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An unexpected passenger

Tags: oral, tit job.
Giving the girl a ride.
Just this morning I was delivering my cargo to a regular customer in the Midlands.I was chatting to the fork lift driver and as usual I was sneaking crafty glances at the girl in the stores who is gorgeous.

I often chat to this girl who I shall call Claire and marvel at the size of her bouncing breasts. Claire is about 24 years old and well built without being at all fat, she is about 5'6 tall and has long wavy brown hair and is stunning.

This morning the weather was excellent for the time of year and Claire had swapped her baggy sweat top for a tight fitting V neck T shirt that showed off her massive cleavage.
Claire was in earshot as the Fork lift driver and I chatted as he unloaded my lorry, during our conversation he asked where my other deliveries were.

I explained my route and where I hoped I would end up for the night, which happened to be in the far north of the country.

That seemed to get the attention of Claire who came across and asked if she had heard me correctly and that I was going to this town in the north.

I confirmed that I was and that I had other deliveries on the way.

Claire asked if it were possible to give her a ride if she could get the rest of the day off as she was traveling to this town tomorrow and would be hitch hiking her way due to cash flow problems.

I pointed out that my company policy was no passengers but I would make an exception for her if she could get away in the next ten minutes.

Claire dashed off and seconds later she was back with a rucksack smiling from ear to ear.

Her boss had given her the rest of the day off and she was happy to travel with me although we hardly knew each other.

We traveled from delivery point to delivery point chatting along the way, and I found her company very nice and the sight of her bouncing breasts even better.

The conversation had become more and more risqué and suggestive as the day went on and she became more and more flirtatious.

We stopped for lunch at a truck stop and she reluctantly allowed me to buy her dinner. Then before we set off again she used the shower room and changed out of her heavy jeans into a pair of very short shorts that showed off her very shapely legs, she also slipped off her heavy bra so her big dark nipples were poking through the cloth of her flimsy T shirt.

We had two more deliveries before we reached our destination and these took no time at all.

During this part of the journey I could not stop looking at her big breasts and she recognized this and constantly played with her nipples keeping them erect just teasing me.

Having completed the final delivery she inquired where I would be parking for the night, I explained the location which happened to be less that a mile from where she was heading.

She then insisted we drove straight there and she would walk to her destination, I tried to insist on dropping her close to where she was going but she would not listen.

I pulled into the truck stop, all very sweaty after a hard day and with a constant erection due to the company.

Claire insisted I shower then she would go when I got back as she had a few hours to kill before her relatives would be home.

I agreed and in twenty minutes I was showered and into my shorts T shirt and flip flops and smelling much better than before.

I then returned to my truck and was surprised to see the curtains closed, I guessed Claire had gone and just left it ready for me to bed down.

How wrong was i, I opened the door and climbed in to find Claire lying on my bunk Topless and sort of dozing.

My shorts sprang up due to my expanding cock, I inquired what she was doing.

Claire said " you've wanted to see these all day so as a thank you I got them out for you"

I placed my hands on the huge mounds in front of me kneaded them and pinched her huge dark nipples back to erection as she pulled my shorts down and grabbed hold of my fully erect cock.

Having given me a good few minutes of masturbating my cock she dropped her head down and took me in her mouth.

She started off slowly bobbing up and down on my pole occasionally stopping to lick and bite my balls. Then she placed my cock between her tits and gave me a great tit wank, better than I have ever had, ( probably due to the huge size of her tits) and finally after about twenty minutes I was past the point of no return and I came deep into her mouth.

She sucked me dry and only let my cock fall from her mouth when it started to go limp.

She allowed me to suck and play with her tits for a while but would not allow me to have sex or play with her pussy.

After about an hour she kissed me dressed and left.

I cant wait to see the fork lift driver next visit to her company as her has been trying to get a glimpse of her tits for years.

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