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Anne's Balcony

Dreams may come true...
Anne loved her new apartment. The movers had taken great care with her stuff and the view from her balcony was wonderful. From her third floor perch she could look out over the other apartments and the city lights beyond.

She made coffee even though it was late. She had a few days off work in the engineering department. Sitting on the balcony the soft summer breeze felt wonderful.

People came and went, children were put to bed and she watched one young couple put their two kids to bed for the night. Then a young couple caught her eye. They stood face to face in the living room, then the guy placed his hands on her shoulders urging her to her knees. From her view, which looked straight down from a mere thirty feet, the young buxom blonde was hesitant, but she submitted and Anne felt worried for her safety. The guy, well built and quite handsome, undid his belt and pants then slid them over his hips and grabbed the blonde's face toward his big semi erect cock.

The sight of his long, thick meat inches from the blonde's face sent Anne's heart racing even though the blonde clearly didn't want to be in her position. Anne's eyes were riveted to the scene hoping the girl would comply with his demands. He held himself in his hand and slapped his fat prick across her face several times. She relented and took him in her hand, then unexpectedly took his full length in her mouth burying her head into him. In just moments she was sucking his cock like a whore.

Anne felt her heart racing, finding her breath becoming shallow and quick she realized she had never sucked on a big, thick, dangling cock. Her only sexual experience was with Roger from high school. She let him fuck her with his small dick and he shot his wad early making Anne not want sex again until tonight. She felt her urge swelling inside, but from her balcony she dared not touch herself out of fear of someone seeing her. Instead she watched another woman feast on the object of her desire.

Weeks went by with no further free shows so Anne began watching porn, seeking scenes of other women sucking big cocks. She found herself masturbating constantly to someone else's performances. She was feeling a good deal of frustration then one day she ventured to the pool at the far side of the apartment complex. She wore her dark blue bikini and had swam the length of the empty pool, then climbed out, dried with a towel and lay back on a comfortable lounge chair to get some sun rays.

Anne was almost asleep when she heard a loud thud of the diving board then the following splash. She glanced toward the noise to see nothing, then it was HIM!

He climbed out of the pool at the furthest ladder and Anne was unable to peel her eyes from his tight, firm, wet ass. He turned to look directly at her. She froze then looked away knowing he saw her looking. He approached her and his thick man meat was clearly visible inside his shorts. She swallowed hard, pretending to not notice, but the closer he got the more her eyes were drawn to his hips.

"Hey there," he said, "You live up on the third floor across from me don't you?"

Anne's heart pounded hard as she stuggled to find words. "Do I? I live on the third, but I don't think we've meet."

He sat down beside her in a chair, his knees wide open. "Sure we have. You watched me from your balcony."

"Excuse me? Are you calling me a peeping Tom?"

"You seemed to like the peep show. I saw you watching a few weeks ago." He grinned at her, taking in her body as he spoke, which made Anne's pussy twitch. She wanted to run and hide like a child.

"I might have seen something. I don't remember." She tried to brush it off, failing miserably, knowing she watched the full scene.

"I think you watched it all wishing it was you." His eyes lingered at her midriff.

"You're presumptuous. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't."

"Would you care for a drink at my place?" His soft grin was irresistible to her and she glanced quickly at his crotch which was seemingly getting bigger the longer he sat there.

"A drink of what?" She instantly regretted saying it.

"That's up to you. It's just a drink."

Anne felt suddenly bold and stared at his shorts. "Sure. Why not? It's hot out here."

Anne followed him to his apartment thinking she was getting into something she would later regret, but her primal urges led her on. Once inside he surprised her by turning to her and kissing her. His lips were soft and his breath screamed sexuality to her. She let him lead her to the couch, pressing his strong body against her.

His hands ran across her tits, quickly undoing her top, tossing it aside. His hot, wet mouth took in her right nipple and Anne was awash in desire. She allowed him to push her to her knees then as the blonde did she played coy. She feigned disinterest, but when his belt and pants opened and slid over his firm ass Anne sat in awe.

His cock was much larger up close than she imagined. The head thick, wide and filled while his shaft had several thick veins leading to the promised land. She couldn't peel her eyes away as if looking at some strange monster that filled her with part terror and part passion. She was afraid to touch him now until, as happened with the blonde, he swung his thick veined beast, slapping it against her face several times.

She wanted to get up and leave, but her body was frozen in place, then as if something controlled her movements she reached up and felt its warm soft girth. He was only partially erect and she could feel the smooth, thick sponginess and the veins collapse and spring back to her touch. Her fingers slowly pulled back the soft, almost rubbery foreskin, exposing the dark, raging, purple cyclops.

She looked up to his expecting eyes that seemed part angry and part passionate.

"That's it baby. Suck my dick," he hissed at her, then Anne's lips parted and she felt his hand from the back of her head slowly glide the hot, soft, salty head into her. At first she explored the tip with her tongue tasting the swelling head, then it eased slowly to the back of her throat and back out. Anne, afraid as she was, realized how much she loved the taste and feel of a thick, long cock in her mouth.

He worked his prick deeper and deeper and just as she began to feel panic he pulled out completely and swung the wet slab at her face again and again, thrilling her. She grabbed him with both hands, began stroking him fast and furious with the bulging head in her mouth.

This seemed to go on and on, Anne tasting his sweet, salty precum, her hands growing tired, just letting her lips suck on his thick, spongelike cock head. He grabbed the back of her head, pulling tight on her hair and rammed himself to the back of her throat in a pounding motion. He gagged her with each thrust, then pulled out just long enough to let her breath. Just as Anne was about to protest he pulled out of her mouth and she felt wave after wave of hot, sticky jizm splash her face and tits. She took him back in her mouth to savor his salty, acidic sex then let her mind drift.

She let him slide easily in and out of her lips then muttered, "Fuck me baby!"

"What the hell?"

Anne jumped up to see her sister standing by the patio door. "Who is fucking who here?"

"Oh shit...I must have fallen asleep," she tried to mask her embarrassment.

"I guess so. I wish I could join your dreams."

Anne glanced down at the darkened shades then at the spilled coffee on the table. She decided then she would make a point to visit the swimming pool first thing tomorrow morning in her skimpiest bikini.

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