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An evening with Christina

A short, true story about an evening with a girl I used to date.
This was a little over a year ago and I was dating a girl named Christina. The relationship tanked, but we had some fun while it lasted. Christina was a Puerto Rican girl with soft, permanently tanned skin, perky brown nipples, and a rump you could sink your teeth into. We would spend time at her place Friday evenings usually (among other times/places) and watch WWE Smackdown in her living room while her mom was in her own bedroom doing her own thing. After a while of watching and teasing between us, Christina asked if I was thirsty. I said a little, and apparently so was she. So she got up and walked toward the small kitchen to get us water.

Being the sexual miscreant I occasionally become, I stood up behind her silently and walked behind her to the doorway of the kitchen, wrapping my arms around her from behind and kissing, licking, and biting her soft neck as I rubbed my bulging crotch against that amazing rear end, humming moans into her neck as I kissed it.

She gasped quietly "I thought you were still on the couch." I chuckled in her ear "Nope." and continued my teasing, rubbing against her from behind so she could feel my arousal as I slid my left hand down her body, past her hips to her jeans.

She gasped softly again when she realized my intention, but I slid my hand down the front of her jeans anyway and right into her panties, my fingers brushing through her soft bush as I did. Ah... I thought to myself as my fingers found her wet lips and bulging clit. I slipped two fingers into her straight away, feeling the heat and wetness of her envelope them. I started to finger her, standing there outside her kitchen with her mother's open bedroom door maybe 10 feet away as Christina's hands wove into my long hair.

Without any warning at all, her fingernails suddenly dug into my scalp and scraped against my head hard, causing me to wince as I felt her molten pussy grip onto my fingers hard. She shuddered as she came down from that peak, her legs almost giving way under her. So naturally, I scooped her up into my arms and carried her into her bedroom, setting her down on the soft bed and closing/locking the door. I wasn't finished with her by a long-shot. She sat up on the bed and looked at me, momentarily confused and still slightly dazed from the orgasm she'd just had.

I took off my shirt and the look changed to one of knowing and then to pure lust as she yanked her shirt over her head and tossed it aside. As she stood up to remove her pants, I kicked mine off and stepped up to her, my lips capturing her mouth as we kissed. She had her pants off in a heartbeat and I had her bra unclasped and my hands on her small (B-cups I believe) but soft and oh-so-perky breasts. She gripped my throbbing cock through my boxer-briefs and started rubbing me. It felt Heavenly as my balls practically hummed with testosterone and I wrapped my lips around one hard brown nipple, sucking it into my mouth as my tongue licked and lashed against it, my other hand squeezing and kneading her other breast, rolling the nipple between my fingers and pinching it. Then naturally I switched positions and latched my soft lips onto her un-licked aureole and started tonguing that nipple, my hand rubbing my saliva into the first breast as she moaned above my head.

She pulled my head up to her's and we kissed momentarily before I layed her down on the bed and shucked off my underwear, by rock-hard cock springing free at last. Christina licked her lips in anticipation as she saw it bounce. I dropped to my knees as the foot of the bed and pulled her panties down her legs, tossing them aside as I started to kiss her thighs, licking and nipping with my teeth. I eventually made my way up to her sweet-smelling vagina and, giving into the look of beautiful agony on her face, dove in.

My long tongue slid deep into her as my lips kissed and rubbed against her soft labia. My fingers caressed her legs as I grabbed my cock with my left hand and started jerking myself. I raised my right hand to her pussy as I withdrew my tongue, savoring the delicious juices as I wrapped my lips around her hard little clit and sucked hard, sliding three fingers into her dripping hole. She spasmed above me and moaned so loudly I thought for sure we would be caught, but she instead grabbed my hair and pulled me in deeper, my fingers pistoning in and out of her, undulating inside against her g-spot as I continued to suck her clit, torturing the little bud with the tip of my tongue.

I glanced up at her face and saw a look of pure extacy as she gripped and rubbed her breasts with the hand not tangled in my hair, pinching the nipple and groaning, writhing on the bed. My cock throbbed in my hand as I withdrew my fingers from her to re-insert my tongue with renewed vigor. My soaked fingers were rubbed against my cockhead to add lubrication (though my precum was doing a good job of that, despite how much of it was dripping onto the floor) as my tongue undulated inside of her, relishing the taste as my hand rubbed my cock like a blur. I brought my right hand back up to pinch her clit and spread her wet lips as I slid my tongue in and out of her like a wet, flexible cock. Removing my right hand from her lips to tease her virgin ass with one wet finger, I wrapped my lips completely around her drenched labia, forcing my tongue deeper into her than before and sucking her wet pussy like an industrial-power vaccume. That's when she lost it completely.

She let out a strangled scream (fortunately remembering her mother across the small house) and flooded my mouth with her juices. I kept sucking and swallowing until she finished which, fortunately was just on time. I shot up to my feet as my cock erupted white-hot cum all over her body. It shot out so far some of it hit her flushed, sweating face and even the pillows behind her head, along with splattering all over her tits and stomach, which God bless her lust, she started rubbing into her soft skin, eyes shining with that beautiful post-orgasmic high.

I layed down beside her for a few moments, kissing her and letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue. Then we re-dressed, giggling a bit and returned to the living room, her mother none the wiser and her bedspread drenched.

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