my hands go up under your dress and caress your bare ass. We kiss and you stroke between my legs until you can feel my cock straining against my trousers. Your hand finds my belt and deftly undoes it. Your fingers unbutton and unzip me as you kiss down my neck. Your hand pushes past the waistband of my boxers and takes hold of my shaft. "Mmmhmm," you moan.

You plant kisses down the front of my shirt even as you are pushing it up my chest and pushing my trousers and boxers to the floor. I suck my breath in as your lips find skin and you continue kissing down my stomach agonizingly slowly. I finally exhale when your tongue touches my glans. You roll your tongue around it, then to the bottom of my shaft and back up. "Yes, Jen," escapes me in a whisper.

You take me into your mouth. Your lips and tongue work down the length of my cock. You take me deep and at the base of my shaft you pause for a moment, one second, two, three. I can feel your tongue against me. Then you let me go and give a little gasp as you look up at me. "Yes, I love it," I respond. Encouraged, you take me back into your hungry mouth and begin to suck.

Your right hand works up and down along my shaft as your left caresses my balls. I am listening to the party going on outside as your head bobs up and down. My breathing increases. My hand goes through your hair. My cock is iron and your mouth velvet. Oh your gorgeous mouth.

I look down to watch you and finally realize that we never even turned on the light. Now I hear people talking in the hallway outside the door, but it doesn't keep you from moaning as you suck. With an audible pop I am released from between your lips and you look up at me and stroke me rhythmically.

“ You like it, baby?” you whisper.

“ Yesss.”

“ You taste so good!'

And I am back in your mouth. You are tonguing and sucking and kissing my stiff rod. I lean my head back in ecstasy and buck my hips in time with you. “Oh God, baby!” I'm practically panting now as I fuck your mouth. You occasionally pop my dick out and stroke me and tongue the tip.

My balls are aching and just as I announce to you that I'm ready to come, a knock comes at the door. “Uh... one minute,” I call out. Then I'm spurting hot jizz down your throat. I swallow a call out as you swallow my load. “mmmMmm!” you moan again with me still in your mouth. “Mmm, so good!” you say when you finally release me.

Popping to your feet, you plant a wet sloppy kiss on me. You are reaching for the door even as I am hoisting up my trousers. With my pants barely done back up your are headed into the hall. “Oh hi!” you say to the man waiting at the door. He begins to come into the bathroom and is definitely surprised as I almost bump into him as well. “Hi there,” I add and give him a wink as I follow you back into the party.

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