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An Affair with Nikki (Part 2)

Nikki bringing me out of my shell.

The sex with Nikki was amazing, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other and were screwing like we were teenagers. I still loved smelling her breathing but that was becoming secondary because of all the fantastic sex and all of the wonderful feelings that came with that.

Nikki had softest tongue I had ever felt in my life. She had a wonderful mouth and loved to suck my cock anytime day or night and also (I was soon to find out) anyplace.

One day at the office she says "hey, I'm going to pick up the mail." I just looked at her wondering if I was supposed to respond to that. I mean she does this all the time as part of her job doesn't she. She finally said "wanna come with?" I shrugged and said "sure, why not."

Off we went. The mail room was for the entire building and was on the same floor as our company which was on the first floor just inside the main entrance. I had never been in there. As the door closed behind us I asked "so what do you need help with?" She had this mischievous smile on her face. She pinned me against one of the tables and grabbed my crotch fondling my now hardening cock. "Are you crazy?" "Why do you say that?" Still with the mischievous smile. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that practically everyone in the entire building has a key to that door and could walk in at any second." She laughs and gets on her knees while unzipping me and struggling to get my cock out of my pants. I am starting to panic, we are right in front of the door with nowhere to hide. "Relax, we'll be able to hear someone putting the key into the lock." Still thinking that she's insane, there's no way we could do anything in the small amount of time it would take to fling the door open. At that moment she slides my cock all the way to the back of her throat. She can't take it all but she sure loves trying. Of course I have now totally forgotten about where we are and am loving the feel of that heavenly tongue and the feel of my head at the back of her throat. "Mmmmmm" is all I can say. She starts sliding me in and out of her mouth while both of her hands are on my hips. She's just using her mouth and I am in heaven. She is sucking and doing that thing with her tongue, I don't even know if it's anything she does with it or it's just the feel of her tongue. I am glad that I'm able to lean back onto the table behind me because I don't know if I could have stood on my own two legs without any help, she just makes me weak in the knees with that mouth of hers. Just then I hear a key in the door, I yank my cock out of her mouth and turn around and kneel down pretending to tie my shoes. She's up and straightening herself when this woman walks in that she knows from seeing her in the mail room. They both say "hi" and there I am kneeling down with my cock hanging in the breeze pretending to tie my shoe. I don't even remember if I had laces on those shoes now. Anyway, I throw a "oh, hey" over my shoulder. Soon the woman leaves. I'm sweating by now from all the adrenaline. Nikki is laughing, I'm trying to stuff myself back into my pants. "Hey, I'm not done yet. I haven't had my protein for the day." I'm standing there with my mouth open thinking she's gone over the edge. Did we not just come seconds from being discovered? With that she drops to her knees grabs my cock and shoves it to the back of her throat. She starts sucking again but this time she's using her hand to stroke me. Really working it, wanting to draw every drop out of me. Before long I am squirting gobs of cum down her throat. The first squirt was huge and almost gags her, I can see a little dribble out of the side of her mouth. She greedily sucks me, milking every last drop. Once she's sure she's got it all, she looks up at me with a smile and takes her finger to wipe up the cum that has dribbled out and licks her finger clean. "Mmmmmm that was tasty, can I get some coffee with that?" as she laughs. I quickly pull myself back together and get out of there before someone else walks in. I had not done anything like that unless you count the time that I had sex on a hotel balcony. But that was late at night and I don't think anyone could have seen us unless they had a telescope or something. The nearest point to us that anyone could possibly see from was another hotel a few hundred yards away. Nothing like what just happened or could have happened. I left there thinking that would not be the last time something like that happened with Nikki and I would soon find out that I was not wrong.

Though my marriage was pretty much over, everyone in the office still knew that I was married so Nikki and I had to keep it secret. One thing going for us is that no one ever dreamed that we would be together. No one seemed to suspect anything even though we did go to lunch often, well pretty much every day. There weren't too many people that stayed in the office all day, almost everyone was on customer sites most of the time so it wasn't impossible to keep the every day lunches a secret.

Nikki really loved her "protein" and who was I to complain. What guy on the planet doesn't love blowjobs, and these were mind blowing blowjobs. Every single one of them. I could never even imagine a woman like Nikki. I'm not making it up or even exaggerating, never had I been with or even heard of anyone who loved to suck cock so much. I wonder if she really believed the protein thing. No it wasn't me who made that story up, it was her.

