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An Unexpected Bonus: In My Mouth

There are just so many things I love to put in my mouth...
“Close your eyes,” Kyle whispers to me. Sitting at a small table in a quiet corner of the fondue restaurant, we have just finished dinner and the dessert is sitting in front of us: a variety of fruits and a sinful pot of melted chocolate. The food was fantastic, and the company and conversation were even better. We have laughed and talked about everything and nothing for the last two hours. Now he’s looking at me intently, his face just inches from mine, his blue eyes smoldering, and I’m melting just like this chocolate.

I smile at Kyle and close my eyes. I can smell the strawberry first, then I feel it brush lightly against my lips. I part them slightly and he slides the tip of the fresh fruit into my mouth. It has just a touch of chocolate on it, which I lick off before gently sucking on the tip. The sweet flavor of the strawberry juice mingles with the semisweet chocolate, and suddenly Kyle’s tongue is there, sampling the sweet flavors as he kisses me gently. I open my eyes just as he opens his, and find myself lost in their deep blue recesses. Wow.

“Your turn,” I say. “Close your eyes now.” He does, and I reach for a piece of pineapple, dipping it carefully in the chocolate, and running it lightly over his lips. He opens his mouth and I carefully place the pineapple on his tongue. When he closes his mouth, I reach forward and gently touch my tongue to his lips, licking the chocolate off, then parting his lips for another sensual kiss.

This is the way to eat fondue.

We continue for a few more minutes, tasting and teasing, until I can hardly stand it.

“Are you ready to go?” I ask.

“That depends on where we’re going. If you’re thinking about going home without me, then no, I’d rather stay here for a few more hours. If you’re coming back to my apartment, then I’m definitely ready to go.”

“I think we have a few more hours of sex ahead of us,” I say.

“Check, please,” Kyle calls out. The waiter is right there, handing Kyle our bill, taking his credit card, and carrying it away to process. As he’s waiting for his card back, Kyle runs his hand up my thigh, under my dress, then back down to my knee. Maddeningly close to where I want him touching me, but he never gets there. Well, turnabout’s fair play. I lean over to Kyle and kiss his neck, starting at his collarbone and working my way up to his ear. I gently kiss and lick his ear all along his earlobe and slightly inside his ear. Placing my hand on his thigh, really high up but not touching anything important, I massage it with my fingertips. Then I start talking, whispering directly in his ear, intentionally blowing in it just a bit, and I’m thrilled to see he’s looking visibly tortured. He closes his eyes and listens intently to me.

“I’m definitely not finished with you yet. This afternoon was just an introduction. I have skills you can’t even imagine that I’m going to spend all night showing you.” Kyle moans softly and turns his head, finding my mouth and kissing me hard. My entire body is on fire and I’m tempted to climb on top of him right here at the table, but then our waiter comes back and quietly clears his throat to get our attention. He hands Kyle back his credit card and receipt, then shakes his head and says, “You are one lucky man,” before he turns and walks away.

“Yes, I am,” Kyle agrees, kissing me again.

It seems everything is conspired against us to delay our arrival back at Kyle’s apartment. There is a bottleneck at the valet parking stand (during which I lightly run my fingernails up and down Kyle’s arm, which I have learned drives him crazy), there is an accident on the interstate (during which I unzip his pants and do a little fondling, which drives him even crazier), and I think the traffic lights are set on timers to trap us, but Kyle is not stopping at any of them…he just pauses to check for cars or cops and then floors it on through.

By the time Kyle parks outside his apartment building, we are all over each other. It’s like we are physically incapable of not touching. The couple of seconds that I have to part with him to get out of the Jeep are unbearable, and I run to the sidewalk and throw my arms around his neck, jumping up and wrapping my legs around him, kissing him so hard he almost falls over. He walks up to his apartment, carrying me like that, still kissing me frantically while he’s fumbling to get his key in the lock.

We fall into the apartment when the door opens, then Kyle leans back to close and lock it with one hand. He kicks off his shoes as he’s walking through the living room, and carries me to the bedroom. We immediately fall onto the bed, both of us hot and wet and more than ready for each other. Kyle grabs the hem of my dress and pulls it up, peeling it off me, leaving me in a black silk bra and matching panties. Before I can ask him to, Kyle lifts off his own shirt and tugs off his pants. I can see his hard-on standing up through his boxers, and I feel a searing heat at the thought of what it will soon be doing to me.

He goes straight for my tits, undoing my bra with nimble fingers and throwing it on the floor, then attacking one nipple with his mouth and the other with his hand as he pushes me down on the bed. If I was hot before, I’m scorching now, and I have to put my own fingers down between my legs because the ache is so intense. Kyle grabs my hand away and replaces it with his own, rubbing my pussy gently through the silk fabric of my panties. The sensations are amazing, and my head is completely spinning. My nipples are hard and erect, and Kyle caresses first one side, circling the nipple with his tongue, then he kisses into the valley between my breasts and up to the other side, sucking and nibbling to keep them evenly aroused while his fingers are demonstrating incredible skill a little lower down.

