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An Unusual Reunion

Reunion with school friend has some unexpected extras.
The heat was intense. The gym in the hotel was down in the basement, and the air conditioning had failed. This was the warmest summer for a number of years, and everyone was wet with the sweat of their exertions. Tee shirts, vests and shorts were all sticking to damp skin. As usual I was in the free weights area, 45 minutes in, and the sight of the fit women on the various cardio machines was becoming increasingly distracting.

Then my attention was caught by the blonde on the pecs machine. Tall and muscular, but not overly so. She was moving quite a hefty weight, and her pecs and breasts were certainly firm and taut as she increased the pace and reps. The sweat was running off her, with the dampness ensuring her top was clinging tightly to her firm body.

She caught me appreciating her body, and gave a stern look in response. Given this, I refocussed on my own exercises, pullover to fly reps, and looked more directly ahead. After my fifth set I was done, with much of my upper body aching with the pain of having reached failure for the umpteenth time this evening. Having had a crap day in the office, I had returned to the hotel gym for a hard session to trash out the stresses of the day. So this had been a long and hard gym session.

I sat up on the edge of the bench aching and sweating hard, my vest and shorts soaking wet. I glanced up at the woman in front of me on the exercise mat doing a range of warming down exercises and realised it was a face I recognised. “Hello, Harriet,” I said. I hadn't seen Harriet since the sixth form and was a bit surprised that now, fifteen years later, I still recognised her.

She looked up. “Fucking hell, Erik, you took me by surprise there.”

We hadn't seen one another since the sixth form leaving party. Harriet had been one of the most sporting of the girls, and apart from a few games of tennis together with others, we had never got it on. She was quite thin then and normally played without a bra which despite her small breasts was nonetheless very distracting, and there was always a feeling of there being something a bit interesting that need pursuing, however it had been left as unfinished business. Looking at her now she had developed a bit of firm muscle and her breasts were definitely more substantial now.

She came over and gave me a quick kiss, but at the same time placed her hand on my left buttock and had a firm grip. We then started chatting surprised to see one another after all these years and agreed to meet in the bar after we had a shower and changed.

As we left I saw Harriet talking to the blonde I had been lusting at earlier. The blonde was on the bench with a tall muscular guy standing over her pretending to be spotting her weights. The weights she was lifting were impressive. The guy spotting for her was almost visibly drooling over her, and she started to grunt and gasp, ensuring every lusty male was watching. I was simply curious as to what the connection was that she had with Harriet. On our way to the changing rooms Harriet moved closely towards me, said, “It's really great to see you,” and gave me a deep kiss this time. She also put her hand down inside my shorts, cupped and grasped at my balls, tugging them down to pull back my foreskin, then saying, “See you in the bar for more.”

In the shower, I made sure I was thoroughly clean. I was still fairly hard following the frankly very erotic but brief tug at my balls. So I generously soaped up my retracted foreskin, balls and anus, including inserting a couple of soapy fingers up inside me. I had the impression that anything might happen later. I then changed quickly, dropped my kit off in my room and went to the bar.

In the bar, I found Harriet was already there talking to the barman as if they were old friends, (I found out later that they were more than friends). She said she already got me a pint of bitter, remembering I was a real ale drinker in earlier days. I said I wasn't such a big drinker these days but thanked her and drank deeply anyway.

Very quickly she steered the conversation round to why had we never got it on before, and from there, questioning me as to what types of sex I enjoyed, quickly proceeding to tell me that she liked to dominate and tease her partners, keeping them on the edge until they are desperate for release. “Are you interested?” she asked.

Well, what could I say? I'd always enjoyed a bit of bondage and domination, both giving and receiving. “Where do I sign?” I asked.

“The rules are that you do everything I say. Your safe word is 'red'. Your choice is to say 'I accept', or we finish our drinks now and leave separately. You have ten seconds.”

I was a bit shocked, being given an ultimatum by a stern and assertive Harriet. This was certainly a more confident, assertive woman than the Harriet I remembered. However, I remembered the charge I got from the firm tug earlier, and was certainly feeling horny. So “I accept” I heard myself say.

"Good," she said. “Here take this.” She passed over that well known blue pill.

“I don't need that,” I said.

“You agreed to do everything you are told. You do not argue or question. For the rest of tonight you only obey. In any case, I think you might find that you will need it before Jane and I are finished with you. Take the pill and finish your drink, we have a busy night ahead of us.”

The suggestion of a threesome interested me, so I quickly swallowed the pill, and then finished my drink. Then following Harriet to her room, I started wondering what I had let myself in for. My cock was already erect, tenting my trousers.

I had a quick look around once inside the room. It was quite spacious, it had a beamed ceiling, but otherwise it was fairly standard with large mirrored wardrobes and two single beds, both of which were stripped back to the sheets. Harriet then said, “Take all of your clothes off. Remember, you obey everything I say. You don't talk, other than to respond directly to commands, and remember the safe word is 'red'. Do you understand?”

