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Always in Control, Or so I thought

Always in control, well not anymore
Hot, wet, naked, horny these are all words that can describe how I am right this moment. Here I am lay in bed as I am sat on line reading our explicit messages to one another. Fingers working away rubbing my sweet hot clit, while still trying to type with the other hand.

Once again I’m role playing on line, being the dominant and powerful master, demanding more and more from you as my ever obedient slave, and fully wishing that it could be happening in reality not just on line with my imagination running full speed.

I’m concentrating so hard on making my hot pussy squirt my tantalizing juices down my legs that I miss the last message you wrote to me “fancy meeting up.” Straight away my horny side comes out to play with my mind racing with all the unique and hot possibilities that could happen if I just think with my pussy and not with my head. I tell you I’m not sure and will have to think about it. However, you throw a spanner in the works by telling me it would be just for one night, as you have work in my area which allows you to see me for real.

I immediately say yes, no doubt because my hormones are racing full throttle and I am in the finally stages of having an orgasm thanks to two little things my miniature bullet with its high pulsating vibes on my clit and your dirty, filthy mind helping to exploring all and any possibilities that I could fathom about my sexuality and what turns me on.

The next night…

I tell you that I will meet you in a club and that I will be wearing a small tightly fitted blue dress that ends just above my knees. I’m dancing away, with my best friends close by, always looking around for you. I don’t realize your already here and that you have been watching me and talking to me for the past 2 and a half hours.

I then turn to you, and tell you that I don’t think he is coming (never suspecting that my ever obedient slave is actually my best friend). I say I want to go home and indulge myself with ice cream if you would like to join me.

We finally get to mine and as I open the door, you grab me around my waist pulling me back against you, as you whisper in my ear, “Time to do as you're told, for so long I have let you dictate to me what it is you want to do, now its my turn.”

You walk me into my flat and tell me to strip. I just look at you with shock plastered on my face; you come right up to me and start to tug at my dress, making it clear that you mean to be obeyed.

I never once thought that you could be this masculine, this seductive and alluringly handsome. This new side of you is making me shiver with excitement; my nipples harden with pleasure as I do as I’m told under your hard and scrutinizing stare. I slowly slip out of my dress and you can see I’m not wearing a stitch of clothing beneath it.

The sight of me stood there before you naked and fully aroused has been one of your most erotic dreams and fantasies come to life, and you plan to make sure you enjoy every last minute of it. I start to slowly walk over to you, and I watch as the bulge in your pants gets bigger and bigger with every swish of my hips and every bounce of my breasts. I ask you, “What is it you desire me to do?”

Straight away you grab my head and pull it towards your crotch. “Unzip, take out and suck hard,” is your reply, I lean down and to your surprise I do as I’m told. I take out your 8” cock and slowly take the swollen head into my mouth, I tease you slowly as I flick my tongue over you, not once fully sucking you. I just lick and caress with my tongue before you lose patience with me for frustrating you enormously, you shove my head further up your cock and start to thrust hard and fast making me have to catch up with your speed or have to suffer by gagging on it.

I feel you start to slow down as I take the chance to look up into your eyes, and then I see what I have been missing right before me, the way you always used to look at me with that hungry stare of wanting and lust. I’m fully aroused as you can see and smell the stench of my sexual desires coming form my soaked pussy. You find me soaking and wanting more as you place your fingers just inside my slit and start to rub and finger me fast and hard not letting up at all until I scream out with pleasure.

I realize that I want more than just a finger fuck and that I want to be had by you properly, it’s at that moment when I ask you, with deep breaths to fuck me hard, make me the slave to your desires. You don’t need any more prompting as you shove me down on to the floor and place your cock just above my pussy, rubbing it provocatively against my slit. You watch me as I lose all self control and buck up against you, demanding more that you start to descend even more into me.

You notice my eyes close with desires and hope that I will finally get what I want, but no you pull away from me and tell me to get dressed as you zip back up your hard cock. I look back confused at you and then you say, “You’re not always going to be in control and get what you demand.”

You walk away leaving me wet, horny and completely shocked and aroused.

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