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Amelia's Surprise for Dean

I placed my soft warm lips over the tip of his hard cock, sucking his length in nice and slow.
I was very excited for my boyfriend, Dean, to get home from his business trip. One month apart, one month of no sex was almost too much for me to take. That wasn't the only reason I was excited though. I was excited because when he got home I had a big surprise for him. I loved surprising him, especially with sexy surprises. I looked at my watch. His plane should be landing any minute now. I was feeling a bit giddy. I couldn't wait to show him just how much I missed him this last month.

The constant phone sex, cyber sex, and sexting weren't nearly enough to satisfy my appetite for him. I wanted his hard dick in my pussy, in my mouth, and in my ass. We had sex at least three times a day when he was home. I couldn't wait to sit on his face while he ate my pussy with his skilled tongue.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when the door to the truck opened. I looked over and saw my sexy boyfriend standing there. I scooted over into the middle seat. The best thing about having a truck was having a bench seat so I could sit next to him on the ride home.

He is 5'10", 160 pounds, with an athletic body. His eyes are a deep green like the sea and his smile could melt even the most frigid heart. I can't get enough of him. Everybody called us a perfect match. I am 5'6", 120 pounds, I have a slight hour glass figure. I have a small waist, 36C breast size, and an ass my boyfriend describes as bitable. I have long black hair that stops half way down my back and light blue eyes.

"Well hello there, handsome," I said, smiling as he got in next to me.

"Hello, beautiful." He put his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss. "Mmm, Amelia. It's been to long since I've kissed this lovely mouth," he murmured pressing his mouth back to mine, slipping his tongue inside.

I let out a soft moan. I loved kissing him. I put my fingers in his soft golden hair. I loved the way his hair felt and he loved when I rubbed his head. We pulled apart and he started up the truck. I put my hand on his thigh. I couldn't wait to jump his bones. We made small talk for a little while, until we got onto the turnpike. As soon as we got on the turnpike I made quick work of his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and had his zipper down as fast as I could.

I reached into the front of his boxers and pulled out his hardening cock. I spread myself out on the seat mostly laying down, making myself comfortable. Licking my lips as I gazed at his glorious member. I couldn't wait to have his delicious cock in my mouth. I licked him from base to tip getting him nice and ready for my mouth. I placed my soft warm lips over the tip of his hard throbbing cock, sucking his length in nice and slow. Soon he was down my throat and making me gag a little. I pulled up until he was almost all the way out then repeated sucking him in slow.

He let out a moan and placed one hand on my head, stroking my hair. I upped my pace a little, his cock hitting the back of my throat each time. I wrapped my right hand around his base and slid his cock out of my mouth. I licked his tip in slow circles. I really did love the way his dick tasted. I honestly couldn't get enough of him. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I used my mouth to bring him pleasure.

I took his cock straight down my throat in one quick motion. I must have caught him off guard because he groaned and grabbed the back of my head tightly as he thrust his hips up to meet me. As relaxed as my throat was I still gagged on his cock and pulled away coughing. I knew he had to be getting close, so I decided to speed up my efforts, sucking him in hard and deep, using my right hand to help stroke him while I sucked on the head.

"Baby, don't stop...I'm getting close," he encouraged me. I moaned, sucking on his glorious cock made me feel so sexy and horny. I sucked harder and faster, using my tongue to lick and flick the entire time. I could feel him tensing up. I licked up the underside of his dick. I stroked him quickly. Pumping him up and down. Sucking him in deeper and deeper.

We were both moaning as he got closer and closer to release. I felt him tense up and I sucked him down my throat just as he started cumming. His thick warm cum filled my mouth and throat quickly. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but I still gagged a little as it shot out fast and hard. A little slipped out of my mouth. After I swallowed all that he let out I gently let him slip out from between my lips. I licked his softening cock making sure he was nice and clean.

I sat up smiled and wiped the corner of my mouth. I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I can't wait to get you home and ride that hard cock of yours. And I also have a nice surprise prepared as well."

"What kind of surprise." He was smiling.

"The good kind." I returned his smile and laid my head on his shoulder excited to get home.

To be continued...

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