”Yes, I want this.” was my response, quickly stripping all of my clothes off. I was then blindfolded and told to stand still.

“Jane is just going to check you over to confirm you are ready.” I then heard the bathroom door open. “Don't move.”

I then felt two hands on my chest. Firmly massaging my upper body. Soft hands caressed my chest, then pressed hard around my shoulders and down my back, down towards my buttocks, at the same time a firm pair of breasts pressed against my chest. Then moving down teeth bit at my nipples, then breasts pressed around my hard cock. The viagra was certainly working. I was harder than I can ever remember, and the channel between the breasts was already slick with my pre-cum.

My head was then held firmly and pulled down. “Lick that up and clean me up,” I heard as I was forced to clean my own juices from between the breasts. While this had been happening, Harriet explained Jane was her business partner, although they normally shared everything. Next my arms were placed behind my back and bound fairly high up. I was then bent over until my mouth met with a familiar taste.

“Let's see how talented you are with that tongue. Keep going regardless of any distractions.”

So I set about licking and nibbling at Harriet's clit and lips. During this with my arms pushed further up my back, my legs spread and my cheeks pulled apart. Then some cool gel or lubricant was applied then a long slender finger was inserted. It touched and teased my prostate, while another hand pulled my foreskin right back and then spread the copious amounts of pre-cum all over my cock and balls. All the while I continued lapping at Harriet. “Impressive control, let's step things up,” exclaimed Jane.

Next my balls were grasped and what I can only guess was some form of ball stretcher was clamped into place. It was slightly painful, and must have pushed my balls about 6 inches away from the base of my cock, my sack was stretched and I guess the intent was to prevent any early release.

Harriet was now moaning and writhing around, she must have been close to cumming. My head was forced down hard by Jane. “Work harder, slave, pleasure your mistress harder and quicker.”

I did so as Harriet wrapped her sender but muscular thighs around my head. With that and the mix of fresh perspiration and juices was making it hard to breath, so my breathing was becoming faster and noisier also harder. I would soon be gasping for air, but just then Harriet locked her legs around me stretching out and groaning, “Ah! Ah! Aah Aaarg.” She gasped then slumped down, followed by quieter moans and spasms as I continued licking her. “Stop now,” she commanded, so I did, and Jane then grasped the hair at the back of my head and pulled me up into a standing position.

My cock was still rock hard with pre-cum running down my full length to the ball stretcher and I guess then dripping onto the floor. My core muscles were beginning to ache. The leaning squat while servicing Harriet was not a comfortable position so it as quite a relief to be standing up straight. I was then offered a drink of water, a large glass held to my lips and tipped back. I had to swallow quickly as the glass was fully tipped up, some water spilling down on my chest and cock. The spilt water was then massaged across my chest and balls.

I then felt a pair of hands wrap around my cock, gave a gentle squeeze to form a bulb of pre-cum on my crown, which was rapidly licked and swallowed. “Mmmm, nice taste, I'm looking forward to a full helping of that later.”

The question then in my mind was how much later. It must now be 30 minutes since I walked into the room already leaking pre-cum, and my balls felt quite full, but due to the stretcher any release was totally under the control of Harriet and Jane.

I was then led onto the bed, and positioned with my ankles near the top of he headboard, and my head pointing towards the bottom of the bed. Then my ankles were bound to the metal supports, then the pillows were thrust under me raising my groin, and is time my arms were stretched out into a spread-eagled position and tied down.

Someone then pressed their wet vaginal lips into my face, leaning over and then took my cock into their mouth, licking around the crown. I couldn't tell if it was Harriet or Jane. Then, “Hmmm, that taste is heavenly, but someone needs a trim.” So obviously it was Jane. While still straddling my face, she growled, “Get that talented tongue of yours working, but keep yourself very still otherwise.”

I then felt some gel applied to my groin, the ball stretcher was removed and the gel was firmly applied around my cock and balls, then a sharp blade was applied to me, a firm stroke of the blade upwards, removing my pubic hair stroke by sharp stroke. I was quickly shorn of all hair, so I was smooth, but a bit tender. Then my ball sack was grasped so that the skin was stretched, then a gentle stroke with the blade. The procedure being repeated until my sack was totally hairless. This was followed by a clean up using a hot cloth to leave my skin smooth and tender. I was offered yet another drink of water, again probably a full pint quickly tipped back and swallowed, with less spilt this time.

I then felt Harriet moving near the top of the bed, grasp my balls and then take them into her mouth. With my cock and balls receiving oral massage from two different women, I was starting to get close to coming. “Someone is losing control, lets slow things down,” stated Jane. I then felt some oil being applied to cock and balls, with one pair of hands pulling and massaging my ball sack, while the there pair of hands pulled my foreskin back firmly and grasped my cock firmly applying the oil to my whole length.

