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An all inclusive massage

A normal massage.... with a twist
This is a true story and as such the names of the people and places have been changed.

I’m John, I’m an engineer and I commission equipment for factories, so my job requires me to travel a lot. In my latest adventure, which is how I like to see every start up I go to, I was booked at an excellent four star hotel in the Czech Republic . Things however were not going that well and I was doing fourteen hour long days at the plant, seven days a week for two and a half weeks. Finally at the end of the third week things started to go smoother, so I had the Sunday off and decided to treat myself to an aromatherapy massage at the hotel’s spa.

When I arrived at the spa I was handed a bathrobe and proceeded to change, leaving only my boxer shorts on. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I would be getting the massage from an adorable girl from Indonesia, who had only recently arrived to the country. At 5’5’ she stood slightly smaller than me and had a few extra pounds, most of which were well placed at her tits and ass. She had long, straight black hair, playful eyes behind a pair of glasses, a smile that made you want to smile back and wore something akin to a robe. We made small talk until we reached the room I would have the massage in where she asked me to take my boxers off. I told her I would rather I kept them on, but she insisted I take them off so I would be free of clothing and could really enjoy the massage, so I took them off.

I lay face down on the massage table. She turned the lights off, put on some soft music and covered me in towels. The scent of the oil she used was something between that of an orange and a tangerine and her warm hands felt really good on me as she started to massage my lower back. She finished with my back and proceeded to my legs, starting from the foot and moving up. I was really relaxed and enjoying the feeling until her fingers touched my sack as she was massaging up my thighs.

The first time she touched me it was only a very light touch, to the point I thought I might be imagining things since it was almost a month since I last had some sex. But then, to my surprise she touched me again, and again; each time a little longer, and a little bolder than before. I must have given her some indication because she asked me to relax and told me it was all part of the massage and resumed to massage where my ass meets my thighs, all the while reaching to brush my balls with her fingers.

Despite what my mind was thinking, my cock found her touching quite stimulating and I started to get quite uncomfortable, so her asking me to turn around came with mixed emotions of relief and worry; worry about what she would think about my semi-erect cock. I slowly turned around and to my relief she stood behind me and started to massage my head and arms.

After she was done, she moved to my sides and abs. Each time she had to rub close to my waist she would have to stretch a little and her tits would brush against my head, and it caused me to start getting hard again. Then, each time her breasts touched my head she would slow down and linger for a fraction of a second, making the contact last that much longer. It was not long until I felt her nipple brushing against my hair through the thin fabric of her robe and when I did, I would arch my body slightly to press against it. My mind was focused on staying in rhythm with her breasts, wanting to feel her nipples harden, so I was startled when she stopped, afraid I had done something wrong and that she would take offense.

I heard some shuffling and felt her climb on the massage table, putting her knees on either side of my shoulders, the lower part of her robe falling on top of my face and started rubbing from my lower abs down to my inner thighs, throwing the towel that covered my stiff cock to the side. As her hands moved from my inner thighs to my waist and back she would brush against my cock, never really touching it, but always teasing me that this time she might; and each time, she would press against my thighs, spreading them slightly.

I lay there, loving the feeling of her warm oily hands on me, breathing heavier as her hands moved closer and closer to my balls, her nails trailing along the length of my cock. She lowered her head and breathed a warm, moist breath on the head of my cock as she lifted it with one hand to bring it closer to her mouth. She kissed the tip, and alternated running her hands from the bottom of my cock all the way to the top, her thumb rubbing my head before she let go.

I was loving the much needed attention and took my time returning the favor. It was not until the musky scent of her pussy mixed with that of the oil reached my nostrils that I realized how close to my mouth it was. I rubbed my body to get oil on my fingers and reached up to touch her thighs, running my hands slowly up and down, each time pressing a little harder, each time lowering her closer to my waiting mouth. When she was close enough, I reached up with my fingers to pull her panties aside but felt none, so I poked her pussy lips with my tongue.