Anyway, we got to where we would drive somewhere for lunch or after lunch and park. I was okay with the parking because we were never in a place where I thought we could get caught. She would then suck the "protein" right out of me. Then we'd head back to the office. Don't get me wrong we both loved fucking and she loved me eating her pussy, but for lunch this is what we did.

One day we drove to a different place which happened to be a mall and for some reason we were in her truck. She kept saying "Is this okay?" and I kept saying it was too much in the open. Finally, she said okay here and pulled in. I was a little worried because anyone could drive by let alone walk by even though we were at the far end of the parking lot. She said "No one can see us" which I replied "what about people driving by." "My windows are tinted, no one can see in." By this time I was so horny I said okay. We hop in the back seat for more room and these seats are high enough that anyone could tell what she was doing if they could see in. Well there I am in heaven again with her sucking my cock and playing with my balls slobbering all over me. I just laid back and enjoyed every sensation. She loved to suck me without using any hands, going down on me as far as she could then using her tongue to lick the under side of my shaft. "Oh, god I love that Nikki." She moaned which caused vibration along my shaft "Mmmmmmmmm fuck that's good." She grabbed my shaft and pulled her mouth off of me, then licking the under side of my head. She knows this just drives me wild. Then she put just the head of my cock into her mouth and again "Mmmmmm" more vibration. "God I love this ridge on your cock, I love this huge head that you have. It feels so good licking and sucking on your head." "Babe, you can lick and suck on the head of my cock as long as you like." "Really? I would love to but you know what I want." "No babe, what do you want?" I say playfully. She growls at me, gives my balls a squeeze and says "This" as she slams my cock to the back of her throat sucks it then pulls it almost all the way out then looks at me and kind of smiles with the head of my cock still in her mouth then slams back down. Over and over faster and faster her head is bobbing up and down my shaft. She isn't really gripping my shaft, she just has her hand pressing down on me lightly rubbing my balls as I can feel that wonderful tongue as it slides up and down my shaft as my head hits the back of her throat. "Oh my god" I moan as the cum is building in my balls. I can feel that tongue but I can also feel that light rubbing on my balls which is a new thing. "Mmmmm babe I'm gonna cum" she starts speeding up "god that feels sooooo goooooood, oh fuck oh fuck ahhhhh fuck" as I explode. She doesn't stop she's still bobbing up and down and trying to swallow every last drop as she's doing it. She normally stops but for some reason she keeps slamming me to the back of her throat, up and down my shaft and I am cumming in buckets. Finally, I hear a gurgle and I think she's choking and all of a sudden she starts laughing and coughing and there is cum everywhere. I mean there's cum coming out her mouth as she's coughing and there's also cum coming out of her nose. I'm a little in shock wondering if she's okay but the way she's laughing I figured she must be. I'm also wondering what I'm going to do with all this cum that's all over my clothes and having to go back to work in them. Nikki says "well that's a first." "What's that" as I'm trying to wipe myself. "Never had cum coming out of my nose before" as she laughs some more. I smile at her as we get out of her truck. "Why didn't you stop, I said I was cumming?" "I don't know I just loved the feel your cock banging the back of my throat." I closed the back door and stood there stunned. She looks at me and says "what?" I look at her "tinted huh?" She's laughing "can't believe everything you hear, that's what you get for thinking with your little head.... well yours isn't so little. She laughs again and grabs my head (the one on my shoulders) "you should have been using this one, but that wasn't so bad was it?" "No, that was fantastic."

There would be more of these experiences, like the time Nikki insisted on blowing me while I stood next to her truck in a strip mall parking lot. I offered to drive down the street but she wouldn't hear of it. It was dark but it wasn't like these businesses were closed. In fact we just had pizza from this place that was just behind and to the right of me and a Laundromat just to my left about twenty feet away with people in both places. I wasn't totally comfortable but just tried to enjoy the moment and not think too much about getting arrested or something. Maybe that will be another story, or maybe not.

This wonderful, sexy, gorgeous woman, not to mention absolute sex machine (and I do mean it in a loving way) was definitely bringing me out of my shell. I guess you could say bringing me out of my shell or maybe she was creating a monster, who knows. Anyway, no one was hurt in the telling, writing or actual experience and I am happy to report no one was arrested.

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