With the oil, there was virtually no friction, but the sensations were terrific, fast then slow pumping, repeated endless times. Slowly my breathing was getting faster, the tension rising in my groin. Then just as I felt myself losing control, the massage stopped and my nipples were clamped. The pain was excruciating, “Hold still,” Jane barked as she slapped my buttocks with what felt like a leather belt. “Now plead for ten lashes, your reward will be the removal of the clamps.”

I quickly responded, “Please give me ten lashes.”

Sure enough, ten lashes of the leather strap were applied. Strangely as the heat of my punishment spread through my buttocks, I found my arousal level moving higher. My breathing increasing again, and after the tenth lash, the clamps were removed and my blood rushed back into my nipples giving a tingling but sharp sensation.

The massaging of my cock and balls by four hands restarted. From behind I was then pushed into a leaning position, pushed into a wet pussy, the smell and taste overwhelmingly sweet,. “Eat her out as hard as you can,” barked Jane.

The sub/dom nature of their relationship was becoming increasingly obvious. A firm hand came under me grasping my sack and pulling it back, then alternate hands pulling and massaging, further increasing my desperation to cum.

While my sack and balls were getting firm treatment, I decided to obey and eat Harriet out hard. Munching and licking as hard as possible, I then used my teeth to get at the hood of her clit, firmly rubbing the white enamel against the hard little bud. Then more munching and licking up the copious juices, a sweet tangy taste was growing addicted to. By concentrating on Harriet's pleasure I had slowed my own release, but this bending over was beginning to make my core ache, I was also becoming aware of a fairly full bladder pressing down on my prostate.

Then as if on cue Jane inserted a probe up inside my still lubricated anus, pushing and rotating a bulbous head against my most responsive spot. This caused a tight ache in my core, a feeling of being full and conflicting sensations of wanting to release my seed without also emptying my bladder.

Jane again stood me up, and provided yet another glass of water This time a bit more spilt down my chest, following which I was punished with five more lashes with the leather strap. So my buttocks, flushed hot again, tingled and adding further to the range of sensations. The probe was removed and fresh lube applied.

Jane and Harriet then placed me into a light squatting position over a bench. Harriet then mounted my thighs, lowering her cunt onto my still hard cock. I was then told to squat further, dropping down onto the strap-on Jane had fitted then lying down on the bench A few inches down and my sphincter was being stretched open by the strap-on. All he while Harriet was moving up and down on my cock, also using her cunt muscles to edge me on.

“Lower,” commanded Jane. I could only go a couple of inches further, my thighs and gluts were burning with the stresses, but this was bearable given the rising tension and sensations on my cock and anal passage. Jane was now thrusting upwards with increasing pace. I felt myself reaching the point of no return, there was a click and the strap-on started vibrating against my prostate. I went well over the edge with a deep animalistic grunt, “Uuuurrrggg,” emptying an enormous quantity of cum from my balls into Harriet

Once I finished emptying my seed, I was quickly tied down to the bed in a speadeagled position. Jane, removed the blindfold and straddled my face, “time to eat again” held her lips open for me to start. She then leaned forward , and licked and cleaned up all of the seed and juices covering my cock and balls. Once she finished with me, Harriet lay down on on my thighs spreading her legs, further pinning me down, Jane then leaned over and sucked and licked everything pouring out of Harriet's cunt. “Oh did I mention that Jane is addicted to the taste of sperm?” chuckled Harriet as she squirmed under the treatment she was receiving from Jane, still trying to vacuum every last drop seeping from Harriet's lips.

“Hm, nice taste, I want more, and quickly,” stated Jane, as she now moved to massage my crown with her tongue. Meanwhile Harriet had moved round to such and massage my balls. All the while I continued to lick at Jane, her juices pouring out. It was obvious that the taste of sperm did indeed turn her on. Jane then started wanking me firmly, I was certainly hard again, enjoying the treatment. Much to my surprise, I felt myself building to orgasm quite quickly as slim fingers were inserted into my anus probing and massaging my prostate. Jane's fist firmly griping my cock and pumping hard and fast.

“Come on, hurry, I want more. Tell me when you are ready to shoot,” shouted Jane. Then Harriet pushed hard on my prostate.

“Now,” I shouted as my balls spasmed tightly. Jane swallowed my cock whole as I pumped more semen into her. Again she vacuumed this up, while on my face she squirted copious juices as my licking came to and end as she squeezed down reaching her own peak.

As we lay there, hot and sweaty, and in my case soaked in female juices, our still rapid breathing was the only sound having reached our peaks, but slowly slowing as we sunk into post orgasmic calm. I looked over to Harriet to see that she had been masturbating with a vibrator while helping Jane to milk every last drop from me. I was still bound to the bed while slowing drifting into a sleepy haze, wondering what further delights this reunion might bring.

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