I tried to get in rhythm with her stroking; each time she would run her hand up my cock I would run my tongue up her pussy, between her lips; when she rubbed the head of my cock, I would flick or press against her clit with my tongue. I licked her and drank her juices as they dripped from her pussy to my tongue, my hands caressing her ass, holding it in place.

I pressed a hand on her waist, wanting her to lower herself more. She did, but as she lowered her waist, she also lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. I moaned as low as I could as she gave the head of my cock one hard suck before taking more into her mouth. She cupped my balls with one hand, oily fingers gently rubbing them, as she was bobbing her head up and down my cock, each time taking more inside. I could feel he tongue rubbing my cock inside her mouth as I hit the back of her neck; she held it there and hummed lightly, vibrations going up and down my shaft.

I gasped, almost cumming there and then, forcing myself to focus on her pussy so I could last as long as possible. I pushed two fingers, then three, into her pussy and it was her turn to moan, with her lips wrapped around my cock. I used my thumb to press against her clit and use it as leverage to move my fingers out. I arched them to rub the upper wall of her pussy, then I curled them and extend them as I forcefully pushed back into her. Her pussy felt very wet after a few strokes and I could almost hear the sloppy sounds my hand made as it went in and out.

She started pushing back against my hand with her ass, keeping only the head of my cock in her mouth to suck, before swallowing it to the hilt, her hand rubbing my balls, stroking the base of my cock, her hard nipples touching my body as she devoured me.

I took my cum-filled finger out of her pussy and started to tease the bud of her asshole, pressing against it, sliding a digit in, then out again. I would alternate between sliding my finger into her pussy to wet it and into her asshole, each time deeper and deeper until it was all inside. I rest my finger into her ass and lifted my tongue to lick her clit, I pressed on it, flicked it and licked around it as I started moving my palm in small circles trying to stretch her tight ass a little more. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it gently, at the same sliding a second finger into her ass, hearing her moan around my cock.

She let go of my cock to catch her panting breath and resumed stroking it and moan at her clit being sucked and ass being fucked. She lowered her head again took the head of my cock between her lips and started to suck it hard while using one hand to pump my shaft and the other to rub my balls.

A few seconds of her hard sucking and pumping was all I could take and I exploded in her mouth filling it with cum. She only sucked harder milking me with her mouth and hands. I pressed my mouth onto her pussy so my moans couldn't be heard as my waist convulsed sending cum down her throat. She drank every last drop and eased her sucking as my cock started to soften. She put her hands on each of my thighs and started to slowly gyrate her pelvis onto my face, dipping it when my mouth was on her pussy. She must have enjoyed how my jaw rubbed her clit because she positioned herself so that as my tongue was inside her pussy, her clit would rub against my jaw.

I stretched my tongue as much as I could and licked inside her pussy, pushing inside her as deep as my tongue allowed as she rubbed her clit on my jaw. I started to finger her ass again and reached up with my other hand to find and pull on her hard, erect nipple. She moaned and mumbled something incomprehensible, which I took as encouragement. I pinched and pulled on her nipple harder letting my fingers rest inside her ass and she responded by more mumbling, deeper breathing and harder grinding. Her pussy was all over my face smearing her juices on it as she let go of my thighs, arched her back and replaced my hand on her tits with hers. I reached between her legs in front of her and slapped the inside of her thighs with my fingertips as she ground herself on my face.

With her breathing becoming heavy and labored I could tell she was close to cumming. She was moving faster, fucking my face with her pussy, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. After a few seconds of furious grinding she let a series of muffled little moans and I could feel her hot cum running from her pussy, covering my face. I was sucking and licking all I could as she lowered herself over me again, her pelvis moving slower, seeking my mouth and tongue. When her clit found my mouth she stopped and I licked it, took it into my warm mouth and held it there gently suckling on it, teasing it with the tip of my tongue.

We stayed like that for a few seconds before she came off the table, leaned to kiss my cheek softly and whisper that there was a shower in the room and I should have one before leaving. She picked her panties off the floor, opened the door and left.

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