Kyle kisses his way down from my tits to my stomach. I work hard to keep my abs tight, spending hours in the gym with a trainer to achieve the perfect bikini body; to me that is one of the sexiest parts of the anatomy, and Kyle seems to appreciate my efforts. His hand comes away from my pussy and joins his other hand and his lips in tracing the contours of my stomach, lingering at my belly button where he bites playfully at the silver loop that adorns it, then continuing downward. He steps off the bed and kneels down at the foot, then grabs my legs and pulls me to the edge of the bed. He raises his eyes to meet mine as he touches his tongue against my clit and I feel a surge of heat rush through me. His tongue slides all along my slit with just the right amount of pressure then flicks back to my clit, circling it and pressing against it, driving me crazy. His hands are working too: rubbing my thighs, sliding under my ass. I gasp as he begins fucking me with his fingers, sliding them in and out as his tongue flicks faster. My legs are resting on his shoulders, and I squeeze them together as I feel myself climaxing. I arch my back and cry out as my whole body shudders deliciously, and I expect him to stop, but he doesn’t. The orgasm subsides, but he continues licking and finger-fucking me. At first my clit is too sensitive and I squirm a little, but then, unexpectedly, I can feel a second orgasm building. “Oh, Kyle! Yes!! Right there!!” I yell out, before he can stop or alter his rhythm. He doesn’t change a thing, and I feel my body shuddering through a second orgasm. Kyle starts kissing me all along the inside of my thigh and down my leg, on the back of my knee, and down my calf. I slide off the bed, onto my knees beside Kyle and kiss him, hard. Then I look him in the eye and say, “Stand up.”

He sits up off the bed and stands in front of me, looking at me questioningly. Like he doesn’t know what’s coming. Actually, he really has no clue; unless Rick told him, he has no idea how good I am at this. I lean forward and kiss the inside of his knee, first one then the other, then I start a trail of butterfly kisses up his thigh…all the way up. Then I switch to the other side, starting at the knee again. I can hear Kyle’s breathing speeding up a little. I rise up on my knees as my kisses get higher. This time, I run my hands from his hips back to his ass and squeeze it as I kiss the tip of his cock. He gasps slightly. I just barely lick the tip, then trace my tongue all around the head, teasing him. He starts stroking my hair, looking down at me the whole time. Kyle is very visual…I know he doesn’t want to miss watching me do this to him. I put my lips around his cock and go down an inch or two, then suck as I pull him back out. He moans and clenches his fingers in my hair as I repeat this cycle. I’m rubbing his balls, and I gently squeeze them a little before I relax my throat and thrust his entire cock into my mouth. Kyle’s knees buckle and he cries out. I apply suction as I move my mouth up and down his cock, running my tongue along his length as I go. Kyle is holding my head with both hands now and he begins thrusting his hips faster, forcing himself deeper, until finally I feel his dick throb inside my mouth and he yells my name as he spurts his cum into my mouth. I swallow it all, and then Kyle collapses back onto the bed and I join him, curling up against him with my head on his chest.

“Damn, girl. That was hot,” he says, breathlessly.

“Pretty hot,” I agree, proud of myself and impressed with him. Our skills are well matched.

Our post-coital snuggle session is interrupted by the phone. Kyle rolls over to his nightstand and looks at the caller ID and a strange expression crosses his face.

“Hello?” he asks. “Yes…Thank you for calling me back…”

Unwilling to eavesdrop, I pick up my clothes and start for the bathroom. Kyle reaches out and grabs my arm, mouthing “sorry.” I smile at him and shake my head, letting him know it’s not a big deal. I get dressed, fix my hair, and touch up my slightly smeared eyeliner. When I return to the bedroom, Kyle is finishing up his conversation. He looks dazed.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Well…that was Jason Thomas, a major sports agent. My coach has been trying to get me hooked up with him, but I wasn’t ready to turn pro until I finish school. Apparently my coach contacted this guy about my service speeds from today’s practice, and he was so impressed he called me right away. He wanted to make sure that when I’m ready to go pro, I’ll hire him on. I definitely will, he’s the hot agent to get, and the fact that he wants to represent me is a big compliment.”

“That’s great news,” I say. “So, when are you going pro?”

“In two months. After graduation, I’ll join the pro tour. I’m hoping to play in the U.S. Open at the end of the summer. Maybe even Wimbledon – we’ll see.”

“So you’ll be traveling a lot.” I’m trying to sound nonchalant, but I really like this guy and he might as well tell me he’s joining a monastery, as unavailable as he’ll be once he goes pro.

“Yeah. And I’ll have to move to Florida to train. That’s where the coach I’ll be working with lives. There are some great tennis players down there; it’s the best move for my career.”

I smile at him. Of course, he has to do what’s best for his career, but I find I can’t speak the words to him. My mouth is just not cooperating.

“It doesn’t mean anything for us. We’ll still be together,” he insists, leaning in and kissing me.

I smile sadly. I can’t be a long-distance girlfriend. I like sex too much. That would give me too much incentive to cheat, and I’m not a cheater. I need my boyfriend nearby so my body can be sufficiently appreciated on a regular basis. Kyle notices my expression and becomes concerned.

“What are you thinking? Are you thinking I’ll break up with you when I go on the tour? Or that I’ll cheat on you? I wouldn’t do either one.”

“I’m just thinking Florida is a long way from here.”

“There are lots of good schools in Florida,” he says hopefully.

I shake my head. “I like my school. I’ve got friends there, I’m a cheerleader…I can’t move to Florida.”

“So, what does that mean for us?”

“I don’t know,” I admit. “But we’ve got a couple of months between now and then. Lots of time to enjoy each other, and we’ll see where we are when the time comes.”

Kyle leans in to me and kisses me, deeply, sweetly, but with a touch of sadness. I’m a little sad too. It’s hard to put my heart and soul into a relationship that I know may only last a couple of months, but my body is screaming for me to shut up and go with the amazing feelings he gives me. As usual, I’ll probably listen to my body for now, but I have a feeling my heart will betray me in the end.

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